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Nov 27, 2014



Project on Marketing



y Company Name: Sony Corporation y Founded : May 7, 1946 y Headquarters : 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan y Chairman, CEO and President : Howard Stringer y Vice Chairman : Ryoji Chubachi

HistoryIn 1945, after World War II, Masaru Ibuka started a radio repair shop in Tokyo. The next year, he was joined by his colleague Akio Morita and they found a company which translates in English to Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. The company built Japan's first tape recorder called the Type-G. y In early 1960s, Ibuka traveled in the United States and heard about Bell Labs invention of the transistor. He convinced Bell to license the transistor technology to his Japanese company. y In August 1955, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering released the Sony TR-55, Japan's first commercially produced transistor radio.y

Masaru Ibuka, the co-founder of Sony.

Akio Morita

In May 1956, the company released the TR- 6, which featured an innovative slim design and sound quality capable of rivaling portable tube radios. It was for the TR-6 that Sony first contracted "Atchan", a cartoon character created by Fuyuhiko Okabe, to become its advertising character. y In 1957, Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering came out with the TR-63 model, the smallest (112 71 32 mm) transistor radio in commercial production. It was a worldwide commercial success.y y

The name "Sony" was chosen for the brand as a mix of two words. One was the Latin word Sonus which is the root of "sonic" and "sound" and the other was "sonny", a familiar term used in 1950s America to call a boy. Morita pushed for a word that does not exist in any language so that they could claim the word "Sony" as their own. At the time of the change, it was extremely unusual for a Japanese company to use Roman letters instead of kanji to spell its name.


Sony portfolio

Sonys principal business unitsy Sony Corporation, y Sony Pictures Entertainment, y Sony Computer Entertainment, y Sony BMG Music Entertainment, y Sony Ericsson, y Sony Financial Holdings.

Business summaryy Sony Corporation together with its subsidiaries, engages in the

development, design, manufacture, and sale of electronic equipment & instruments internationally. y The company's products include audio and video equipment, liquid crystal display televisions, personal computers, monitors, semiconductors, components, mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and playstations. y Sony Corporation also engages in the entertainment business like home entertainment production, acquisition, and distribution, digital content creation and distribution, channel investments, studio facilities operation and filmed entertainment distribution.

Business summary- continuedy Additionally, Sony Corporation operates an animation

production and marketing business and an advertising agency business. y Further, it engages in various financial service operations such as insurance, banking, leasing and credit financing.

Sony: The Leader in Product Innovation

The new millennium is here and Sony has plenty to celebrate. The companys approach doing what others dont has paid off, in the form of great products that people covet. Throughout its history, Sony has demonstrated an ability to capture the imagination and enhance peoples lives. The company has been at the cutting edge of technology for more than 50 years, positively impacting the way we live. Further, few companies are as well positioned to drive the digital age into homes and businesses around the world for the next 50 years and beyond. Today, Sony continues to fuel industry growth with the sales of innovative Sony products, as well as with the companys convergence strategy.

Marketingy 4ps of marketing as classified by Prof. E. Jerome

McCarthy which are: i. Product ii. Price iii. Place (Distribution) iv. Promotion.

ProductsSony has a variety of products ranging from electronic devices, games and entertainment. So, briefly Sony products can be categorized in the following major product categories: 1. Home Video 2. Home Theatre System 3. Digital Photography 4. Television & Projector 5. Computer & Peripherals 6. Game 7. Mobile Phones 8. In-Car Entertainment 9. Battery & Charger 10. Accessories 11. Playstations

