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MidSweden Style Magasine (English)

Mar 25, 2016



Magasine presenting MidSweden ( Jämtland & Västernorrland) and participating companies during the SACC e-days in Chicago 2007

  • MidSwedenmagazine

    Style TM

    " Probablythe bestregion inthe world"

  • Inibiz AB Fritzhem

    sgatan 1B, SE-832 43 Frsn, Sweden Tel: +46 63-15 75 00 Fax: +46 63-15 75 20 e-m

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    Table of contents03 Mid Sweden Style04 Welcome to Vsternorrland06 Welcome to Jmtland09 VTC10 Syre Advertising11 Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce13 County Council of Jamtland15 Begriplig17 Ecobelt of Scandinavia28 Inibiz

  • Welcome to Mid Sweden,one of the best regions inthe world!

    More and more companies are recognizing theadvantages of establishing business operations in ourregion. Our strategic location at the heart ofScandinavia is just one reason. Another is our longindustrial tradition in forestry and mechanical andchemical engineering, in the form of companies likeSCA, Metso Paper, Hgglunds Drives, Akzo Nobel, andKubal.

    We are a leader in the forest products industry, withcompanies like Norrskog, Jmtlamell, and ACB Laminatcontributing to Swedens trade balance in this crucialsector. We have assumed a leadership role in fiberscience thanks to specialist knowledge at Mid SwedenUniversity, which also offers expertise in digital services,e-government and media technology.

    We are the biofuel region leading the world intobiofuel. Sweden will be self-sufficient in transport fuelsby 2020 and already exports ethanol technology.

    Tourism is another future-oriented industry, and accountsfor an annual turnover of some 570 million dollars, withover 15 million guest nights. Our region benefits fromtourism expertise at the European Tourism ResearchInstitute and the ecotechnology program at Mid SwedenUniversity.

    Yet more advantages of our region include the ability tocombine successful business with a high quality of life, a

    safe living environment, a richly varied landscape, andan endless supply of cultural and sporting activities.

    Investments worth many millions of dollars are beingmade every year in our region in numerous businesssectors. We have good infrastructure and expandingworld-class companies.

    If you want to establish yourselves in the Europeanmarket our region is the best place for you. Here youcan find modern office premises, highly educatedemployees, and the opportunity to collaborate with othercompanies in the region to achieve synergy effects. Wehave a university (Mid Sweden University) that graduatesstudents with a world-class education each year.

    Mid Sweden Style is the shared brand of the businesssector in the counties of Jmtland and Vsternorrland. Itsaim is to initiate, coordinate, and market the best wehave to offer to the global market, and create businessopportunities in both directions, to and from our region.In total we have a population of approximately 400,000creative individuals.

    Mid Sweden Style is an initiative by Inibiz and theMid Sweden Chamber of Commerce.Mid Sweden Style is supported by a large number ofprivate companies and public organizations.

    Welcome to Mid Sweden.

    LARS LING TORBJRN RINZEN DICK JANSSONProject Manager Founder and Deputy CEO President Mid Sweden Style Inibiz AB Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce

  • Vsternorrland is a county of opportunity and diversity, situated in the heart of Sweden and the center of the Nordicregion. It offers an unbeatable combination of options, including both natural and cultural experiences, wild rivers, anextraordinary coastline, dynamic city life and a spectacular countryside.

    Vsternorrland is also a county with a strong and stable commercial sector that producessome of the best goods and services in the country. The environmental engineering sectorhas developed a strong regional base in Vsternorrland, partly due to our industrial historyand our efficient, flexible adaptation to increasing market demands.

    With a high net export value per employeeamong the highest in Swedenthe county helpscreate good conditions for personal and commercial growth. A long history of exportcompanies sets the stage for international trade in Vsternorrland. One link of this tradegoes through Exportcentrum, the countys collaborative center for internationalization in business.

    Welcome to Vsternorrland, the county of opportunities!

    Welcome to Vsternorrland

    Gerhard LarssonCounty Governor

    ALWAYS IN GOOD COMPANY.Sundsvall Street Festival.Photo: rjan Leek

  • FIND YOUR OWN PERSONAL PARADISE.The High Coast World Heritage.Photo: Kjell Ljungstrm

    WITH GROWTH IN MIND.The base industries of forestry and pulp.Photo: Michael Engman



  • Jmtland is located in the middle of Sweden. It consists mostly of forests, mountains andlakes. The landscape is clean, open and beautiful. But there is also the city life instersund with coffee houses, cultural choices and university.

