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Pezzitino (Personality Traits Activity)
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  • Pezzitino(Personality Traits Activity)

  • In a moment, YOU will make decisions about your personality to help figure out more about who YOU are!

  • How it works:Listen to the question.Write your choice on paper.Walk to the corner that has your choice posted on the wall.Color the square on your paper.Discuss the corner question.

  • If you were one of these pairs of shoes, which one would you be?Basketball ShoesShiny New ShoesShoes with Velcro FastenersFuzzy Slippers

    What pets have you owned, do you own, do you wish you could own?

  • If you could be one of these people, who one would you be?A Fire FighterA TeacherA ScientistA Doctor

    Discuss your favorite sports to play or your favorite thing to do outside.

  • Which activity would you rather do?Go ShoppingBake CookiesPut together a model airplaneRead a book

    Discuss the things you love to eat.

  • If you could go to one of these places, where would you go? PicnicTour of the Capitol BuildingMuseumZoo

    Discuss the your family--how many brother and sisters? Does anyone live out of town?

  • Which of these chores would you rather do?Sweep the DrivewayClean your RoomDo LaundryPlant Flowers

    Discuss your favorite color and describe why.

  • What would you prefer to do by yourself?RollerbladePlay with LegosPlay NintendoRead a book

    Discuss our school. What do you like best about our school?

  • Almost done

    Return to your seats and complete the bar graph at the bottom of the sheet.

    What does each mean? Lets see..

  • YellowYellow is for Planning. These people are decision makers who like to think ahead and plan. They enjoy organizing activities and being the leader of a group.

  • OrangeOrange is for action. These people enjoy very busy activities which take lots of energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes planning isnt necessary, but energy is always needed.

  • BlueBlue is for feelings. These people are sensitive to the feelings of others. They enjoy activities that show they care about themselves and others. They are creative and imaginative.

  • GreenGreen is for thinking. These people enjoy activities that are complicated and challenging. They enjoy using lots of brain power.