SONY Time Line

Television & ProjectorIn the section of Sony products , it has further subdivided its products in different models, style and performance. In this category we have several other sub categories and designs which are as follows: BRAVIA LCD TV Projector Public Display Panel TV & Projector Accessories Sony has developed a myriad of Television and Projectors, as well as accessories, to cater to all types of lifestyle and business needs. Those seeking the latest in technology can look to our cutting edge LCD TVs, whereas conventional TV appreciators can pick from our range of CRTs that embody simplicity and functionality. If you wish to enjoy a home theatre experience, select from our Home Theatre Projectors or Projection TVs.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Home Theatre SystemDepending on the customer needs, usage and budgets, Sony has provided several home products ranging from small packages to big audio systems. They boast on their Hi-Fi which delivers rich music, made richer with preset equalizer settings. Among other features which Sony boast to offer are like, multiple disc changers which for putting many discs at a go. Also, some even house additional features such as the ability to handle multiple formats, track programming and repeat and random play. The home audio products categorized by Sony are: 1. Hi-Fi Systems 2. Home audio accessories. E.g. Digital media port

Digital PhotographyIn terms of digital photography, Sony has produced a variety of imaging devices depending on the users and their professions. For example for a casual user or girls there are slim cameras which can be easy to carry or put on the purse. For real photograph enthusiast and professionals there are more sophisticated cameras with advanced features like digital SLR camera. And also they have produced photo printers and frames. The sub-categories of these are: Digital SLR Cybershot Digital Camera Digital Photo Printer Digital Photo Frame

1. 2. 3. 4.

Computer and PeripheralsCombining function and the latest in technology, Sony provides a range of IT and computing devices. In case of the computer devices Sony has produced a variety of laptops with different price ranges and performance to meet the demands of the users like home users, students and businessmen. The sub-categories of these are: 1. VAIO laptops and computers 2. VAIO accessories 3. Memory Stick

GAMESSony offers games of all genres to match customers gaming preference. Also,Sony has produced Powerful consoles which are accompanied with compelling games. The games produced by Sony include: 1. Playstation 3 2. Playstation 2 3. PSP (Playstation Portable)

Mobile PhonesWith Sony Ericsson, Sony has produced a varietyof mobile phones for various people, lifestyle, usage, budget and profession. Also a series of mobile phone accessories have been produced by Sony so that customer can spruce up their mobile phones appearance, prevent them from damage, or enhance their usage. Among the subcategories are: 1. Phones 2. Phone Accessories

In-Car EntertainmentDifferent in-car entertainment products have been produced by Sony. Apart from the normal car radio and CD changer devices, Sony has produced more entertaining devices to view different media like video and television. Among the products subcategorized in this category are as follows: 1. Xplod CD Receiver 2. Xplod in Car Visual 3. Xplod Cassette Receiver 4. Xplod Amplifier 5. Xplod Speaker/Subwoofer

PromotionSony has advertised its products through many different ways in media. Sony uses some events to promote its products as well: Sony has signed an eight-year agreement with FIFA giving it worldwide marketing and promotional tie-ins for events between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2014 including the flagship FIFA World Cup events in 2010 and 2014. Sony has advertised its games like Playstation 3, Playstation 2 and PSP using sports like football in England premiere league.

Promotion-contd Sony uses some events like Miss India 2008 to promote its product. Through newspapers like Gulf News & Khaleej Times, Sony has

advertised a wide range of products it offers to its customers. And also through posters a message has been sent to a lot of people to be aware of the products which Sony offers.


promotionCheck Sony pavilion for exciting offers at Gwalior Mela!

Sony has advertised its products through many different waysDirect Response advertising. Sony also uses direct response advertising. This is type of advertising that encourages the consumer to respond either by providing feedback to the advertiser or placing the order with the advertiser either by telephone, mail or the internet. Such advertising is done through direct mail or catalogues. Co-operative advertising Sony incorporates co-operative advertising in its advertising process. Sony Corporation provides the dealers (e.g. Sony World) with the materials and guidelines to develop ads for print, television or radio commercials. This ensures that message is in line with, what the manufacture wants to communicate. The company and the dealers usually share the media costs and hence, the name co-operative advertising.

Distribution(Place)Sony Distributes its products through follows ways: 1. Zero Level Channel 2. One Level Channel 3. Two Level Channel In India Sony has used the method of one level distribution channel. This means tha