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Jul 18, 2015




  • By: Caitlin

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    Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am 14 years old. I love to talk about famous celebs and also sports. And today on Celebs Talk we will talk about famous stars. This magazine is recommended for teenage girls. So, from all of us at Celebs Talk we wish you a happy, joyful reading. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  • 10 fun facts about me!!!1.

  • Meet....Name: The ShaytardsAge: newborn to 33Live: Los AngelesJob: VloggerWhy do you admire the person: Because they are funny.What makes them great: Tell are great because they just are themselves.

  • Meet...

    Name: Ctfxc (Charles and Allison Alli Trippy)Age:30 and 24 years oldLive: FloridaJob:Youtuber and vloggerWhy: Because I just like them.What makes them great: They have over 1 million subscribers on youtube.

  • Have you ever heard of.....

    Have you ever heard of Sugarland. Sugarland is a group of hot country. The lead singer is Jennifer Nettles. Kristian Bush as guitar and harmonica player and Kristen Hall as background singer

  • Sugarland

    Kristan Bush



  • Comic strip

    Main characters: Sophie, Ann, Marie and Jacob.It starts that Sophie has no friends and she gets bullied by a group of girls. At the end of the story Sophie is friends with a boy named Jacob.The main idea is a person getting bullied.

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    Hope you liked my presentation!!!

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