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  • Fundamentals of FindabilityTroy WisePrincipal,

  • OverviewWhat is Findability?How does Search work?SEOAnalytics and PPCQ&A Session

  • What is Findability?Find-a-bil-i-ty (n)The quality of being findable.The degree to which a particular object or piece of information is easy to discover or find.The degree to which a particular system supports navigation and retrieval.

  • Exercise: Where are my?

  • Exercise: Where are my?Step 1: What do I need?

    Step 2: Where to start looking?

    Step 3: What are my criteria?

    Step 4: What if I cant find what Im looking for?Go back!

  • Findability and the WebWho has a search engine as their home page?

  • Findability and the WebSearch is integrated in browsers, phones, our cars, operating systemseven in televisions and some refrigerators!

  • Findability and the WebSearch has been established as the central necessary function on the Internet.With the maturity of the personal web (iGoogle, My Yahoo!, etc.), the power of search ranking will increasingly be placed in the hands of the search consumer.

  • The Big Three EnginesYahoo!: Winner of the first roundDecreasing share of search, key demographics are primarily female, 30 or older, and looking for a search/news/entertainment portal. Bing: Upstart evolution of searchCurrently a 7.8% share of search (quickly gaining on Yahoo!), some forecasters are predicting 20% by year end. Microsoft has replicated Googles model, then added morphing focus as users drill down their search criteria to specialized results sets.

    Google: Reigning Heavyweight ChampionStill over 80% of search market.

  • What is Googles Objective?

    Googles goal is to organize the worlds information-Larry Page, Google Co-Founder

  • Search: Understanding the EnvironmentProvide relevant search results to users search requests. The biggest mistake online marketers make:Working against the search engines!Working against the searcher!

  • SEO 101: What is SEO?SEO (n) Search Engine OptimizationStrategies undertaken to lift the organic rank of a website or online content in SERP rankings for given keywords.

  • SEO 101: Understanding SERP RankingsRelevance!!!Factors include:Text ContentPage TitleH Tags (Content in , , and other tagsA Tags (Link text)ALT TagsPage RankIncoming LinksFilenameTitle and Keyword TagsContent and Site PopularityFlash Data FrameworkEtc.

  • SEO 101: Understanding Page RankPage Rank is a measure of the authority (or importance) of a specific page on the Internet. More precisely, Page Rank represents the statistical likelihood of arriving on a particular web page from any random starting point on the Internet.

  • SEO 101: Actual Page RankThe Page Rank for any page (pi) can be expressed as the dominant eigenvector of the entire Internet within an adjacency matrix where d = the residual probability of random clicks, L is the number of outbound links on a given page, M is the number of pages that link to pi , and N is the number of web pages on the Internet (or within the system under consideration) where pj is any other page in the system being measured. In other words:

  • SEO 101: Practical Page RankIn which of the photos below does Robert Downey, Jr. appear more credible, and why?Sheriff vs. Wife

  • SEO 101: Practical Page RankPage Rank depends on the Page Rank of the sites that link to your site. Its about the company you keep, and how credible they appear and MAKE YOU APPEAR. Page Rank is a logarithmic scale:1x10=22x10=38x10=9

  • SEO 101: AlgorithmsMathematical formulae that rank relevance automatically for each search engine Elements (keywords, keyword density, page rank, etc.) remain the same Relative importance of elements is constantly changing and different for each search engine Algorithms are not published!

  • SEO 101: How do I Optimize to Improve My SERP Rank?Standard elements can be optimized to increase relevance and importance to the search engines for keywords and keyword phrases. These keywords and keyword phrases MUST be researched and relevant TO THE SEARCH AUDIENCE, NOT NECESSARILY TO YOUR MARKETING PLAN!!!

  • SEO 101: Relevance to the Search AudienceWhat terms are significant to your target audience? Are they actually doing searches on these terms? Research tools like Keyword Discovery can answer these questions.

  • SEO 101: Relevance to the Search AudienceIf your site shows up at #1 for Blurite Ore Processing and you make snowshoes, does the SERP ranking matter? If you get one million visitors per day for Blurite Ore Processing, does the traffic help build your snowshoe brand or bottom line? If you rank #1 for cardboard snowshoes and nobody is searching for cardboard snowshoes, does it matter?

  • SEO 101: Elements of OptimizationRobots.txt: Tells search spiders (or bots) what to index and what NOT to index Sitemap.xml: Provides a map for the search spider to follow in crawling and digesting your site. META Description: Keyword-rich phrase that will help search users to understand your content before clicking through to your site.

  • SEO 101: Elements of OptimizationMETA Keywords: Help to describe the main thrust of the content on the pagethese should be matched to individual pages and should be in order of importancePRO TIP: Keywords should be
  • SEO 101: Elements of OptimizationTitle Tags: Page titles should also be keyword-rich and relevant to page contentKeywords first, then company name! ALT tags: Parameters within other HTML tags (images, links, etc.) that provide an alternate description (keyword rich!) of content.

  • SEO 101: Elements of OptimizationH Tags: Headlines are the topic of news stories, describing contentthese are weighted more heavily than standard-level content. A Tags: The text that you choose for your links is also weighted for both the linking page as well as the content to which it links. Page Content: The kingmake your copy relevant to the search you expect will arrive at the page.

  • SEO 101: Keyword Cannibalization

  • SEO 101: FinalStart with researched keywords and keyword phrases that are used in real-world searches Create relevant content with proper technical structure and in cooperation with the objective of the search engines Place yourself in good company

  • SEM: Pay-Per-ClickPay-Per-Click (PPC) are sponsored results that provide a means for low page rank sites and services to enjoy SERP primacy based on a pay per click model. Positioning of PPC ads (at least on Google) is not based solely on bid!

  • SEM: Pay-Per-Click"Millions of users around the world rely on Google's objective search results to find the information they need. AdWords brings the same quality and relevancy to Google's sponsored links that our users have come to expect from our non-commercial search results. This combination of unbiased and commercial results provides an even more valuable search experience for our users. Omid Kordestani Senior VP-worldwide sales & business development, Google

  • SEM: PPC SuccessChoose relevant, searched keywords that echo your site content Develop pertinent landing page(s) that include strong calls to action Set realistic, incremental goals that lead to intended objectives Write on-target, engaging ads that pull qualified searchers

  • SEM: PPC SuccessDetermine what you want out of your PPC program:Branding? Keep your message on-target and go for impressions over click-through (Impressions are free!). Consider image/audio/video ads if budget allows.Sales? Traffic? Anything else? Ensure strong calls to action and direct to message appropriate (and well-linked) landing page(s).

  • Fundamentals of FindabilityAnalytics will tell you how everything is working Set goals within Analytics Understand your audience through diving into Analytics recordsKeywordsGeographical LocationBrowser SpecificationBOUNCE RATE!!!

  • SummaryRelevance, Relevance, RelevanceUnderstand how your audience is searchingShare and Support the objectives of the Search EnginesContent is KingSet and Measure Against Attainable GoalsThen Repeat!Track Your Results!!!

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