    Tourism has been well developed for 100 years. One of the strategies for the county is toarrange big events and competitions. The 2007 Alpine World Ski Championships wasarranged in re and the preparations for the next World Championship, the 2008Biathlon WC in stersund has started. Besides tourism there are other big industrialtrades such as forest, timber and outdoor equipments.

    The county offers a lifestyle that attracts many people. Many people from the rest ofSweden and other parts of Europe are living in Jmtland.

    Welcome to Jmtland

    Maggi MikaelssonCounty Governor

    SMALL GAME HUNTING IN THE MOUNTAINSHunting is an appreciated occurrence that bringsgreat joy to the inhabitants as well as to the tourists. Photo: Marie Birkl.

  • THE THAI PAVILION IN THE MIDDLE OF SWEDENJamtland County has a well developed cooperationwith Thailand.Photo: Fredrik Herrlander..

    OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT TO ALLThe increasing tourism gives us different kinds ofindustries like producers of tents, skis, clothes and asthe picture shows snow cannons. Photo: Marie Birkl.

    THE FOREST INDUSTRY EXPANDSThe forest is a large resource in the county andit means a lot for the forest industry, the outdoorlife and the public health among other things.Photo: Marie Birkl

    SKIING AND TOURISMTourism is the largest business in the county. Thisimplies additional contributions, companies andpeople moving in from other parts of the country.Photo: Marie Birkl.

  • Entrepreneur of the year

    Johan Eriksson was named Jmtland County Entrepreneur of theYear in 2006. The award was granted for his expansiveleadership on his family farm, Dille, in northern Sweden. Onepart of the prize was a trip to E-Days in Chicago.

    Johan is the fifth generation to run the farm, and he has built up arichly varied business that produces horse fodder, represents JohnDeere in Jmtland, runs a training center in conservation andforest management, and owns Hacks Precisionsgjuteri, acompany that manufactures thin-walled aluminum goods in shortseries for the automotive, telecom, defense, medical, andinstrument industries. Precicast in Canada is a part owner.

    The company has export experience with Japan, and Johan looksforward to American business contacts. Our casting skills shouldbe of great interest in the U.S. Chances are that we can findbusiness opportunities in the agricultural sector for import toSweden as well. [email protected]

    Quality products ofmerino woolWe manufacture top-quality products of the finest merino wool.Terry knitting optimizes the moisture-repellent, warming propertiesof the wool and results in soft, durable, airy socks.

    Our products are designed, tested and manufactured under ourown brand in Jmtland County in northern Sweden.

    A few examples:Stinas breast warmersBreast warmers of soft merino wool for nursing women.Thin knee socksExtra long, look great with skirts!The foot is solid colored, the ankle striped.Sheephead headbandWarm, cozy, and attractive, made from merino wool.

    The product range also includes popular childrens socks withanti-slip soles and fun patterns.

    Our philosophy:We manufacture and sell quality wool products, mainly hand-crafted. With only small-scale production, we create genuineproducts with heart, which keep our customers coming back.

    www.ulleri.see-store:[email protected]

    Winning product seeksU.S. partnerPivario is a world leader in electronically controlled transmissionsfor vehicles that work with extremely varying loadssuch assnowmobiles, ATVs, lawn and garden machines, and golf cars.Our solutions will be available in the U.S. in 2007.

    Pivario technology has every chance of creating newopportunities for sales and conquering market shares. We canmake vehicles stronger and more environmental.

    Founded in 2004, Pivario is owned by a consortium with strongties to the snow-rich Jmtland County in northern Sweden.

    All of Pivarios expertise is in-housefrom marketing and sales, todesign, production, and testing. Short time to market is ourhallmark.

    Pivario has no export experience and is searching for a U.S.partner with a suitable structure and an efficient organization.

    [email protected]

    Breakthrough in the U.S.for AscendoAscendo System is a software company from stersund whoseproducts include solutions for web-based authorization processingof supplier invoices.

    The companys lead productAscendo Invoiceis a system for theelectronic processing of supplier invoices. Users of the systemsave time and money. The system is also flexible and offers highreliability throughout the workflow.

    Ascendo Invoice is based on the very latest web technology, as isthe Ascendo Purchase purchasing module, which electronicallyintegrates the entire process from pur

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