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Blitz Media: Intern Final Project
Documents Blitz Media: Intern Final Project

1. December 20122013-2014 Media Recommendation 2. Agenda • Purpose • Audience Analysis • Budget Review • Media Strategy • Recommended Media Channels • Next Steps2…

How Magazines Can Survive the Digital Age
Business How Magazines Can Survive the Digital Age

1. How Magazines can Survive the Digital Age Jason Dojc 2. Traditional media is losing “news” market share to the Internet Source: Pew Research Centre via Marketing Charts…

Oprah Winfrey
Health & Medicine Oprah Winfrey

1. By: Nicole B. 2. Early Life Born January 29, 1954 to unwed parents Sent to live with grandma Atragic beginningto a successful life. 3. Growing Up Lived with multiple relatives…

Final+MagazPower Culture Magazine Apr 2013ine
Documents Final+MagazPower Culture Magazine Apr 2013ine

POWERCULTURE Founder and Editorial Director Kristi L. Jackson Co-Editor Deana Marshall Research Editor Salman Yousaf Creative Director Damir Hrnjicic Contributors Kristi…

June 2010 NovaLash NewsfLASH
Lifestyle June 2010 NovaLash NewsfLASH

1. NOVALASH June 2010 010 2. Letter from Sophy VOTENovaLash has had a veryeventful month to say theleast! We had girls travelingto Pennsylvania, Chicago, andDubai introducing…

Marion Coleman Story Quilts
Education Marion Coleman Story Quilts

1. Marion Coleman Story Quilts 2. Memory, family stories, cultural history, and a world filled with color are the inspiration for Marion Coleman’s quilts. Below is a story…

Hearst Magazines: Training Feedback
Technology Hearst Magazines: Training Feedback

1. Training Feedback Case StudyImproving technical training with valuable feedbackHearst Magazines, a unit of HearstCorporation, is one of the world’slargest publishers…

Stumble upon
Technology Stumble upon

1. “StumbleUpon is the greatest thing ever invented. The site makes the Internet ‐ and by extension, the world ‐seem both bigger and smaller, infinite in its possibilities…

Social Networking Social NOTworking speech presentation
Education Social Networking Social NOTworking speech presentation

1. ENGLTWOCheenkee Diane Razon 2. SOCIAL NETWORKING NUMBER OF ACTIVE SITESUSERS (Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors) 750,000,000 250,000,000 110,000,00070,500,00065,000,000…

African- American Writers
Education African- American Writers

Slide 1 African- American Writers Presented by- Urvi Dave Class- M A Semester- 2 Batch Year- 2014-16 Enrolment no.- 14101009 Paper no.- 8c (Cultural Studies) Email id- [email protected]