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Mar 31, 2016



John Mangino

Red bull youth challenege document
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About the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup

For the first time in the history of the America’s Cup, young, talented sailors have a clear pathway towards competing for one of the most prestigious trophies in sport. The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup opens the door for young sailors to gain the experience they need to be selested for an America’s Cup team.

Racing will take place in the same high performance, wing-sailed AC45 catamarans that are used in the America’s Cup World Series. The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup is scheduled for August/September 2013, in San Francisco, during the heart of the 34th America’s Cup racing season.

Red Bull has a long tradition in giving wings to young talent, athletes or even whole disciplines. The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup is opening up the highest level of sailing to young people – on new catamarans that are extreme performance machines.

The event will benefit from the global attention the existing platform receives, including television, web and mobile coverage. The sailing stars of tomorrow will be born in the spotlight in San Francisco next summer.

Equipment, including the AC45 platform and wing, will be supplied to teams that have been selected to compete and do not have their own boat.

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The Timeline

Entry & Application

July 15th - Online Entry Application Opens

Selection Series Training Red Bull Youth AC

July - Sept 2012

December 1st - Teams announced for Selection Series

Dec 2012 - Feb 2013

May 1st - First day teams can access an AC45

May - August 2013 September 2013

September 1st - 6th Red Bull Youth America’s Cup

(four days of racing)September 20th - Online Entry Application Closes

December 1st - Successful Entries announced

February - Independent Entry Selection Series

June 15th - All AC45s at Pier 80 for ACRM to prepare & maintain

July 15th - First day teams can access an AC45 at Pier 80

August 22nd - 31st - Practice Racing Period (run by ACRM)

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Entry & Application

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Three Ways to Enter





et a

n A





America’s Cup World Series team supplying an AC45 yacht to the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup • Current ACWS teams have the first right to enter a team representing their country• If you are from a country that currently has an America’s Cup World Series team and wish to

register your interest with this team, please email [email protected]

New team purchasing or acquiring their own AC45• New teams may enter the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup by purchasing or acquiring their own

AC45 yacht, provided there are not two teams from that country already entered • These teams will have priority acceptance over teams entering without an AC45• AC45 hull and wing cost: €788,833.00, email [email protected] for more info

Independent Entry • Teams without an AC45 may apply as an Independent Entry • ACRM will secure at least four boats for Independent Entries in the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup• Independent Entries will need to participate in a training/selection series

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Entry Fee

The Entry Fee Covers

• Regatta entry

• Full AC45 care and maintenance (all AC45 yachts)

• Use of AC45s for independent entries

• Soft Sails: One Jib & One Code Zero

• Red Bull hull/wing/sail branding

• Helmets

• Travel• Accommodation

• ACRM will advise if billeting or accommodation deals are available• Meals• Insurance: each team will be required to have third party liability

insurance and each team member will need their own medical insurance.

• Coach & Coach boat • ACRM can assist with charter options

• Team-specific uniforms, sailing gear, and hull/wing/sail branding

Team Expenses

$35,000 USD $ $ $

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Schedule of Fees Due

Online Entry Completed

+0 days

$5,000 Entry Deposit Due

+7 days

Entry Accepted

+0 days

$30,000 Entry Fee Balance Due

+30 days

$25,000 Damage Deposit Due

1st July 2013

3rd Party Liability Insurance Due


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San Francisco 2013

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AC45s in San Francisco

• By June 15, 2013 all AC45 yachts will be at Pier 80

• ACRM will prepare the boats and maintain them until the conclusion of the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup

• Teams will have access to the AC45 yachts at Pier 80 beginning July 15, 2013 provided they satisfy the support requirements of ACRM

- Training periods will be set based on ACRM resource availability and support- Training will not be permitted in conditions considered unsafe by the Regatta Director

• Official practice racing will be conducted on selected days/times August 22-31, 2013

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Damage Deposit

Teams that are accepted must provide to ACRM a prescribed damage deposit bond of

US $25,000 by July 1, 2013

The damage deposit will be used to cover the costs of damage incurred by the team

to any boats or will be put towards the insurance deductible

The America’s Cup International Jury will

settle any disputes if there is question of fault

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Racing Area

Racing Area

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The Course






















Start Mark #1 to port Leeward Gate

Windward Gate Leeward Gate

Windward Gate Leeward Mark to starboard


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Regatta Format

September 1 - 6, 2013

Race Day 1 Race Day 2 Race Day 3 Race Day 4

Race 1 - Target time 30min.

