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Worldwide Sales Webinar ML 900/ML910 Rugged Notebook MW800/Mw810 Mobile Workstations June 12, 2007

Worldwide Sales Webinar ML 900/ML910 Rugged Notebook MW800/Mw810 Mobile Workstations June 12, 2007.

Jan 11, 2016



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  • Worldwide Sales Webinar

    ML 900/ML910 Rugged NotebookMW800/Mw810 Mobile WorkstationsJune 12, 2007

  • AgendaRules of EngagementRoll-Out Product AvailabilitySPIFF DetailsRegistering Opportunities in SFDCProduct Introduction

  • Rules of Engagement What Motorola products should EMb sell?Should we use EMb or Motorola channels? How can we implement this worldwideCompensationDeals deskEducation

  • Cross sell roll out plansAnnounce Motorola products selected for EMb

    Cross sell contact points US/Canada Michael PattenEMEA Jonathan BellwoodAPAC Susan TohLatin America - TBD

  • Product Availability MatrixN/A = Not Applicable

  • Motorola to EMb SPIFFCompensation SPIFF planDeal Minimum $50,000 (US) $20,000 (EMEA/APAC/LA & Canada)Opportunity must be net new businessConfirmed by Motorola sales counterpartOpportunities needs to be registered in SFDCEffective on opportunities identified from April 1, 2007Start to enter in SFDC of April 21stEligible reps to be paid HTAM/TAM/SDAM/OEM CAM (if involved in the opportunity)SE compensation plan details currently being finalizedNo quota relief Must be 80% of YTD bookings at quarter end plan to get paid Will hold bonus until above is met (ends Dec 31, 2007 no hold over)Cap at $75K for the year

  • Mobile DevicesMobile Laptop (ML)Mobile Workstation (MW)AVAILABLE IN SAP ML (30 configurations) & MW (5 configurations)Currently English only Can be sold Direct or through partnersTalk with your CAMsEnter in SFDC for SPIFF approvalPeter Barris will confirm with Motorola Schaumburg that the opportunity is new businessAccept or rejectSPIFF3% HTAM/TAM/SDAM/OEM for net sales valueWith CAM involvement: 2% HTAM/TAM/SDAM/OEM 1% to CAMSE compensation plan details currently being finalized

  • Registration and ApprovalNew fields to register a Cross Sell opportunityAM will set SPIFF flag to YesApprover will set flag to Yes or NoAM will automatically be notified via email

  • Next Steps 30 60 DaysEstablishing a dedicated page on Sales Insight FAQsMarketing materialsResource identificationEducation schedule for Laptop SE training June 6-7 Distribution Webinar May 13 Partner Webinar May 20Availability of ML demo unitsSEs demo units Disti Tech demo units ordered

  • Final ThoughtsCross-Sell Program is transitional and ends 12/31/07Identify net new business for Motorola productsIf you close business, you will get paidContact Michael.Patten@motorola.com508-424-3526

  • EMb Product Integration to EMb Motorola SalesJoe Hayden, Strategic Sales Integration

  • Final ThoughtsTremendous opportunity to get paid for learning and selling outstanding products and solutionsIdentify net new business for Motorola and EMb productsTake full advantage of the tremendous potential that was created from the merger of two great companies. Get out fast - Cross-Sell Program is effective 4/1/07 and ends 12/31/07If you are having difficulty with systems, processes, or fulfillment, dont let that stop you from selling There will be a few hiccups, but remember 1 + 1 = 3

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioML900 / ML910 Rugged Notebooks

    & MW800/ MW810 Mobile Workstations

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioML SeriesRugged NotebookDesigned for Mobile WorkersDocking Station for Vehicle UsePortability with Extra SecurityMW SeriesRugged Fixed-Mount ComputerDesigned for Mission-Critical VehiclesVersatile Three-Piece DesignFlexible I/O Choices for Your FleetBoth are Optimized For:Computing Power Wireless ConnectivityUse in Harsh EnvironmentsSunlight ReadabilityOperating TemperaturesPeripheral SupportEase of Use

