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Blitz Media: Intern Final Project

Nov 01, 2014





  • 1. December 20122013-2014 Media Recommendation
  • 2. Agenda Purpose Audience Analysis Budget Review Media Strategy Recommended Media Channels Next Steps2
  • 3. Meet the Blitz Team Account Management: Alexandra Glazer Display: Carol Cai Search Marketing: Taylor Murphy3
  • 4. Purpose Develop a multi-media approach including display, search and print to promote a Ski/Snowboard & Stay package Review the recommended media plan in support of the following goals: Build awareness of Stowe Mountain Lodge Ski/Snowboard & Stay Package Generate traffic to SML from new and repeat customers Increase number of loyal customers Be selective with media choices based on environment and budget parameters4
  • 5. Promotion Details Ski/Snowboard Package: December 16, 2013 March 9, 2014 Print Flight will start in November to pre-advertise (monthly magazines) Blackout Dates include Christmas, New Years Eve/Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend5
  • 6. Audience Analysis
  • 7. MRI Research: Defined Target New England & New York Residents that have Skied/Snowboarded in the Last 12 months (1,628,000) 57% Male / 43% Female 38% domestically travel and stayed for 3-4 nights Adults 18-49 (134) 78% like to travel to places they have never been Adults 18-34 (160) 52% say when they find a vacation spot they like, they go back whenever they can 65% believe that last minute travel specials are a 32% College (180) great way to get a bargain 18% Masters Degree (250) 70% say travel/hotel discounts have a strong influence on where they stay 47% Married (86) 44% Never Married (165) Average HHI $113,767 (153) 87% believe that the internet is a great way to 24% $100-150K (162) buy products 21% $75-99K (156) 80% like to shop around before making a 42% Any # of Children Living purchase at Home (0-17) (103) 72% compare site prices online before purchasing7 Source: MRI Doublebase 2012
  • 8. MRI Research: Media QuintilesHeavy consumption Media Quintiles for Target Audience Quintile I Quintile II Quintile III Quintile IV Quintile VLight consumption TV Radio Print Digital OOH Quintile Definitions: TV (Quintile V): 17-26.5 hours of TV viewed per week Radio (Quintile II): 23-50 hours of radio listened to per week Print (Quintile II): 6-11 magazines read in an average 28-day period Digital (Quintile II): 9.1-22 hours used in an average week OOH (Quintile I): 300+ miles driven per week 8 Source: MRI Doublebase 2012
  • 9. Budget Review
  • 10. Media Overview Campaign Net Cost Budget Display $200,000 Search $80,000 Print $193,178 $500,000 Media Services Fee(6% Gross) $473,178 Total Investment $501,56810
  • 11. Media Strategy: Medium Overview Display Print Search11
  • 12. Recommended Media Channels
  • 13. Display13
  • 14. Display Recommendation SnoCountry LivingSocial DIRECT BRANDING RESPONSE Mobile Fuse Pandora Real Media Group14
  • 15. Display Living Social Site Rationale Delivers unique and compelling offers Eliminates waste through geo-targeting Integrates branding and direct response efforts Encourages snowballing and social sharing 91% plan to or already have returned to merchant1 Ad Units 100% SOV in Escape digest for one day Presence in daily e-mails for one week Custom branded content page Branded deal tile on Escapes page Escape deal page promotion Post purchase promotional unit Co-branded Facebook ads Buy Summary Impressions: 5,300,000 Site Spend: $50,000 1.
  • 16. Display SnoCountry Site Rationale SnoCountrys audience consists of 750K skiers annually Provides snow and weather reports as well as event and resort information Ad Units 300x250, 728x90, 120x600 Mobile Banners Dedicated monthly e-Mail blasts to 80K subscribers Buy Summary Impressions: 830,000 eCPM: $14.46 Site Spend: $12,00016
  • 17. Display Pandora Site Rationale Pandora is a cross-platform audio, web banner, and mobile vehicle that provides local market reach in an efficient manner Delivers messages to highly-engaged users in an uncluttered environment Mobile placements follow the Pandora listener wherever they go Ad Units :15 or :30 audio 300x250, 500x500 Mobile and desktop audio units, banners, and companion tiles Buy Summary Impressions: 5,000,000 eCPM: $5 Site Spend: $25,00017
  • 18. Display Mobile Fuse Site Rationale MobileFuse offers unique homegrown technologies that boost ROI High impact mobile placements and custom ski- themed landing page Dynamically target ads Ex. If there is increased snow to be expected Ad Units Weatherbug takeover 100% SOV 300x50, 300x250, 500x500, 480x60 Sample Sites Dynamic targeting, radius targeting Google mobile search keyword activated Mobile landing page