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January 2012 | Issue 7 T H E P H O E N I X P R E S S

January Division Newsletter

Mar 10, 2016



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January 2012 | Issue 7



Page 2: January Division Newsletter

02 Lieutenant Governor Introduction

03-06 Past Event Recaps: RTC, Fall Rally, Christmas for Kids

07-08 Club Snapshots: ECTA, Legacy

09 Calendar & DCM Information

10 Contact Information

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Cover photo credit: Rayce Sugitan

Page 3: January Division Newsletter


Hello, Phoenixes!

Welcome back! Welcome to a new year filled with

even more fun-filled excitement in our lives and also

in Key Club! I just wanted to let you all know that in

four months, the officers will no longer be serving

you guys in the club and will be officially retired.

But that is okay because we have such great mem-

bers like you taking the lead and filling in big shoes

to run for office and lead your club into even greater

success and glory!

Anyways, here are just a few highlights this month.

On January 14, 2012, the Region 5 Las Vegas LTGs

will be hosting the Candidate Training Conference

(CTC) where we will be teaching the tricks of the

trade and the duties of being a Lieutenant Governor

if you're interested! PLEASE ATTEND ONLY IF



month we have the DCM @ Legacy HS on January

10! And we have a Kiwanis DCM on January 21st

(more details will be released about the whereabouts

of the DCM)! Remember that you do need to attend

three of your home club's Kiwanis meetings or a Ki-

wanis DCM in order to fulfill your requirements

when applying for a Distinguished position!

Make sure to go full on and full out this year, Phoe-

nixes! Another year means another year for spirit,

fun, and magical service that will help the commu-

nity grow and prosper.

I will see you soon, Phoenixes! Until next time!

TLC (Tender Love and Care),

Jarren L. Santos

Division 28 North Lieutenant Governor 2011-12

Lieutenant Governor Introduction

Page 4: January Division Newsletter


My Experience at RTC: Although I’m not a good writer I will try to attempt to describe my experience at

RTC. RTC was one of the most enjoyable days of my life. I had lots of fun, met tons of new people, and

got to learn all of what Key Club was about. I got to meet some very important people in from our division

and beyond; I also learned many things about what makes Key Club so fun, spirit. The spirit helps fuel us

on in all of the things we do to help the community and those who need it. What better way to be spirited

than with “Spirit Battles” and cheering competitions. RTC was full of: Joy, learning, and festivity, things

which make us all better people. Everything about RTC was great and to be honest I don’t think I would

change a thing (Except maybe the foundation of the bleachers, because we managed to shake them really

badly). I also learned how lame of a dancer I was compared to some of the others during the dance, but I

still had fun and made new friends. RTC helped me become a better Key Clubber, and inspired me to be-

come more involved with Key Club and my community. I learned LOTS of new cheers and ways to get D-

O-W-N; I had fun asking people “How Do You Feel?” and spirit battling other schools. I really enjoyed

RTC and I hope that it helped and inspired others like me that with Key Club we can make our world

into a better place , little by little, day by day.

” - Luis Barragan, Rancho

Congratulations to East Career and Technical Academy for

winning the Spirit Rally!

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 | Cimarron-Memorial High School

3 Photo credits: Luis Barragan, Angela Dela Cruz, Aj Cali

Page 5: January Division Newsletter

Nothing but motivation and excitement could explain Fall Rally. I absolutely loved every second of it, from meeting up with

my fellow Phoenixes at 3:30 in the morning to enjoying myself in the park to the sleepy bus ride home. Every roller coaster

(and even the carousel) gave me a tremendous and uplifting feeling of joy and awe, but the Spirit Rally did ten times the job

that the Tatsu could ever do. I was so pumped, so EXHILARATED for that hour and a half. That alone just reminded me

of the great power of Key Club and its service, especially with all the money we raised during the auction. It's any Key Club

event that tells me I'm doing good and encourages me to do more. Thanks Key Club, for giving me the opportunity to par-

ticipate in such a grand tradition. Go Phoenixes!

