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Marsham Village News (30th Edition)

Jun 01, 2018



  • 8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)


    A Happy New Year to all our readers

    The new year begins with great news on theDefibrillator Project. The telephone box is now

    owned by the Village Hall Committee, the

    defibrillator has been purchased and the secure

    box in which it will be stored inside the

    telephone box has just arrived. Within the next

    couple of weeks the village should have its own

    defibrillator available for use. There have been

    a number of cases in recent months where lives

    have been saved by the use of community

    defibrillators. Let us hope that ours never has

    to be used but, just in case..

    This has been a real community project which

    began 2014 searching for funds and now, one

    year later, is about to come to a successful

    conclusion. Congratulations and thanks to

    Nicola Hibberd for leading this initiative.Help

    on how to access the defibrillator will be in the

    next edition.


    Village News30th Edition February 2015

    The deadline for the next edition is Monday 23rd

    February 2015. Any articles, letters or adverts should be sent

    [email protected] or, if anything needs typing, to Linda and Eric at 3Cranes Lane.

    Following our World War One supplement last year, this month we remember a time when

    Marsham had its own airfield!Thank you to Brian Willcocks for researching and writing this article and his

    other piece on two of the names on the village war memorial. Next month, we will be including an article by

    Richard Knight about his visits to the war graves where many of our Marsham soldiers are buried.

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  • 8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)


    Dont forget to let us have details of any up and coming events which we will include on this page.

    Send [email protected] deliver to 12 Old Norwich Road.

    Mobile library in Marsham

    The Norfolk County Council mobile library van

    will be in Marsham on Monday 17thFebruary. The

    stop-off points are

    Le Neve Road -15.30 to 15.45

    Wathen Way- 15.50 to 16.05

    Fancy holding a

    Garage Sale?

    See article on page 7

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  • 8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)


    Letters to the Editor

    The letters in this section are published unedited and do not necessarily reflect the views of the

    editing committee. We see the Village Newsletter as a channel for people in the village to air their

    viewspositive and negative.

    Phil and Polly Pitt (Wathen Way), most deeply

    appreciate all the love, concern, neighbourliness

    and support given so generously by you all

    during Phil's illness. You are contributing to his

    fairly rapid recovery, and he is told to expect to

    be 'around' for just a little longer to cause a bit

    more trouble. Seriously, though, how can we

    thank you enough?

    Phil and Polly Pitt.



    The Secretary of State for Communities and Local

    Government is currently considering proposals for

    future housing development drawn up by Broadland

    District Council.

    These proposals which many residents have taken the

    time and trouble to give their opinion on during the

    opportunities for public consultation.

    By the time this edition of 'Village News' is delivered,

    the independent planning inspector appointed by theSecretary of State will have led an exploratory meeting

    with the Broadland planners on 8th January 2015 to

    clear up any outstanding matters.

    It is expected that the long awaited public hearing will

    then take place later in May/June 2015. The date at

    the time of writing is not yet fixed. The hearing is open

    to all; and all those who have made their views known

    in writing to the planners will receive details of time

    and place. A further 6 week public consultation period

    will follow the public hearing.

    The independent planning inspector (representing the

    Secretary of State), in charge of the 'hearing' is then

    expected to give within the following 12 months a

    detailed written approval to the planning

    policy for Broadland for the period up to 2026.No

    changes are proposed for Marsham. This means no

    change to the village settlement boundaries. Any

    future housing will be only within the existing

    boundaries , and of groups of 1 5 houses maximum

    as infill.

    I think most residents are by now aware that in

    October 2014 an appeal for housing development on

    the Fengate Farm (old chicken houses), site was firmly

    rejected by an independent planning inspector. The

    site is clearly established as 'Greenfield' land.

    Greg Jarvis.

    For SaleTall solid pine bookcase 137cm(h) x78cm(w) x20cm(d)

    4 fixed shelves. Vgc. 25

    Phone 01263 731586 or call at 8 Croft Lane

    Marsham Community Public Access

    Defibrillator Project

    We have just received the defibrillator and

    cabinet from The Community Heartbeat Trust

    and will be installing these very shortly in the

    phone box. Hopefully by the time you receive

    this newsletter everything will be up and

    running. Thank you to the village residentswho attended the defibrillator awareness

    session this evening (19th January) delivered

    by Martin Render from the Community

    Heartbeat Trust. This was very informative

    and has hopefully given everyone more

    confidence in case they ever need to do CPR

    or use the defibrillator.

    Thank you this month to Beryl Deane for her

    donation of 33.95. She has been collectingher spare change over the last year and

    decided to donate it to our project. A good

    idea perhaps for anyone else who would like

    to help with our ongoing fundraising?

    If you were unable to attend the awareness

    session and would like more information

    please contact Nicola Hibberd on 01263

    733557 or [email protected]

    Thank you

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)


    Independent Funeral Homes Ltd. We

    are a traditional family run funeral directors offering the highest

    standards of personal service at competitive rates.

    * Private Chapel of Rest * Pre-paid plans Available *

    * Floral Tributes, Memorials and Catering Supplied *

    * Home Visits at No Extra Charge *

    We offer a wide and varied range of services and strive to ensure that we

    fulfil and hopefully surpass your expectations whatever they may be.

    Tel: 01263 735161 (24 Hours) The Old Bank, 2-4 Norwich Road,

    Aylsham, NR11 6BN

    G.C.BONDest. 192001263 732259

    Butcher - Fishmonger

    Best quality local meat - Crabs & fresh fish

    Free delivery to Marsham - Tuesdays and Fridays

  • 8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)


  • 8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)


    Marsham WI

    Our last meeting at the Village Hall was our Annual Meeting in November when we heard

    Secretary, Treasurer and Presidents reports and reflected on our activities during 2014. We

    already have some dates for our 2015 diary, the WI Centenary Year, and the first event is a

    WI Exhibition at The Forum in Norwich on 14th21stFebruary where you can find out all

    about the organisation. We have also received details of competitions for The Royal Norfolk

    Show on 1st& 2ndJuly and we will be giving thought to those over the next few months.

    There will also be a 5 day WI event at Gressenhall on 22nd26thJuly.

    The formal part of our November Annual Meeting was followed by everyone making a

    Christmas decoration under the supervision of one of our members. In December we had our

    Christmas Dinner meeting, this year at The Banningham Crown, which was enjoyed by all.

    The first meeting of the year is in Marsham Village Hall on Wednesday 28thJanuary, taking

    the form of a social evening. Our February meeting is on Wednesday 25hwhen we will be

    having a slide presentation of Norfolk Churches by David Boulton, so if you are a woman

    interested in joining Marsham WI please come along, new or returning members will be very

    welcome. Meetings are usually held on the 4thWednesday of the month in the Village Hall at

    7.30pm. There is a WI board on the wall at the right of the Village Hall kitchen where you

    can see details of our programme for 2015. Contact me [email protected] on

    01263 732606 if you would like any further information.

    Dorothy McCall

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/9/2019 Marsham Village News (30th Edition)


    The Incredible Story of a Remarkable Man









    01263 731555 Mobile 07780604279