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Divisions 12/22 May 2014 Issue 2 Early High School explores Dallas during District Convention 2014. 1
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  • Divisions 12/22

    May 2014 Issue 2

    Early High School explores Dallas during District Convention 2014. 1

  • Natalies News

    Happy summer! I know you excited to be out of school, because lets face it, we all need a break. Am I right, juniors? No matter what grade, we all get stressed. But summer is a

    time to put all that behind us and just enjoy life. I hope you all have some fun plans for

    this summer! I just found out Ill have to go to Fort Worth for a three day yearbook camp, come home, and go to Dallas the very next

    day for Summer Board. So thatll be interesting. Its also the time to tour colleges!

    This summer will be full of new adventures for all of us! Its crazy how much will change

    in this upcoming year.

    In this Issue

    Feel free to contact me!Phone: (325)-262-7010Email: natalie.keyclub@gmail.comInsta: @nataliemac17Twitter: @nataliemac17

    Fun Fact The T-shirt was invented in 1904 and marketed to bachelors who couldnt sew or replace buttons.

    1- Cover

    2- Welcome

    3- Lieutenant Governor Goals

    4- Governors Project

    5- ELIMINATE Overview

    6- ELIMINATE Fundraising

    7- Make Happy. Divisional Project

    8- Club Overview

    9- Appointed District Staff

    10- Contact Information

    11- Secretary Reminder


    Send me pictures for the Divisional Newsletter!

  • Divisional Goals for 2014-2015


    1. Every club to send in their monthly reporto I really want to see every club in this division reporting again. It is

    a valuable tool not only for the district, but for the club. I know the report can be confusing, but I am here to help!

    2. Better relations with Kiwaniso I would love to see more interclub projects with your sponsoring

    Kiwanis club. They are some of the sweetest people around. Attending meetings to also a good way to get involved with the rest of the K Family.

    3. Implement more interclubso We all love meetings new people, especially those united under the

    same goal- to serve others.

    4. Increase unity within Division 12o The clubs in this division are a pretty good distance apart. The

    closest club to San Angelo is 100 miles away. I want us to feel like one big family. I want us to know the names of people in the other clubs and become friends. Because were all working towards the same objective.

  • 4Childrens Miracle NetworkHospitals

    I have attached some projects Governor Katie sent out. Please read and consider completing a few in this

    upcoming year! Here are my favorite:

    Governors Project

    Birthday in a Box

    Many patients spend their birthdays in the hospital due

    to an unexpected visit. Give a child a great birthday to

    remember by donating a Birthday in a box.

    Toiletry Bags

    assemble small bags of personal items including

    shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste,

    mouthwash, hairbrush and more.

    Toy Drive

    Help stock toy closets throughout the hospital with

    board games, stickers, small bottles of bubbles, dolls,

    dinosaurs, video games and more.

  • 60,000 --- The number of mothers and babies whose lives are stolen because of MNT.

    9 --- The number of minutes from now that a mother or child will die of MNT.

    34 --- The number of countries still at high risk for MNT.

    $110 million --- The amount of money that we must raise to eliminate MNT.

    2015 --- The year that we must raise this money by.

    $1.80 --- The amount it costs to vaccinate one mother and their future babies.

    61 million --- The number of lives we will help save or protect if we meet our goal.


  • ELIMINATE ProjectFundraising Ideas

    Happy Box- At club meetings bring a locked box with a slit in the top. Have Key Clubbers go around and donate change or dollars. As they do this, have members share reasons why they are happy or reasons why they are happy to donate their money. Stress the fact that it only takes $1.80 to save a life.

    Dance Competition- Host a dance contest and charge a participation fee as well as a fee for all spectators. Key Clubs and Local Kiwanis Clubs could set up a booth to sell drinks and snacks. The last couple to stop dancing wins a prize!

    Change War- Hold a school wide competition separated by classroom to collect the most change for The Eliminate Project. The goal is to see which classroom can raise the most money. Talk to administration about what kind of prize the winning class can get- one suggestion would be pizza.

    Race to Eliminate- Hold a 5k race or a walk at a local park or high school track and charge registrants a flat fee to participate in the race. This event will promote health and wellness in the local community as well as raise awareness regarding the project and open countless opportunities for participants to contribute to the effort to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. At the finish line, give each participant an Eliminate Project shirt and wristband. (This would be a great interclub!)

