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Advertising Principles Name : Shari Ann Gowita Dawson Student ID : SCM 013606 Lecturer : Ms. Aqilah

Red Bull Slides

Feb 08, 2017



Shari Dawson
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Advertising Principles

Advertising Principles Name : Shari Ann Gowita Dawson Student ID : SCM 013606Lecturer : Ms. Aqilah

The product services What is the product?

Red Bull is the highest selling energy drink in the world with more than 5.3 Billion cans sold in 2013. Altogether they have five different types of Red Bull products however only one is being distributed here in Malaysia which is the blue and silver version of the can. The company slogan would be Red Bull gives you wings!

What is the history of the product?

What are the benefits of the product ?

Past Advertisement Video

The past advertisements Target audience

Everyone !Thats the beauty of having such an accessible and universal product

Young people Research has shown 53% of the people who drink energy/sports drink are within the age 14-34 years old.

What is the objective of the advertisement ?The main purpose for purchasing energy/sports drink is to quench thirst and give boost.

Message of the ad is that this energy drink helps you escape by giving you wings.

What is the creative execution of the advertisement?AnimationCartoons

ImageryDidnt provide information instead it consist of primarily of visual elements such as pictures, symbols and etc.

Humor - Appealing cause its funny

Current advertisement video

Who is the target audience ?AthletesGives them the extra boost strength and speed.

Workaholics Helps them have the energy to stay up late nights.

Clubbers- Great mixers for their alcoholic beverages and make great cocktails too.

What is the objective of the advertisement? Helps cope with the challenges of everyday life

Helps to increase endurance and heighten alertness.

Helps prevent exhaustion.

What is the creative execution?DemonstrationShowing actual use of the product ComparisonDirect way of communicating a brands particular advantage over its competitors

Imagery- Didnt provide information instead it consist of primarily visual elements such as pictures symbols and etc.


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