-Patrick Dorsen, Las Vegas Academy

Throughout the whole year, Fall Rally has been the best part of it. I felt so

proud to represent my division and key club as I screamed my heart out at

the spirit session that we almost won. The bus ride was definitely my favor-

ite part of it all; at first everyone’s too excited to sleep, and after we ride

roller coasters everyone knocks out. I loved spending time with my friends

all day and after it all ended, I felt a lot closer to all of them. I am still in

that post Fall Rally mood and I can’t wait for next year. I have never felt

like a part of something until I had key club. Key club has definitely made

a big impact on my life, and I’m proud to show it at fall rally every year.

-Alison Mercado, Las Vegas Academy

Fall Rally 2011


Saturday, November 19th, 2011 | Six Flags Magic Mountain

Photo credits: Rayce Sugitan, Kanae Ito

Page 6: January Division Newsletter

Fall Rally south 2011 was better than last year's Fall Rally. Sure we did-

n't win the spirit stick this year, but that's okay because we left six flags

with a revival of spirit. I bonded with so many people and made

friends with total strangers-- something that can only be socially ac-

cepted by Key Club. There's some incredible satisfaction to leave the

park with your voice hoarse and a big, powdery smile on your lips from

the funnel cake. Its riding the carousel seven times in a row just to talk

to your friends. Its ugly pictures from X2. Its helping that kid get over

their fear of roller coasters. Its trying to navigate through a spirit battle.

Its all of this and so much more that made this Fall Rally the best yet.

- Elizabeth Moose Rose, Las Vegas Academy

Fally rally was an amazing experience for me both fresh-

man year and sophomore year. The bus rides with a

bunch of fun key clubbers, the spirit session has to be

my favorite part seeing all these kids screaming at the

top of their lungs face paints, tutus, ect. just screaming

at the top of your lungs for D28N i dont know i find it

just so fun :D Another part i love about fall rally is see-

ing old friends from different schools or friends from

cali and such. Just to hang out with friends and such. I

loved seeing friends from different school being able to

hang out with them at six flags. Everything for both

freshman year and sophomore year was amazing when

it came to fall rally (: I cant wait till next year! :D

-Jonelle-Rhey Candari, Las Vegas Academy


Fall Rally south 2011 was full of key clubbers, spirit,

and love. There's nothing better than a billion key club-

bers coming together raising money for PTP, buying

LTGs, and having spirit battles. Once again, it was a

great time to come all together and cheer our butts off.

Congratulations to 28 south pandas for winning the

spirit rally!

They were all truly amazing!

-Lalisa Nopkars, Rancho

Fall Rally 2011

Page 7: January Division Newsletter


St Judes, Christmas For Kids

It’s the most wonderful time of the year since Christmas has come once again. As the holiday’s

merriment visit fills the streets of Las Vegas, our club conducted a toy drive that is exclusively dedicated

towards a selected amount of kids for St. Jude’s. St. Jude’s is a pediatric treatment and research facility

housing children under their facility who suffer from catastrophic diseases as well as a research center

that specializes in searching for treatments.

During the month of December, our club was assigned to sponsor 22 children in the organiza-

tion as a service project fit for the holidays. We were given a list of names, each with a specific descrip-

tion of what they desired for Christmas. Children nowadays always demand for something extravagant

such as game counsels, for Christmas. But what the kids asked for were mostly simple items such as toy

cars, lotion, books, clothing and gift cards.

Everyone cooperated together in making their wishes come true. As some of the members

wrapped their gift with cellophane with a bow on top, others were so enthusiastic and kind hearted

enough to take the time and write letters attached to the gifts. I am truly proud of my club, being the

hard working and charitable members as they are, were able to complete this. Not only did we bring the

white Christmas to these kids, but we also realized the importance of not taking things for granted. The

simplicity of the fchildren’s wants was such a contrast compared to ours. Doing this project gave us the

realization to appreciate what we have because not everybody has it good.

Being Key Clubbers providing the keys to unlocking opportunities, we became the Santas to the

children’s Christmas.

