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Moodlemoot 2009 Nova Scotia

Jan 21, 2015




Overview of the Nova Scotia Virtual School which is a workign partnership of school boards and the Department of Education

  • 1. Moodle & Distributed Learning
    • In Nova Scotia
  • MoodleMoot 2009


  • Provincial Perspective
    • Michael Jeffrey,[email_address]
      • Nova Scotia Department of Education
  • Transition of a Virtual School to Moodle
    • Guy Aucoin,[email_address]
      • Chignecto Central Virtual School
  • Moodle for Non-Classroom Purposes
    • Sue Taylor-Foley,[email_address]
      • South Shore Regional School Board
  • Discussion
  • Agend a
  • Moodle in Nova Scotia


  • To make available in English and French increasedcourse optionsand/orcourse componentsonline to meet the needs of learners in the public schools in Nova Scotia, especially those students in small high schools, and to provide a medium to support onlineProfessional Learningfor teachers .
  • Vision for the Nova Scotia Virtual School


  • 7 Regional School Boards
  • 1 Pan-provincial School Board
  • 133,100 public school students
  • 9,900 teachers
  • 93-year history in distributed learning
  • Nova Scotia Context

Learning Resources and Technology Services 5. Current Status: 2008-09

  • Common platform for online learning
  • Moodle
    • 7222 Users
  • 700 students in 35 Online courses


  • Moodle v. 1.9
  • Commercialized Moodle
  • Self Enrolment
    • LDAP to province-wide e-mail
  • Shared Management
  • Moodle

Learning Resources and Technology Services 7. Governance

  • NSVS Online Steering Committee
    • One representative per school board
    • Department of Education (Chair)
  • Operations
    • Department of Education (ITS & LRTS)
    • School Board Hosts
    • Dr. Tech & Associates Learning Designers

8. Applications of NSVS

  • Formal courses
  • Online Extensions of classroom courses
  • Online tutoring
  • Non-credit courses
  • Professional Learning
    • Communities
    • Resources
  • Working groups & committees


  • Teachers Provincial Agreement
  • Perceived threat to small schools
  • Success for all learners
  • Scheduling synchronous components
  • Advance registration + critical mass
  • Digital rights
  • Identity
  • Issues

10. Learning Resources and Technology Services 11. MoodleMoot 2009 Presentation Guy Aucoin, Consultant Chignecto Central Virtual School 12.

  • Established in September 2003.
  • Approx. 100 students each semester

Chignecto Central Virtual School 13.

  • Offer 16 courses
  • Fine Arts Courses
  • Science & Math Courses
  • Others (Entrepreneurship, Africa Canadian Studies)

Chignecto Central Virtual School 14.

  • Why an online school?
    • Area- Approx. PEIx2
    • Small high schools
    • 4 Adult High School Campus

Chignecto Central Virtual School 15. Chignecto Central Virtual School There are two components to our Online System: Asynchronous Component Ex. Moodle Synchronous Component: Ex. Marratech 16.

  • Synchronous Component
    • Weekly eChats
    • Large and small eChats
    • Common Room
    • Remote Access to student computers

Chignecto Central Virtual School 17.

  • Asynchronous
  • Component

Chignecto Central Virtual School GradeKeeper aTutor Drop In/Out Box 18.

  • Asynchronous
  • Component

Chignecto Central Virtual School Grades Content Activity Submission Activity Moodle 19.

  • Other Uses of Moodle in CCRSB
    • iSchools
      • Teacher access to Moodle to use as a classroom tool
    • CCRSBonline
      • Online courses for teachers
      • Use for Principals to interact with each other
      • Professional Learning Communities

Chignecto Central Virtual School 20.

  • Comments from students about what they liked from CCVS:
  • I got to meet people from other schools and I got to take courses that were not typically available at my school.
  • The Work.I felt it gave me a better understanding of the material I need to know for university.

Chignecto Central Virtual School 21.

  • Comments from students about what they liked from CCVS:
  • I liked meeting new people through CCVS and seeing where I stand mathematically against other schools.
  • The idea of being able to wok ahead on a course inside and outside the school area.
  • It was very rewarding to be able to do this.It was fun and different at the same time.

Chignecto Central Virtual School 22. Learning Resources and Technology Services 23. More Moodling Moments- Moodle for Non-Classroom Purposes Sue Taylor-Foley Coordinator of Assessment & Technology South Shore Regional School Board Bridgewater, Nova Scotia 24. Non-Traditional Uses

  • Communication within school setting
  • Communication amongst users in different settings
  • Document depot
  • Support for specific user groups
  • Extension of traditional PD experiences

25. Communication within school setting

  • Professional Learning Community
  • Program Support/Resource
  • Accreditation/ School Improvement Planning

26. Communication & Support for Users in Different Settings

  • Administrators
  • Science 10
  • Technology Services
  • Literacy/Technology Mentors
  • Math Mentors
  • International Students and Home Stay Parents
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Student Services Staff
  • P.E. teachers

27. 28. 29. Document Depot 30. Document Depot

  • Provincial assessment data
  • Board assessment data
  • School assessment data
  • Students needing additional support

31. Extension of traditional PD experiences

  • Opportunities for:
    • continued growth and support
    • continued interaction with others
    • P.D. and interaction as the user wants
    • to have participants shape what P.D. and interactions look like to meet their needs
    • supports a hybrid model
    • when, where and how you want it

32. More Moodling Moments- Using Moodle to Support Learning & Communication 33. From one small site

  • Number of sites have grown
  • Technical expertise has grown
  • Ways to use sites have developed
  • Great things are happening that engage and challenge users
  • New ways to use Moodle are being discovered everyday

34. Learning Resources and Technology Services

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