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St. Mary & St. Charles St. Mary & St. John Parishes · PDF file 2016-12-30 · St. Mary Church, Bloomington St. John Church, Patch Grove Religious Education: Religious....

May 24, 2020




  • Our joint parish website can be found at

    We Welcome You: We welcome you to our parishes and our community. If you would like to become a member of one of our parishes, please contact the parish office (994-2526, Bloomington or725-5595, Cassville) to register. For those who are interested in becoming Catholic or returning to the Catholic Church, please contact Fr. John.

    The Sacrament of Reconciliation: Fr. John will also be available to hear confessions from 3:45-4:15 p.m. every Saturday at the church that has the 4:30 p.m. Mass. The other times for the sacrament of reconciliation are as follows: St. Mary Church, Glen Haven– 7:40-7:50 p.m. on Saturday evenings; St. John’s Church, Patch Grove-7:40-7:50 a.m. on Sunday mornings; St. Mary Church, Bloomington- 5:30-6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evenings 7:30 –7:50 a.m. every Thurs. Baptism: May God bless our new parents! Please contact Fr. John to schedule the baptism of your child at your church and to attend a baptismal preparation session.

    Marriage: Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! Please call Fr. John at least six months in advance of the wedding. One of the parties must be a practicing Catholic.

    Anointing of the Sick: Whenever someone is seriously ill, hospitalized, or is dying, please contact the Bloomington parish office immediately. If you or someone you know is sick and would like to be included in the Mass prayers, please call the parish office.

    Vocations: Please contact Fr. John if you or someone you know would like to learn more about becoming a priest, brother, sister, deacon, or lay church minister. Please pray for more vocations to the priesthood and all religious ministries!!!

    St. Charles and St. Mary’s School -Faith, Family and Academic Excellence: To register your child, please call Ms. Julie Zenz (St. Mary’s) at 994-2435 or Mr. John O’Connor (St. Charles) at 725-5173. St. Mary and St. Charles Schools admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin.

    Bulletin Notices: Please submit bulletin notices in writing to the parish office ([email protected]) on Monday.

    St. Charles Parish Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00 a.m.-noon St. Mary’s Parish Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

    St. Mary & St. Charles St. Mary & St. John Parishes

    Rev. John Meinholz P.O. Box 35

    Bloomington, WI 53804 608-994-2526 608-725-5595

    [email protected] (Julie M Jentz) [email protected] (Cheryl Junk)

    January 1, 2017

  • Mary, the Holy Mother of God January 1, 2017

    Scripture for the week of Jan. 2, 2017: Monday: 1 Jn 2:22-28; Ps 98:1-4; Jn 1:19-28 Tuesday: 1 Jn 2:29 — 3:6; Ps 98:1, 3cd-6; Jn 1:29-34 Wednesday: 1 Jn 3:7-10; Ps 98:1, 7-9; Jn 1:35-42 Thursday: 1 Jn 3:11-21; Ps 100:1b-5; Lk 4:14-22a Friday: 1 Jn 5:5-13; Ps 147:12-15, 19-20; Mk 1:7-11 or Lk 3:23-28 [23, 31-34, 36, 38] Saturday: 1 Jn 5:14-21; Sal 149:1-6a, 9b; Jn 2:1-11 Sunday: Is 60:1-6; Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 10-13; Eph 3:2-3a, 5-6; Mt 2:1-12

    Let 2017 be a Time to Deepen Your Catholic Faith: I’m sure that many of you enjoyed giving and receiving

    gifts during the Christmastide. It’s fun! However, my greatest wish for all of us is to receive the gift of a deeper, richer faith in God this year. Our world needs the love and truth which Jesus brought to us over 2,000 years ago more than ever. Let us be committed to living out our Catholic faith, being active in our parishes, and sharing God’s love and mercy in 2017. At our Christmas Masses, we handed out a book to each family which explains the biblical basis of our Catholic beliefs. The book has short chapters that can be read independently. There will also be copies of the Rediscover Jesus book and a more in depth Rediscover Catholicism book available in the church entrances for whomever would like to take them to read or share with others.

    Year End Giving: As we celebrate the joy of the Christmas season and New Year, please know that your finan- cial support is deeply appreciated and needed for the operation of our parishes and Catholic schools. God bless!