-Angela Dela Cruz, East Career and Technical Academy

Page 8: January Division Newsletter

East Career and Technical Academy



October was East Tech's month! During the beginning of October, our club tried so hard to start getting cheers

down, get membership paid, applications and medical forms in before the regional training conference came around.

We also introduced the Trick-Or-Treat UNICEF and distributed boxes for our members to fill up and turn in by this

Friday, November 4. From October 9 to 16, we and our sponsoring Kiwanis group, Las Vegas Youth Professionals con-

ducted our 2nd annual Trick or Treat for Canned Goods for Salvation Army. It was divided into two parts: On October

9, we distributed flyers in two of the neighborhoods surrounding East Tech. We filled the areas with flyers from door to

door to the electrical box and to every car in site and as for October 16, we went door to door, asking for the canned or

non-perishable food. Not only we were able to fill a Dodge truck with goodies for the lesser fortunate but our president

was able to share this event in the Division 28 N newsletter and in the CNH District Newsletter as well! We are very

proud of our president, Angela Dela Cruz for being able to submit the article to both newsletters to share to everyone of

one of the wonderful things we do for service!

We focused a lot on RTC this year, spending about 2 weeks. After school, many members showed up at a park near our

school to continue learning cheers in preparation for RTC from the time the school bell rings at 1:25 PM to 4 PM or

even later because of the dedicated members who continued to show their effort and enthusiasm towards this event. The

hot weather of Las Vegas did not keep us Titans from WINNING this year’s RTC. We also arranged a Saturday morn-

ing meeting on October 15 at Lewis Family Park to practice even more and make spirit supplies. Later that day, a few of

our members represented East Tech Key Club at the Walk Now for Autism Speaks located at UNLV. Our club had an

amazing time and met many more key clubbers as well as associated with established relationships with some of the few

members in other divisions! The meeting on the same week of RTC, our principal, Mrs. Goetting, came to talk to our

club. She gave us such an inspirational speech and that was just our PUSH to our success. Angela, our president, told

her that we would win this year for her. Who knew that East Tech's fourth year to RTC, would be one of their best

years? We went to RTC to show how bad we wanted it, to show why we deserve winning that day, to show that the TI-

TANS HAVE ARRIVED. Workshops this year went really well and it was nice to be around all the spirited key clubbers

from other clubs! When it came to the spirit session, we just showed how much hard work we put in this year. I'm happy

to say that all our hard work paid off and it will be a day to remember and memory that will stay with us forever. Our

freshman members said that key club is why they’re not shy anymore. Our senior members said that this was a great be-

ginning to their last year in high school. East Tech will continue with key club in preparation for Fall Rally South!

Although RTC has passed, the service and spirit don't stop there for the Titans. Our club has started to participate in

helping beautify the school after school. We have at least one representative help the janitors from Monday, Wednesday

and Friday due to the budget cuts and for hours. To top that off, if we are able to keep this project at a constant and

consistent pace, our club will be rewarded with $300! On October 29, a couple of our members attended the Walk to

End Alzheimer's to raise awareness for the chronic disease. As some of our members walk as a representative of someone

they know who has acquired the disease, some became directors for walkers so they won't lose their way. Also we have

laid out ideas for service projects for November such as Adopt-A-Teen for Child Haven, selling Light the Night Walk

balloons for cancer and our newly established service project, Operation: Capture Porky! In addition to all, we are cur-

rently trying to create our first induction for our club which will not only induct our freshmen but everyone else who

has been an active member!

As for fundraising, we have been at an active rate of finding and initiating our ideas into actions! On Wednesday, No-

vember 9, our club will be having a Cici's Pizza night from 2 PM - 8 PM. The local food place will donate a percentage of

our net sales back to the group, 20% being the highest. All we have to do is bring the flyer as we grub on pizza, salad and

dessert. We also registered our school to participate in Fresh & Easy's Shop for Schools. Although it is for schools, we

were able to get it to become strictly for our club. For every $20 receipt we receive, we will get $1 or for every $40 we get,

we will get $2. Even though this will not help this year, this will secure the next board and club for the upcoming year.

