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MoodleMoot Aus 2013 Gina Veliotis

Nov 18, 2014



This presentation is about the process undertaken to design and implement a new and effective eLearning environment for Sydney Adventist Hospital. (View Youtube video at ).

This is a private hospital that employees approx. 2500 staff, both clinical and non-clinical. With the expansion of the hospital and community healthcare needs, training using traditional methods has become increasingly difficult. Being a 24/7 organisation, it is impossible for all staff to attend training, and there is an increasing demand for the Hospital to meet compliance training requirements and reporting needs, as well as provide clinical competency training and non-clinical training (e.g. hospitality staff training).

A new solution was sought to support a dynamic landscape, and align to the hospital’s strong learning culture, and focus on best practice and innovative solutions. This is where a Moodle-centred eLearning solution comes in – providing opportunities for staff to learn anywhere, anytime on any device. Moodle is providing a gateway to delivering staff with a learning experience, which is fun, interactive and simple, whilst maintaining a focus on providing authentic and relevant learning.

Following extensive stakeholder interviews, a new eLearning platform was shaped and is in the process of being implemented (June 2013) in consultation with Julian Ridden (Pukunui). This new environment will meet the Hospital’s business and training needs especially in the areas of performance support, compliance training and continued professional development. Future considerations that can be integrated with the Moodle environment have also been flagged and are being investigated to meet the expansion of eLearning services provided by the Hospital, especially in the areas of content management, web conferencing and a learner administration system.

  • 1. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Building for the Future, Caring for our Community Gina Veliotis eLearning Co-ordinator, San College of Education Sydney Adventist Hospital [email protected] | LinkedIn

2. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH San eLearning Learn anywhere, anytime, any device 3. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Celebrating 110 years in 2013 2200 staff and 750 medical practitioners Sydney Australia Sydney Adventist Hospital NSWs largest private hospital, Opera tes 24/7 across 3 campuses 50,000 inpatients and 175,000 outpatients each year state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities Major hospital expansion 2013-2014 2014 - 200 new beds, 12 new operating theatres, new Maternity Unit and Integrated Cancer Centre 4. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Current site was only available internally via the Intranet High training costs Inadequate reporting functionality High maintenance costs, technical flaws Poor user experience Site is cumbersome to use and navigate Poor learning and assessment design Inadequate eTools and resources Linear learning, content dumping Online content is difficult to maintain and therefore creates risk Drivers for Change 5. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Moodle 1.9 was installed in 2011 Modest start and met initial goals for compliance training As a prototype has been successful Increased basic learner options Introduced staff to new methods of learning More importantlyhelped us to better identify training challenges associated with the hospitals expansion and increased need for efficient training Current Solution 6. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Improved Strategic e-Learning solutions to meet: Safe and competent performance to protect hospitals Core Business Support for major hospital expansion Development of staff online training services Sustaining Innovation, Best Practice and a strong learning culture Legal Compliance and Reporting Support a Dynamic Landscape 7. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Align the workplace skill levels with operational needs. Customised solutions to improve capability, productivity and sustainability. Mitigate risk and ensure Compliance training is met and documented. Provide reliable and up-to-date training completion reports Long-term and sustainable training solution. Cost-effective now and into the future Critical Business Goals 8. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Stakeholder Interviews Interviewed approx. 50 staff One-one-one and small groups Both clinical and non-clinical areas Across all departments and management levels Helped shape new environment Identified key goals, requirements and priorities Training needs Challenges Reporting needs Priorities 9. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Passion and Commitment There is a commitment to learning and development Make it so employees feel competent and like they are contributing this will translate to quality of patient care. Consumer feels like they are being well cared for Need a self-driven orientation program that is tailored and can happen before they start Needs to be scenario based, with lots of real case presentations, Reports currently dont meet auditing requirements Need a self-driven orientation program that is tailored and can happen before they start Its so hard to setup accounts for agency staff and track who is doing what Everyone can do it quickly and show evidence Cant be buried too deep Intuitive, easy to work your way through it Staff dont have time and/or not available to attend face-to-face training Must be reliable and accurate, 10. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Headline Findings & Key Requirements Web-based access, multi-platform compatible User accounts aligned with HR system Accurate and Up-to-date Completion Reports Track course and activity progress Blended delivery and assessment Make learning and assessment fun and interactive Authentic, relevant and just-in-time workplace training Enable decision-making opportunities, reflective learning & sharing of experiences Make learning more manageable, chunk it Technical ease and reliability 11. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH The Experience Compelling learning experience Contemporary and helpful Professional and motivating Interesting and interactive Challenging and rewarding Engaging and relevant Support individual, self-paced participation Easy to find, use and understand Confident, relevant and switched-on 12. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Embed enhanced training solutions in the business workflow, providing just enough information at the moment of need Fast-track online help to keep up with clinical system updates Enhances staff confidence and performance, providing better and more flexible training options Reduce the time between learning and application Increasing staff productivity and ability in using core clinical applications. Position staff to find what they Performance Support 13. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Embed Compliance and competency training, in real- time workplace activities. Reduce risks by increasing completion rates for mandatory and compliance training. Improved reporting to provide quick and easy access to up-to- date completion information. Support legal reporting requirements to demonstrate compliance. Simulate real-time experiences for better learning Compliance Training and Reporting 14. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Enable time poor staff and shift workers to complete training in their own time, at their own place. Provide multiple learning pathways to meet the needs of the varying spectrum of learners. Foster a web-based learning community and establish a digital library of resources. Enhance staff techno- confidence Promote knowledge acquisition, application and retention, using best practice Clinical Professional Development 15. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH 16. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH 17. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Analysis Stakeholder Interviews Gather Requirements Evaluate Options Design Information architecture Design Reports and align with Chris 21 Graphic Designs and layouts Build System Installation and configuration Content Repurposing and migration Usability Testing Roll-out User Accounts and emails Customise Reports Communicate changes Improve Post-implementation Review Refine and Enhance Extend solution Project Stages 18. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Approach Create a User-centric training solution Provide an authentic learning experience, practice workplace decisions Apply best Practices in learning design, resource development, and web design Use innovative tools, digital repositories, and multimedia Create interactive, engaging and effective training packages 19. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Educator Workshops, Checklist and Guidelines: Authentic Instructional Design Reflective and decision-making opportunities Multimedia elements to add interest and contextualise Web friendly content, concise, chunked and visual User-friendly, non-linear navigation Workflow processes (write/review/approve) Version Control and validation Best Practices Centralised Resource Development 20. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH eTools Quick Authoring Tools Non-linear navigation, content layering Interactive, self-marking, instant feedback Peer collaboration and communication Learner-centric pathways Progress Tracking and completion status Multimedia, scenarios, examples Fast track resource development 21. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Anticipated Benefits Enhanced Moodle 2.4 functionality Learn anywhere, anytime, any device Alignment with staff HR records Outsourcing maintenance and ongoing upgrades Educators focus on the subject matter and training needs, not technology Interactive and multimedia-rich including web tutorials, clinical demos Reduced training costs via 22. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH San eLearning Portals 23. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH 24. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH 25. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Technical help Course Overview Digital Resources Key Steps and Topics Conditional Activities Learning Tips Authentic Scenarios Online Quizzes Completion Certificates San eLearning 2013 26. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH 27. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH 28. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH 29. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Google Analytics 2 weeks after launch eLearn: 75% of staff logged in 1,503 unique visitors (52% return) 3,452 site visits 6,846 course visits 585 completions Average visit duration is ~15 mins 54% visits are onsite, 46% are offsite 30. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH San eLearning 2013 31. 0566/EDU/1112/SAH Thank you Gina Veliotis eLearning Co-ordinator, San College of Education Sydney Adventist Hospital [email protected] | LinkedIn