Race 2 - Target time 30min

Race 3 - Target time 30min.

Race 4 - Target time 30min

Race 5 - Target time 30min.

Race 6 - Target time 30min

Race 7 - Target time 30min.

Medal Race - Target time 30min

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Corporate Hospitality

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Official hospitality facilities will be available during the Red Bull Youth

America’s Cup

Full hospitality details

will be shared by the end of 2012

Teams and their sponsors will have the option to buy hospitality packages

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About the AC45 & the 34th America’s Cup

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The Bigger Picture

The competitors of the 34th America’s Cup are currently competing in AC45s for the ACWS 2012/2013 trophy.

The inaugural series featured 6 events in 4 countries culminating

in ORACLE TEAM USA being named the champions.

The Louis Vuitton Cup, America’s Cup Challenger Series, is the

final stage of competition before the Match

The winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup is awarded the right to

challenge the America’s Cup Defender in the Match

Taking place between the Louis Vuitton Cup and the Match, The

Red Bull Youth America’s Cup is a chance for young sailors to show

their talent on a world class stage.

Teams will compete across four days in AC45s

The current Defender of the America’s Cup is

Golden Gate Yacht Club and ORACLE TEAM USA

ORACLE TEAM USA will face the winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup in

a first to nine point series.

Red Bull Youth America’s Cup

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About the AC45

The AC45 was designed for the ACWS on behalf of the America’s Cup community. It is manufactured by Core Builders Composites of New Zealand. Among the technical design challenges was creating a boat that would not only meet the racing and performance criteria, but could also fit inside a 40-foot container, which is the shipping method for the America’s Cup World Series.

AC45 Principal DimensionsHull Length 13.45m (44 feet)Width 6.90m (22.6 feet)Mast Height 21.50m (70.5 feet)Maximum Draft 2.70m (8.8 feet)Weight 1400 kgs (3,086 pounds)Wing Area 85 sqm (914 sq. feet)Jib Area 48 sqm (516 sq. feet)Gennaker Area 125 sqm (1,345 sq. feet)

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About the AC45

Quick and responsive. Challenging and physical. The new wing-sailed AC45 catamaran is pushing the best sailors in the world to their limits and beyond.

The forerunner to the AC72 that will be sailed in the Louis Vuitton Cup and America’s Cup Match in 2013, the AC45 is the official boat of the America’s Cup World Series and the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup.

Focused on creating more on-the-water excitement for both the teams and the fans, the AC45 wing-sailed catamaran is designed for both pure speed and close racing. Able to be sailed in light or strong winds, these boats showcase not just intense speed but also the extreme athleticism of the sailors. While capable of speeds over 30 knots (35 mph / 55 kph), the AC45 remains nimble enough to handle the tight, tactical race courses planned by America’s Cup Race Management.

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Technology Focus

Driven by a GPS system that can track the America’s Cup catamarans to within a two centimetre accuracy on the race course, event organizers quickly saw the opportunity to leverage the system for on-the-water management of the sport as well. Telemetering of the course now allows for rapid movement of marks and controlling course limits, while use of real-time overlap and zone-entry determinations will enable umpires to make decision based on the most accurate information ever possible.

Together, the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA) and Garmin have developed tools that enable the most responsive management of the fleet of mark and marshal boats. America’s Cup mark boats and marshal boats can now be tracked and dispatched in real time. If conditions dictate a need for it, this technological addition will give officials the ability to change the race course faster than has ever been possible in the past.

The America’s Cup is also focused on open innovation, making its robust library of data publicly available to encourage development of applications that will not just benefit the sport, but also the community at large.

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Technology Focus - LiveLine

Developed by the same team that developed the yellow first-down line widely used in the broadcast of American football and the Race/FX tracking and highlighting system used in NASCAR, this revolutionary graphics system is having a similar effect on the America’s Cup, connecting new audiences to the sport. The LiveLine superimposed graphic elements are being used as technical aids for viewers, such as ahead-behind lines that can enable audiences to clearly see who is leading the race.

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America’s Cup Online

• One centralized online destination• Predicted 300m visits over 3 years• Engaging through all social networks

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For more info email [email protected]