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioEnterprise Market OpportunitiesField ServiceUtilitiesTelco/CableService/RepairField SalesTransportationManufacturingWarehouse/DCHealth Care

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioDevice-BasedSingle userAvailability away from vehicleVehicle-BasedSingle or Multiple usersDouble dutyDual display optionMobile routingRugged Mobile ComputersMobile database access (Work order Dispatch, CRM, etc)Mobile network accessImmediate information exchangeHarsh working conditionsMobile data collectionCustomer Needs

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioML910 - Rugged Notebook (Available 3Q07)Product Capabilities SummaryKey FeaturesWindows XP O/SUp to 4 Integrated Wireless Radio Options Wide Area RF (EVDO Rev. A, HSDPA or DataTAC) 802.11abg Bluetooth (standard) Optional integrated GPS 500 NIT High-Bright Touchscreen Display standardMIL-STD-810F Compliant (harsh use/conditions)Magnesium alloy housing fully sealedTPM v1.2 and 500+ DPI Fingerprint Scan SecurityBacklit keyboard (Full Travel or Rubber)Key SpecificationsIntel Core Duo 1.66GHz Processor512MB RAM (up to 4GB)60 or 80GB Hard Drive (up to 120GB)RJ-11 V.90/92 Modem

    13.3 Widescreen WXGA Touchscreen Flexible I/O 3 USB 2.0, Serial, Digital Video CDRW / DVDRW Dual Drive optionalVehicle Docking Station & Office DockOptional RF Pass through (WAN & GPS)

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioMW800 Rugged Fixed-Mount ComputerProduct Capabilities SummaryKey FeaturesFully RuggedMIL-STD-810F compliantOperates from -22F to 158F (-30C to +70C) Fixed Mount for MissionCritical VehiclesThree-Piece DesignCPU Options (F5207, F5217)Win XP ProPentium-M up to 1.8GHzUp to 1GB RAM, 80GB HDHard Drive Heater is StandardInternal options for:GPSWLAN 802.11b/gWANDual Display Support OptionsVideo Input PortDisplay OptionsBluetooth Available in 12.1 Displays350 or 1200 NIT Brightness OptionsUser Programmable ButtonsEmergency KeyRemovable backlit keyboard

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioMW810 - Rugged Fixed-Mount Computer (Available 3Q07)Product Capabilities SummaryKey FeaturesVersatile 3-Piece DesignFlexible F5208 CPU with I/O Expansion OptionsUp to 4 Integrated Wireless Radio Options Wide Area Network RF EVDO Rev A, HSDPA, or DataTAC WLAN 802.11abg GPS or GPS/Dead Reckoning Bluetooth Optional in 12.1 DisplayMIL-STD-810F Compliant (harsh use/conditions)Type II PCMCIA SlotSpecificationsIntel Core2 Duo Processor Options512MB RAM (Options up to 2GB)80GB Hard Drive Now Standard Hard drive heater is aksi standardFlexible I/O See Next PageWin XP Pro12.1 High-Contrast XGA Touchscreen1200 and 350 NIT OptionsUser Programmable Buttons Multi-Function Setting Control KnobFull Travel Backlit Keyboard

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioMW810 Product Capabilities Summary continuedFlexible I/O ChoicesMW810 CPU I/OPCMCIA Card Type IIMicrophone In, Audio OutPower Input - Vehicle Battery (12V or 24V)Plus: Port options shown in table belowMW810 12.1 DisplaysBluetooth Module - Optional3 USB 2.0 - Standard (1 for keyboard, 2 general purpose)

  • ML/MW List Pricing

  • Competitive Advantage MW SeriesMW Series (MW800/MDR800/MM1000)Win XP Pro OS (differentiator from VC5090)Wider Operating Temperature RangeFrom -22F to 158F (-30C to +70C); heated hard driveThrives in High Vibration Environments3-D Shock-Mounted Hard DriveMultiple Vehicle Tracking OptionsInternal GPS and Dead Reckoning modules availableEasy To Use Display8 User Programmable Buttons, Emergency KeySupports Multiple UsersDual Display OptionPrivate Data Network SupportInternal as well as External DataTAC radio optionsRugged Mobile Computing Portfolio