    Fr. John’s Notes: Octave Day of Christmas: Mary, the Holy Mother of God: Today is the Church’s oldest celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is also designated as the World Day of Prayer for Peace. There can be no

    better way to start the New Year than to honor our Blessed Mother and pray with her for peace in our world. As we pray together today at God’s invitation, let us be mindful of how the Holy Mother of God cares for the Church and the world that her Son died to save.

    Christmas Thank You’s: I would like to thank Fr. Bill Seipp for helping with our Christmas Masses. His assistance is deeply appreciated

    and we are blessed with his service to our parishes. Thank you to everyone who has very generously supported our parishes throughout the year and at Christmastime. May God’s love and blessings be with you and your family in 2017!

    New Year’s Prayer: God, thank you for a new year. May everyone in our family be willing to begin anew with a clean slate. We know that you are always ready to forgive us. Help us to be willing to

    forgive ourselves and to forgive one another. As we begin a new year, remind us of our truest values and

    our deepest desires. Help us to live in the goodness that comes from doing what you want us to do. Help us to put

    aside anxiety about the future and the past, so that we might live in peace with you now, one day at a time.

    REMEMBRANCE: As we say farewell to 2016, it is a good time to remember the people who were baptized, married and who died this past year from our parishes.

    St. Mary Parish, Bloomington: Baptisms: Easton Char lie Adr ian, Nicholas Taylor , Ezmae Jolie Ploessl, Maizey Jaye Campbell, Becca Joe Reynolds, Dawsyn Bradley Winkers, Hailey Susan Mumm, Eliza Ann Kluesner, Sawyer James Bark, Grace Beverly Fuerstenberg, Brayden Elias Reichert, Charlie Elizabeth Martin, Ellie Susannah Martin, Liam Robert Needham, Maddox Troy Marshall, and Clay Richard Mezera Marriages: Nathaniel Barnhart & Christina Fox, Ted Landon & Kathy Clauer Deaths: Harold Clark, Leonard Schmidt, Rita Koopman, Maxine Huberty, Donald Kirschbaum, Patricia Collins, Brandon Ketchum, Margaret Koopman, Gilbert Weber, Daniel Bark, Joyce Oates, and Daniel Crubel St. Charles Parish: Baptisms: Buckly Retallick, Lynnaya Hochhausen, Ar ia Bernhardt, Harper Vogt, Jaxon Kasten, Irelyn Kasten, Tanner Junk, and Madilyn Cooper Marriages: Jason Theile & Sara Adrian, Seth Reynolds & Catelyn Runde, Zakaria Brinkman & Leanne Hampton Deaths: Roger Kar tman, Lester Esser , James Krogman Linda Ankomeus, JoAnn Glass, and Russell Metcalfe St. Mary Parish, Glen Haven: Baptisms: Henry Breuer Deaths: Francis Zimmer and LeRoy Strye St. John Parish: Marriages: Shawn Martin & Kathry Alt

    Liturgy Schedule Sat. 12/31 4:30 PM All Parishioners (Bloomington) 8:00 PM Clara and Kathleen Esser (Glen Haven) Sun. 1/1/17 8:00 AM Belva & Betty Laufenberg (Patch Grove) 9:15 AM Gene & Marie Leamy families (Bloomington) 10:30 AM Joyce Adrian (Cassville)

    Mon. 1/2 8:15 AM Charlotte & Agnes Dietrich Carol Hutchcroft (Cassville) 8:45-9:30 AM Adoration (St. Charles) Tues. 1/3 8:15 AM Francis Zimmer (Cassville) Wed. 1/4 8:15 AM Jim Krogman (Bloomington) Thurs. 1/5 7:30 AM Adoration & Confessions (Bloomington) 8:15 AM Joyce Adrian (Bloomington) 8:15 AM Living & deceased members of the Francis “Dutch” & Susan Mergen family (Cassville) Fri.. 1/6 8:15 AM Diane Guanella and Lyle Taylor (Bloomington)

    Sat. 1/7 4:30 PM Clarence Fure (Cassville) 8:00 PM All Parishioner (Glen Haven) Sun. 1/8 8:00 AM Living and deceased members of the Bill & Joanne Martin family (Patch Grove) 9:15 AM George Mergen (Bloomington) 10:30 AM Walter Meinholz (Cassville)

    Let us Share our Blessings from God

    To Parish…...5-8% To Diocese….1% To Charities...1-4%

  • St. Mary Church, Bloomington St. John Church, Patch Grove