Page 9: January Division Newsletter

Legacy High School

What a busy month October was! October means the month of Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF, induction, prepa-

ration for Regional Training Conference, and more! Thus throughout the month we've been finishing our fundraiser with

the World's Finest Chocolate which is bringing in great profit for our club, and we've also been collecting donations for

UNICEF. We even had students wear the big UNICEF box during lunch to collect donations! Furthermore, we've been

giving our members many service opportunities such as with the Springs Preserve Haunted Harvest. Every weekend they

were looking for volunteers to help give out prizes, security, food, and more. Some of our members attended the Walk to

End Alzheimer's as well! It was a fun event, and even though it was not a Key Club event, there were many students from

various Key Clubs there showing off their spirit while supporting the great cause. This month we've also been collecting

many pop tops from the members to support the Ronald McDonald House, and also a few people even volunteered to

help nearby elementary schools with their Fall Festival. Even with all this great service, we have also held our annual in-

duction this month. It was a fun little evening where everyone came dressed formally with a splash of blue, parents came

to see what the whole Key Club jazz was about, and we were able to induct our new members as official Key Club mem-

bers. With all that this month, we even had a great event to prepare for, which of course is RTC! We had a cheer mania at

the park where we got together to learn cheers and prepare ourselves for RTC. It took great dedication and hard work,

and we can only be so proud of our members because this year we were one of the finalist in the spirit rally! We haven't

been a finalist in the past few years, so it was a great deal to all of us that we were able to pull through together as a family.

Not only that, but after RTC our members seemed to have grown closer. They have been hanging out with new people

within our Key Club, and their excitement for the organization in general grew so much! Lastly, this month we also issued

our very first newsletter ever! It was a great success and we got great feedback on it, and we hope to only exceed from

there. Thus, this month was a successful month filled with many service opportunities, with tremendous spirit, and with

great bonding within the club.

Lately our club has been associating with other clubs in different divisions such as Bonanza High School in col-

laborating with each other. The board members of Bonanza had ask us to help their club with fundraising in order

to be rechartered. We plan on meeting them in a few weeks, as well as other clubs who are interested in having an

exclusive unofficial Key Club meeting for board members with other schools. Although we all are divided amongst

phoenixes, sea monkeys and pandas, this does not stop us from reaching out to EVERY club in Las Vegas who

needs a helping hand. Also we have been in contact with our LTG Jarren Santos and Kiwanis group, exchanging

ideas, helping out one another and attending each other's meetings. Recently, our president represented our club

and attended the monthly Kiwanis meeting at Putter's Bar & Grill. Not only did she gain ideas and help but has

also met the new LTG of Division 28 as well!

The year has been great so far and we are very excited to see what else is in store for this year.

ECTA … continued


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Upcoming events of January 2011

10th- January Division Council Meeting (DCM)

Where: Legacy High School (150 W. Deer Springs Way N. Las Vegas, NV 89084)

14th- Candidate Training Conference (CTC)

When: January 14, 2012

Time: 8 AM - 12 PM

Where: Cimarron-Memorial HS

What: To train prospective members that want to take the next step and go above and

18th- Member Nominations and Monthly Visuals due

When submitting monthly visuals, remember to...


i.e.) 04_ELDORADO_KOD (This would read September, Eldorado, Kiwanis One Day)

Label the subject [SCHOOL NAME] - [EVENT NAME] | ie. Subject: Rancho - Relay for


21st- Kiwanis Division Council Meeting

Time and location: TBA

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Lieutenant Governor:

Jarren Santos


Division Secretary:

Quin Redublado


Executive Assistant:

Esmond Fung


Divison Technology Editor:

Kanae Ito


Division Specialist:

Amer Navarse Cali Jr.


Division Leadership

Region Adviser:

Alyson Palmer (D28)


Region Adviser:

Jen Skidmore (D38)


Region Advisers

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James Gan

(702)556-6886 Arbor View

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Shadow Ridge

Amee Joshi


Veteran’s Tribute Career and

Technical Academy

Stephanie Martinez


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