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Microsoft PowerPoint - ORIGINS 06-Primate Beh II.pptBonobo: An Ape for the NinetiesBonobo: An Ape for the Nineties
““Pygmy ChimpPygmy Chimp”” Pan Pan paniscuspaniscus ““CommonCommon”” chimp = chimp = Pan troglodytesPan troglodytes
As close to us as As close to us as chimpschimps
Bonobos are the least-studied apeBonobos are the least-studied ape
Field studies still rareField studies still rare Inaccessable Inaccessable range in range in Congo forestsCongo forests
Dr. Kano
Frans de Waal & Frans Lanting: Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape
Frans de Waal & Frans Lanting: Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape
DeDe Waal Waal studies zoo studies zoo colonies (author of colonies (author of Chimpanzee PoliticsChimpanzee Politics))
Bonobos’ humanlike physical traits :Bonobos’ humanlike physical traits : ProportionsProportions UprightnessUprightness TeethTeeth BreastsBreasts
Bonobo FamilyBonobo Family
Long childhood (typical ape)Long childhood (typical ape) No food sharingNo food sharing
Females independent Females independent Migrate at maturityMigrate at maturity
MotherMother--son bond is stableson bond is stable
Bonobo SexualityBonobo Sexuality Not restricted to estrusNot restricted to estrus All Combinations of All Combinations of partnerspartners Variety of positionsVariety of positions
Often front to frontOften front to front
Eases social tensionEases social tension
More Sex . . .More Sex . . .
Largest ape penis
Ape Behavior: A SummaryApe Behavior: A Summary Certain human traits absentCertain human traits absent
LongLong--term sexual bondsterm sexual bonds FatherhoodFatherhood ProvisioningProvisioning LanguageLanguage
No one social modelNo one social model Gorilla haremsGorilla harems Chimp male dominanceChimp male dominance Bonobo Bonobo peaceful matriarchypeaceful matriarchy Gibbon monogamyGibbon monogamy Orang Orang polygamypolygamy Linked to ecologyLinked to ecology
Aptitude for learning Aptitude for learning complex social behaviorcomplex social behavior
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