  • Competitive Advantage MW Series continuedMW810 Adds: Superior Processor Options for More PowerIntel Core2 Duo Processor Options at 1.66GHz and 2.16 GHzMore MemoryUp to 2GB RAMEnhanced I/O FlexibilityOne CPU, Multiple I/O Expansion BoardsEnhanced Component SealingAll 3 Pieces (CPU, Display, Keyboard) are IP54Supports More Vehicle Types12 or 24V Operation

    Rugged Mobile Computing Portfolio

  • MW810 Direct Competitors (Fixed-Mount XP)

    MW800 Series Competitive

    v1.0 January 14, 2007


    Data as of April 2007MW810M5TracerMobileVu

    PhysicalWeight8.8 lbs (CPU); 6.6 lbs (1200 NIT Display)6.0 lbs21 lbs CPU

    Dimensions2.8" x 7.4" x 9.4" (CPU)10.6" x 11.5" x 1.9" (12.1" Display)2.5" x 5.75" x 12.5" (CPU) 11.0" x 9.625" x 1.5" (Display) 2.5" x 5.75" x 6.5" (Power Supply)11.96" x 9.75" x1.67"14.5" (w) [16" w/latches] x 16.5" (d) [21.5" w/handle and cable guard] x 6.2" (h) [6.7" w/handle]

    CPUProcessorIntel Core2 Duo (Merom) T7400 4MB L2 2.16 GHz 667 MHz (Option) or 1.66GHz 2MB L2 667 MHz (Std) orIntel Celeron M 430 1 MB L2 1.73 GHz 533 MHz (Option)Pentium M 1.8 GHz or Celeron M 1.5 GHzIntel Pentium M, 1.8 GHz 2 MB (Option) or Intel Pentium M, 1.6 GHz 1 MB (Std) orIntel Pentium M 1.4 GHz 2 MB (Option) orIntel Celeron M, 1.3 GHz 512 KB (Option)Celeron M 1.3 GHz or Pentium M 1.8 GHz

    Hard Drive Size80GB w/Heater (Std), or 4GB Flash Drive20GB (Std), up to 80GB available40GB (Std), up to 80GB available40GB (Std), up to 80GB available

    RAM512MB (Std) Expansions to 2GB512MB (Std)Expansions to 1GB256MB (Std)Expansions to 1GB512MB (Std)Expansions to 2GB

    RuggedizationDurabilityDesigned, tested to meet MIL-STD-810F, see MW810 spec sheet; Operating Temp. -30C to+70CShock: 100g; Vibration 1g; Relative humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing); Operating Temp. -25C to +66CClaims CE, MIL-STD-810F (no details published though); Operating Temp. -20C to +55C (w/optional extended range hard drive)MIL-STD-810F; Humidity to 95%, non-condensing; Shock and vibration = Random 3G RMS, 5-1000 Hz; Operating Temp. -20C to +60C

    TPMTPM 1.2No???

    Display andVideo CardScreen Options12.1" XGA 1200NIT, or 350 NIT15.0", 12.1" XGA 1200 NIT and 8.4" SVGA options12.1" XGA12.1" SVGA, 1500NIT

    Video MemoryDynamic allocation of 64MB to 224 MB (Shared)8MBup to 64MB video memory (Shared)not in spec sheets

    Private Wide AreaIntegrated and external RD-LAP options; integrated EVDO Rev.A (Verizon) and HSDPA/UMTS (AT&T/Cingular) optionsNoNoNo

    Personal Area NetworkBluetooth (Optional, w/12.1" display only)not in spec sheetsnot in spec sheetsBluetooth (Optional)

    Wireless Lan802.11 abg (Optional)External only802.11 bg (Optional)802.11g (Optional)

    GPSOptional internal GPS or Dead Reckoning moduleOptional internal GPSExternal onlyOptional internal GPS

    ConnectionsUSB Portsup to 4 on CPU depending on expansion board selected; minimum includes 2 on CPUPlus: 3 on Display (2 general purpose, 1 for keyboard)444

    PC Card Slots1 Type II PCMCIACard Bus on PCMCIA two Type II or one Type III1 PCMCIA/Card Bus Type I or IIOptional PCMCIA and IrDA ports

    MiniPCI Slots2 miniPCI slotnot mentioned in specs1 mini PCI slot, type 3A or 3B1?

