Your Library - Archive Documents and Manage Nearly Every Aspect You Want

Get a complete view of your audience with advanced features for deeper insights.


Choose domain

You can create many libraries with your own domains or free domains of Cupdf.

Easily Customize Layout

The appearance of your library can be easily customized as you want with many templates fitting with several fields.

Better Sharing

Creating a library makes it easy to share and manage all your documents.

Tracking and Reporting

The system will track access users and their activities on your documents.

Security and Privacy

The users can't download your original file if you do not allow it. Make it for your audience by required login.

Unlimited Storage

Upload documents no matter how large without worrying about limits.


Make your library beautifully with our templates

You can use our available stunning templates to build a fully functional, professional, and attractive library with just a few clicks.


Many new features will be continuously updated

Always want to receive positive suggestions from users to create many more interesting features.


More than 1000 schools and 50 organizations have created their own libraries on our platform.