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Foreign Policy of Khilafah State

May 19, 2015



  • 1. Foreign Policy of the Khilafah State

2. Foreign Policy: Khilafah Vs Capitalist Foreign Policy

  • Fundamentals
  • Protecting the entity of the State and the Ummah
    • Allahs Ahkam vs National Interest
  • Facilitating the Call of Islam to other people
    • Conveying the Call of Islam Internally
    • Conveying the Call of Islam Externally
      • Conveying Dawah
      • Manner of Conveying the Dawah
      • Conveying the Call of Islam through Jihad
  • Organizing relationships with other Nations/States
    • States in the Muslim World
    • non belligerent States
    • potentially Belligerent States
    • Belligerent States
  • Who deals with the Foreign Affairs
  • Military pacts and Political treaties with other Countries
  • States Relationship with Organizations
  • Judicial rights of non Muslim citizens (Zimmi) & Foreigners
  • Only Khilafah can provide Justice

3. Evidences

  • The foreign policy is the States relationship with other states. This relationship entails looking after the foreign affairs of the Ummah. The Islamic States foreign policy is based on a fixed concept that does not change. This is the propagation of Islam and the conveyance of the Message to every nation and every society. What actually makes the conveyance and spreading of Islam the basis of the foreign policy is the fact that the Message is addressed to the whole of mankind. Allah (SWT)says:And we have not sent you (O Muhammad) except as a giver of glad tidings and a warner to all mankind, but most of men know not.[Saba, 34:28] Allah (SWT) also says,O mankind! There has come to you a good advice from your Lord.[Yunus,10:57] He (SWT) says, Say, O mankind! Verily, I am sent to you all as the Messenger of Allah. [Al Araf, 7:158] And He (SWT) says,This Quran has been revealed to me that I may warn therewith you and whomsoever it may reach. [Al-Anam, 6:19] He (SWT) also says,O Messenger (Muhammadr )! Proclaim (the Message) which has been sent to you from your Lord. And if you do not, then you have not conveyed His Message.[Al-Maidah, 5:67]. The Messenger of Allah (saw) conveyed the Message to mankind, and when he (saw) died Islam continued to be carried by the Muslims. The conveyance of the Islamic Message is in fact the continuation of the work that the Messenger of Allah (saw) had initiated.

4. Foreign Policy: The Fundamentals Khilafah Capitalism

  • The Islamic foreign policy serves three major functions:
    • To protect the entity of the State and Ummah (nation)
    • To facilitate the Call (Da'wah) to other people
    • To organize the relationships of the Islamic State with other nations
  • Todays capitalist nation are bound by
    • UN resolutions & International Law
    • Nation State theory & Co-existence
    • National Interest
  • Conveying the Islamic dawah is the core around which the foreign policy revolves, and upon which relations with other states arebuilt1
  • Pakistani foreign policy revolves around protecting the interests of America and convincing the masses that the same is in their best National Interest.
  • Pakistan lost $10 billion during Afghan war to facilitate US occupation
  • US dictated foreign policy has completely eroded Pakistans sovereignty
  • Khilafah will be a major player in world politics since it will be actively pursuing its primary goal of carrying Islamic Ideology to the whole world

5. Evidences

  • Allah says in Quran:Allah has forbid your friendship with those who fight you because of your deen, and drive you from your homelands, or aid others to do so: and as for those who turn to them in friendship they are oppressors[TMQ 60:9].In truth the disbelievers are an open enemy to you.[an-Nisa:101] It is narrated by Ahmad and Nisai from Anas that Muhammad (SAW) said"Don't take the light from the fire of the disbeliever" In Arabic in this sense fire means their own weapons and military as a state or tribe.It is haram for Muslims to ask for defence by the kafr, because that will allow defending of Muslims and Muslim countries by the hand of kufr and it is not allowed for the kafr to have authority over Muslims.Allah (SWT) refers to this prohibition:And Allah will never give the unbelievers any way (of authority) against the believers.[TMQ; 4: 141]Hence Islamic State is not allowed to ask for protection from any kafir state.
  • Allah says in Quran: O you who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who takes them for friends is (one) of them.[TMQ; 5:51] . Abu Hamid As-Saeeda related that Muhammad (SAW) left Madinah until he arrived at Thaee-et al-Wada and a regiment was there and he said:"Who are they ?"The tribe of Bani Qaynuqa, the relative of Abdullah bin Salam.He said:"Do you accept Islam ?"They said "No"He said:"Leave, we don't take assistance from disbelievers" . It is narrated by Ahmad and Nisai from Anas that Muhammad (SAW) said"Don't take the light from the fire of the disbeliever" In Arabic in this sense fire means their own weapons and military as a state or tribe. There other reported Ahadith which in which the Messenger (saw) did allow kafirs to fight along side Muslims as individuals or groups but only under the banner of Islam.Hence from all these Ahadith the Hukam is derived that, it is absolutely haram to enter into military pacts that allow kufar to protect Muslims or Muslim armies fighting under the command of the Kafirs.Similarly it is not allowed for kafir armies to fight along side Muslims with their own independent command and banner.Whereas other nations can only fight along with the Muslim armies if they are under the authority and command of the Islamic State without having their own banner i.e. separate independent entity.

6. Foreign Policy:Protecting the entity of the State and the Ummah Khilafah Capitalism

  • It is forbidden for the State to be under the authority or protection of any other nation or state 1
  • Allying with super or regional powers for protection
  • US never came to rescue Pakistan during 71 war against their kafir brethren
  • It is forbidden to form a confederation or enter into a military pact or political block where kuffar has the upper hand 2
  • Other nations can fight under the banner and leadership of Khilafah.They are not allowed to have their own separate banner in the battle field
  • Forming a block and confederation with Kafir states for protection .
    • Pakistani Prime Minster recently called for forming a Compact Block with India
  • Jamalis Compact Block or Advanis call for a confederation with India will lead to Akhand Bharat

7. Evidences

  • The messenger of Allah made a no-war pact withQureish-e-Makkahknown as Sulah Al-Hudaybiyah which was for ten years.Islamic State cannot enter into a pact with a kafir state which doesnt have any time limitation.
  • The Muslim army has always been feared and respected. For centuries, Europe always held that the Muslim army could never be defeated. However, political maneuvers are essential, especially those which help to spread the Islamic concepts and demonstrate the power of the State before resorting to armed struggle. Although Jihad is the fixed method that never changes in the spreading of Islam, the political maneuvers and other deliberate moves are all part of preparation, and is essential prior to actual combat. It is an important matter designed at determining the relationship of the State with other states, people and nations, whether these were economic or based on good neighborly relations or any other basis that may help to spread Islam.

8. Foreign Policy:Protecting the entity of the State and the Ummah Khilafah Capitalism

  • State can make no-war pacts for limited time without eroding its sovereignty1
  • State has to rely on its own military strength and political manoeuvring for the protection of its territories
  • Reliance on the Composite Block to protect Pakistan
  • This self reliance would force the state to work even harder to gain required Military and technological skills
  • Reliance on India to protect Pakistan would pave the way for de-nuclearization, which Musharraf is already calling for

9. Evidences

  • Allah (SWT) said: The believers are nothing else than brothers [TMQ 49:10]. The Messenger of Allahsaid (to the nearest meaning): The Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, he does not do injustice to him nor desert him. And hesaid :The Muslim is the brother of another Muslim, he does not oppress him, forsake him nor hate him.Hesaid: The believers to one another are like one solid structure where one part strengthens another . And hesaid: The similitude of the believers in their mutual love, compassion and s