    Serial Portsup to 4 depending on expansion board selected; minimum includes 1316

    Firewire Ports0200

    DVI Video Out1 for secondary display with optional expansion board010

    VGA Video Out1 for primary displayTwo (Secondary Analog VGA port available)01

    Composite Video In1Mobile Digital Video optional expansion boardNo (but note Video-DataBrick CPU product pending)1

    Ethernet 10/100up to 3 on CPU depending on expansion board selected, minimum includes 1 GbE111 GbE

    Ignition SenseYes (via Aux Port)not mentioned in specsnot mentioned in specsnot mentioned in specs


  • MW810 vs. Panasonic CF-30CF-30 is typically lower-priced than MW Series (difference varies by config.)MW810 has two Intel Core2 Duo processor options at 1.66GHz (T5500) and 2.16GHz (T7400), which is more powerful than notebooks using Core Duo 1.66GHz. Core 2 Duo computers outperform Core Duo computers on tasks across the board, from rendering graphics and video to spell-checking documents. The speed improvement varies widely, but on average it's about 30 percent. ( have a 1200 NIT display option vs. Panasonic CF30s 1000 NIT spec. MWs resistive, tempered glass touchscreen is standard. MW displays have a built-in emergency key and 8 user programmable softkeys for one-touch shortcuts. Backlit keyboard is easily removed from mount for laptop typing.MW is fully rugged, and performs well in high-vibration and extreme temperature environments (-30C to +70C). More I/O: MW has more USB, serial, LAN ports; plus dual display options. MWs Dead Reckoning GPS option is another key differentiator in dense urban areas.Many notebooks are left in vehicle docks 24 x 7, so the perceived advantage of portability is not always realized.

    SUMMARY: MW offers high-end computing power, higher brightness display, more I/O for peripherals, roofmount antennas for WAN/WLAN, and outstanding ergonomics. For mission critical vehicles and other fixed-mount use cases, consider MW.Rugged Mobile Computing Portfolio

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioCompetitive Advantage Summary - Rugged Mobile ComputersStrong history of manufacturing durable mobile data computers Many long-term, repeat customers Experienced, responsive Service and Support teamsFocus on DurabilityDesigned and testedwithtough environmental specificationsMIL-STD-810F plus Motorola's 12MWireless ExpertiseMotorola has a strong history of industry firsts in wireless technologyML and MW systems are designed for use with public and private wireless networksWide range of wireless modems and GPS, dead reckoning options Optimized to support Mobile VPN deployment

  • ML Series vs. Panasonic CF30CF30 appears on paper to be close to ML Series for MIL-SPEC810FCF30 has a Core Duo 1.6GHz Processor, 13.3 500 NIT display and is 8.2lbs CF30 lacks 128MB Dedicated video memory (vs ML910) and 1280x800 display resolution (vs ML910)

    SUMMARY: By spec, CF30 is a close match to ML Series with prices from the low-$3000s and up. ML910s combination of display/video functionality provides one solid differentiator. Another is the broader data offering (DataTac & Mesh) and system solution capabilities.

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ML900 Differentiators:ML910 Additional Differentiators:- Embedded DataTac & Mesh options- Core Duo 1.6GHz Processor- System Solutions MVE, ALPR, etc- 13.3 1280x800Widescrn Display- UMTS, GPS, DataTac, Mesh- 128MB Dedicated video memory - 500 NIT Display Rugged Mobile Computing Portfolio

  • ML Series vs. Itronix XR-1XR-1 appears on paper to be close to ML Series for MIL-SPEC810FXR-1 has a Core Duo 1.83GHz Processor, 12.1 500 NIT display and is 6.8lbs stripped down XR-1 lacks 128MB Dedicated video memory (vs ML910) and 13.3 display (vs ML900 or ML910)