    Minute to Win it- Make it a competition, boys versus girls. Pass around one blue and one pink baby bottle during your clubs meeting and see which group can donate the most money in one minute.

    Show Your Love, Save a Life- Host a Valentines Day dance to raise money. Tickets can be sold while food, flowers, and music can be donated by members or the community.


  • Make



    then youll be

    happy too. This years Divisional Project isnt about being grand. You dont need to be the biggest club, have the most resources, or live in a big city. This

    project is about spreading joy. Even the simplest acts can make a lasting

    impact. The only requirement for this project is to do at least 10 Random

    Acts of Kindness around your community and send in proof of

    completion. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Make birthday boxes for children living in shelters Visit a nursing home Donate blankets to the police and fire departments Bring flowers to a hospital Donate to the food pantry Throw a card shower for someone in your community Create a homeless care package Write letters to deployed military Collect dog treats for the animal shelter Hang up signs promoting happiness Tape quarters to a vending machine Clean up a local park Tape sticky notes with compliments around your school Eat lunch with someone who is lonely Hand out candy canes during Christmas time

    And more! I cant wait to hear what you guys come up with!

    Divisional Project

  • Cross Plains

    Cross Plains has some great service projects coming up and are looking forward to

    the new year!



    Brownwood celebrated their End of the Year

    Banquet on May 27th! They also sent in a KILLER report

    for April! Great job!


    Comanche held officer elections on May 12th! Congratulations to all



    Earlys Awards Banquet was held on May 22nd! Their officers are some of the

    nicest people Ive ever met! Thank you for inviting me.

    San Angelo

    Central awarded exemplary members and

    installed new officers at their banquet on May 9th. They also took calls at a CMN

    telethon on May 31st.

    Division 12/22


  • Emily Zhao

    District Editor

    Please welcome the

    new members of your

    District Staff:

    Bobby Thakker

    Tech Producer

    Ashlyn Salvato

    Convention Liaison


  • Contact Information

    San Angelo Central Key


    Logan Dybdahl, President

    Grace Heineman, Vice President

    Tyana Nixon, Secretary

    Yesenia Villanueva, Treasurer

    Marissa Bingham, Editor

    John Trevino, Webmaster

    Elizabeth Jost, Faculty Advisor

    Bea Barron, Kiwanis Adv.

    Tom Woods, Kiwanis Adv.

    Rudy Barron, Region 5 Advisor

    Natalie Heineman, LTG Division 12/22

    Early Key Club

    Christopher Whited, President

    Patrick Murphy, Vice President

    Karissa Tobin, Secretary

    Ryle McGinnis, Treasurer

    Bethany M. Kirk, Editor

    Cassie Durden, PR Officer

    Michaela Harris, Historian

    Kassidy Holland, Historian

    Courtnie Smith, Webmaster

    Kate Black, Faculty Adv.

    Brownwood Key Club

    Lorena Hernandez, President

    Krystal San Miguel, Vice President

    Alex Vargas, Secretary

    Jamie Butts, Treasurer

    Abby Robledo, Webmaster

    Pam Rider, Faculty Adv.

    Comanche Key Club

    Tamara Lack, Faculty Adv.

    Cross Plains Key Club

    Kristin Wright, President

    Allanta Wheeler, Vice President

    Jaden Kennedy, Secretary

    Taryn Estes, Treasurer

    Texas Sanders, Reporter

    Robin Porter, Faculty Adv.


    District Board

    Kaitlyn Wilson

    District Governor

    Samuel Kinnin

    District Secretary

    Colin Gonzalez

    District Treasurer


    Rudy Barron

    Region 5 Advisor


  • Secretaries

    Samuel Kinnin, District Secretary 323 Garmon Dr.Early, TX 76802

    Natalie Heineman, Lt. Governor Division 12/22 2658 Harvard Ave

    San Angelo, TX 76904

    Rudy Barron, Region 5 Advisor 148 State Street

    San Angelo, TX 76905

    AND your Sponsoring Kiwanis Club Advisor and President

    Be sure a keep an extra copy with your faculty advisor!

    Mail your reports by the 5th of each month!

    Send all your reports to the following:


    The Task Of The Month for the month of May is:

    Please describe what plans you have or goals your club hopes to achieve in the next year for the Governors Project.