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Red bull: Of Bull Sperm & Red Threads

May 09, 2015




A deck I put together for Barkley's Creative Breakfast, explaining all that I learned at Red Bull & how they were creating content marketing before social.

  • 1.#joecoxtalksOf Bull Sperm & Red Threads A Brand Love Story

2. Everything I know about branding, I learned at Red Bull.l Unfortunately, I was drinking a lot, so what I'll share is the 10% I recall. 3. 8 Million YouTube views the same time 4. 1. Being Human 3 Reasons that Red Bull Kicks the crap out of other brand's social media efforts. 2. Co-creation OR 3. Acting Like a Publisher 3 reasons that Red Bull kicks the crap out of other brands...period. 5. #beinghumanBeing Human 6. The brand isn't like a is one. 7. Brands are now competing for attention in the same space (stream) as consumer's friends & family. If you're not prepared to be one of those, you lose. 8. #DrunkishDials 9. #Cocreating 10. Influencer Relationsh ManagemeEmpower others and stop trying to control things 11. The event if it was left to me... 12. The event when you bring in an influencer (co-creator) 13. AcAct Like a #Publisher 14. Experiential becomes relevant content, no matter what the original impact- 15. Consistent content throughout all channels & platforms All attached with a string.... 16. Local, amplified.... 17. If content is king, context is the queen 18. Right Place Right Time Right Situation 19. BONUS!!!! What was the bull sperm reference from in my title?