    SUMMARY: By spec, XR-1 is a close match to ML Series with prices from the low-$3000s and up. Motorola Engineering testing shows the XR-1 has flimsy plastic exterior doors and weak construction, leaving many wondering whether the XR-1s MIL-SPEC810F compliance is legitimate.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ML900 Differentiators:ML910 Additional Differentiators:- Full MIL-SPEC810F Compliance- Core Duo 1.6GHz Processor- Backlit kybds, Touchscreen- 13.3 500NIT Widescrn Display- UMTS, GPS, DataTac, Mesh- 128MB Dedicated video memory - Complete Security PackageRugged Mobile Computing Portfolio

  • ML Series vs. Dell Latitude ATGATG is a semi-rugged device meeting only MIL-SPEC 810F for vibration, humidity, altitude, dust - no shock, drop, water complianceATG has a Core Duo 1.83GHz Processor, 14.1 500 NIT display and is 6.26lbs but stripped down with only a 6-cell battery- ATG does not have backlit keyboards, UMTS option, GPS option, touchscreen or a handle

    SUMMARY: ATG is not mission-critical rugged or functional but offers some sellable advantages including ASPs in the mid-$2000s. Dell has resorted to a trunk-mount config in some situations to offset their touchscreen and backlighting deficiencies. Dell will offer flexible service/exchange packages in some situations.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ML900 Differentiators:ML910 Additional Differentiators:- Full MIL-SPEC810F Compliance- Core Duo 1.6GHz Processor- Backlit kybds, Touchscreen- 13.3 500NIT Widescrn Display- UMTS, GPS, DataTac, Mesh- Complete Security PackageRugged Mobile Computing Portfolio

  • ML-Series Competitive Matrix

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioMW800 Series Mobile WorkstationsOrders accepted through August 1, 2007Customer Requested Ship Dates (CRSD) on or before September 30, 2007Service/support through September 30, 2012MW Series Transition DatesMW810 Mobile Workstation Orders accepted beginning June 2007Customer Requested Ship Dates (CRSD) on or after September 30, 2007

  • Rugged Mobile Computing PortfolioML900 Series NotebooksOrders accepted through at least August 1, 2007 (or as long as inventory remains.)Service/support through September 30, 2012ML Series Transition DatesML910 Series Notebooks Orders accepted beginning June 2007Customer Requested Ship Dates (CRSD) on or after September 30, 2007

  • Contact Info & Next StepsFor more information, contact Michael PattenTel:

    Marketing Questions:Sheldon SafirTEL:

    Rugged Mobile Computing Portfolio

  • Repurposing/Creating CollateralBased on current materialsAvailability targeted at June 30Additional materials being createdSales GuideApplication BriefSnapshotSales PresentationInternet InformationNew landing page on Insight for Cross Sell Products Includes all marketing materialsContact informationWill include appropriate materials on Partner HallwayDemand GenerationCurrently in proposal stageNot in current budget

    Rugged Mobile Computing Marketing

  • Questions

    Hello everyone and welcome to the April 2007 worldwide sales webinar .

    Purpose of slide:Explain the similarities between the ML Series Notebook and MW Series Computer. Do not go into a lot of detail about the uniqueness between the two, since that will be discussed in upcoming sections of the training.Purpose of slide:Outline the markets and key audiences to target with these products, and explain why these customers should be targetedPurpose of slide:Outline the unique customer needs. First, the customer needs for rugged mobile computers. Then get more specific for Device-Based Users (ML Series Notebook) and Vehicle-Based Users (MW Series Computer).

    Purpose of slide:Summary slide of key features and specifications.

    Purpose of slide:Summary slide of key features and specifications.

    Purpose of slide:Summary slide of key features and specifications.

    Purpose of slide:Summary slide of key features and specifications.

    Purpose of slide:Discuss the competitive advantages of the MW800 Purpose of slide:Discuss the competitive advantages of the MW810 Purpose of slide:Discuss the competitive advantages of the Rugged Mobile Computers, as a whole.Purpose of slide:This is the most important thing to remember about the MW800 and MW810.Purpose of slide:This is the most important thing to remember about the MW800 and MW810.