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Marsham Village News (35th Edition)

Sep 13, 2015



The 35th Edition of the re-launched Marsham Village News.

  • Marsham

    Village News

    July 2015 35th Edition

    The deadline for the next edition is Wednesday 22nd July 2015. Any articles, letters or adverts should be sent to

    [email protected] or, if anything needs typing, to Linda and Eric at 3 Cranes Lane.

    Please note that in a change from previous years there will be an edition in August this

    year but not one in October.

    The weather was kind to the Garage and Garden Sale and it was a great success with lots of visitors,

    particularly in the morning. The village hall and defibrillator group made almost 250 from the day and

    we know of a number of satisfied stall holders. There are plans to hold the sale again next year but the

    organisers are anxious to learn any lessons from this year. If you have got any thoughts on how the

    event could be improved please contact Adrian Scargill at the usual e mail address or 734488.

    It is good to have news from both the school and the Parish Council (insert) in this months edition, as

    well as news about yet another planning application for Fengate Farm in our Letters section.

    As the end of the sponsorship of our newsletter by NEWS approaches, the editing committee are

    exploring ways in which we can make it affordable and sustainable into the future. With the vast

    majority of people now online, we wondered how many people would be happy to view their copy of

    the newsletter on their computers, tablets or phones. The more people who view it online, the less

    copies we would need to print. To help us get an idea of numbers, would those who would be happy to

    view online in the future, please let us know by responding on our Facebook page. Please note that this

    would not happen until later in the year. For the moment you would continue to receive a hard copy.

    We would arrange an alert to be sent to you when a new edition was online.

    A reminder that you can access the newsletter in the following ways

    Google Marsham Village News and follow the link to our Facebook page.

    Our apologies for there being no photograph this month.

    There just wasnt enough space!

  • Dont forget to let us have details of any up and coming events which we will include on this page.

    Send to [email protected] or deliver to 12 Old Norwich Road.

    Mobile library in Marsham

    The Norfolk County Council mobile library van

    will be in Marsham on Monday 6th July.

    The stop-off points are

    Le Neve Road - 15.30 to 15.45

    Wathen Way - 15.50 to 16.05

    Marsham Belles will be holding rehearsals every Wednesday afternoon in July.

    Everyone welcome to listen to the bells, have a cup

    of tea and a chat.

    The Marsham Belles will be performing in the village hall on

    Saturday 18th July from 2.00 until 4.00. Proceeds from the event will

    be in aid of the victims of the Nepalese earthquakes.

    Your support would be welcome and appreciated.

    Marsham School

    Summer Fayre

    on Friday 3rd July

    3.00 until 5.30

    cakes tombola raffle

    stalls refreshments games

    Marsham Community Club

    We will meet for the first time on Friday September

    4th at Marsham Village Hall and thereafter on the

    first Friday of each month. The hall will be open

    between 9.30am and 12.00. Why not pop in and have

    a cuppa, read some papers or just meet and mardle? If you know someone who lives alone perhaps you

    could encourage them to come along with you.

    If you have any ideas for future Fridays for example

    activities you would like to try or organisations you

    would like to invite please let me know when we meet or contact Nicola Hibberd on 01263 733557 or

    by email at [email protected]

    Everyone is very welcome.

  • Letters to the Editor

    The letters in this section are published unedited and do not necessarily reflect the views of the

    editing committee. We see the Village Newsletter as a channel for people in the village to air their

    views positive and negative.

    Hello everyone

    Some of you may recall that last year, my wife and I offered to come and cook Christmas dinner in your

    own home, so you didn't spend Christmas alone.

    This year, we are planning to cook a Christmas dinner for as many people as we can, living alone in the

    local and neighbouring villages and would like some company over the festive period, but I need your


    I am asking you to donate anything that you no longer need or use and is saleable, so I can raise money

    from carboots or online. You can also donate money with this link :

    company-for-christmas/ , PayPal account not needed as you can pay as a guest. We are having a chat

    next week about hiring the Jubilee centre in Aylsham as they have the facilities that are needed, unless

    anyone has another suggestion. If you feel you can help us to make this a big success story, please bring

    any donation items to 29 Le Neve Road, Marsham, or I can come and collect. If we are not at home,

    items can be left on the porch but please leave your name, so you can be named as someone who helped

    by donating.

    As the saying goes 'Every penny helps'.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this request.

    Glyn and Daniela

    Planning Update for Fengate Farm

    As some parishioners are already aware, yet another attempt to build on the Fengate Farm (old chicken house

    site) has been made, this time for 20 houses.

    The previous scheme was firmly rejected by Broadland District Council. An appeal to an independent inspector

    from the Planning Inspectorate was firmly dismissed. His report (available, I believe, to download) clearly

    established the site as agricultural land (a Green field site) available only for agricultural use.

    He also confirmed that adequate land for house building had been already established for Broadland up to


    The Fengate Farm site is thus clearly beyond the village development boundary, not essential for housing needs

    and on agricultural land, contrary to planning policy. I understand that BDC intends to reject the proposals but

    local objections should be forwarded by letter or e mail as soon as possible.

    There are of course still sites within the village which already have planning approval for a total of

    approximately 40 new houses. Further housing is still permitted for infill houses of groups of up to 5 dwellings


    It is, in my opinion, important that this latest application is refused in order that a precedent is not established

    for building on agricultural land both in Marsham and elsewhere in Norfolk.

    Regarding any unsightliness of the existing (agricultural) site and buildings, the planning inspector has made it

    clear in his Appeal Dismissal that this does not outweigh the proposal for housing submitted.

    No doubt any concerns regarding health and safety matters with reference to the existing buildings can be dealt

    with by the appropriate authority and are best dealt with as a separate metter to avoid confusion with the

    scope of the current planning submission.

    Greg Jarvis

    Old Norwich Road

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