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Sony corporation

Jan 18, 2015



Sony corporation with history, SWOT analysis, Competitors


2. NEHA CHAURASIA RISHI MALIK MOHIT BUCHA RAHUL GOYAL 3. Company Profile Vision & Mission Sony Business Units Product Marketing Strategy 4PS of marketing Mix SWOT Analysis Competitors 4. COMPANY PROFILESony is the Japanese company and known all overthe world.Founded - May7, 1946Headquarter- Tokyo Co- Founder Masaru IbukaFounder- Akio Morita 5. COMPANY PROFILEIn 1947 Company name was TOKYOTSUSHIN KOGYO ( Tokyo TelecommunicationsEngineering Corporation).First Product - First Tape recorder calledType G.In 1958, company formally adopted SonyCorporation as its corporate name.Sony is the combination of two words Sonus-Sound & Sonny- Little son. 6. Electronics: Audio, Video, Televisions Information and Communications. Sony Computer Entertainment: Hardware and related software Sony Music Entertainment: Sony Music Entertainment Inc.: Columbia Records, Sony Classical, Sony Discos, Sony Disc Manufacturing, and Sony Music Nashville Sony Music Entertainment Japan: Sony Records and Epic Records 7. Sony Pictures Entertainment motion picture - production, acquisition and distribution television programming, production, acquisition anddistribution home video - acquisition and distribution television broadcasting operation of studio facilities Sony Life InsuranceWheel of Fortune Big Daddy Other: Sony Finance International, Inc. Sony Trading International Corporation Sony Broadcast Media Co. Ltd. Other local entertainment businesses in Japan, U.S., andGermany. 8. 1) TO MAKE THIS VISION A REALITY, SONY IS STRIVED TOSTRENGTHEN THE CORE ELECTRONIC BUSINESS.2) BY APPLYING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES TOPRODUCT DESIGN, PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION, ANDSALES. THIS WILL STRENGTHEN THE VALUE OF SONYSMUSIC, PICTURES, GAME AND FINANCIAL SERVICESBUSINESSES, AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE OVERNETWORKS.3) SONY IS RELEASING NETWORK-FOCUSED PRODUCTS INFOUR CATEGORIES: DIGITAL TVS AND SET-TOP BOXES,VAIO HOME-USE PCS, PLAYSTATION AND MOBILE DEVICES. 9. 4 PS of marketing mix PRODUCT PRICE PLACE PROMOTION 10. ProDUCtTELEVISION S AND PROJECTORSExample: Sony BraviaHOME VIDEO AUDIO & HOMETHEATER 11. GAMESExample. Playstation CAMERAS Example: Cyber-shot Camera 12. VIDEO CAMERA IT & COMPUTING Example : Vaio 13. ROBOTSMusic Playing Robot : ROLLYDog Shaped Robot : AIBOHumanoid Robot : QRIO OTHER PRODUCTSPortable Device : 45In Entertainment : 41Mobile : 42 ModelsStorage Device : 14 14. Sony being a company which emphasize product quality, it tendsto sell its products with price range from moderately-high tohigh-prices, depending on the use and the targeted customers. Example-lets consider Sony series of vaio laptops. Sony has tried tocategorize the laptops according to style, user, purpose, mobility andperformance, and each a corresponding price. The laptops sold by Sonyin India include a series of Sony vaio, this arevaio sr, vaio fw, vaiotokage, vaio cr, vaio nr, vaio tzand vaio sz. 15. PLACESony distributes its products through-1.)Zero-level channel2.)One level channel3.)Two-level channelIn India, Sony has used the method ofOne-level distribution channelManufacturer retailer 16. PROMOTIONAdvertisingPersonal sellingSales promotionDirect marketing and publicityPrint AdsLaunch PartiesEvents :1.Sony Indias Grand Saawariya Starnite2.Invitation to PurchaseFree Gifts on PurchasesSponsoring 17. STRENGTH Innovation Quality Brand Strength Product Differentiation High Specialized Integrated Product & Services WEAKNESS Maintain Multiple FunctionProduct Pricing Battery Efficiencies 18. OPPORTUNITIEST.V Category & Gaming SegmentInvesting Network Initiatives T.V Business expansion International MarketMARKETING OPPORTUNITIES IN INDIA Plans To Introduce 6 new regional Language Games. Sony transferring technology for its games from itsLondon studio to India 19. Competitors Competition Global economic Recession Electronic Network Security 20. Strategy and OrganizationContinue to focus on communications and homeelectric appliances, but also content and services. Vertically integrated business. CEO Idei Nobuyuki wants Sony to be whereverpeople gather (internet). Product-market strategy: Apply IT to productdesign, production, distribution, and sales .

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