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Big 5 Personality Traits

Dec 20, 2014


Saurabh Bane

Short intro of big 5 personality traits with examples of 2 of the famous personalities viz. Adolf Hitler and Bill Gates.
The description are with references from various books and content available on internet.
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2. OPENNESS TO EXPERIENCE Appreciation for art, emotion,adventure, and unusual ideas;imaginative and curious 3. CONSCIENTIOUSNESS A tendency to show self-discipline,act dutifully, and aimfor achievement 4. EXTRAVERSION Energy, surgency, and the tendency toseek stimulation and the company ofothers 5. AGREEABLENESS A tendency to be compassionateand cooperative rather thansuspicious and antagonistictowards others 6. NEUROTICISM A tendency to be compassionateand cooperative rather thansuspicious and antagonistic towardsothers 7. FAMOUS PERSONALITIES 8. ADOLF HITLERAdolf Hitler is one of the notableperson that have a very uniquepersonality. Adolf Hitler is a politicianand the leader of the Nazi Party, alsochancellor of Germany. People alwayscomment that he is a person whocruel, inhuman, and insatiable greedfor power. 9. OPENNESS TOEXPERIENCECONSCIENTIOUSNESS EXTRAVERSION AGREEABLE NEUROTICISMHe wasobsessed withanger andanti-Jewthoughts andwas neverable to seethe other sideof paradigmHitler washighlymotivated byhis beliefs andwas ready togo to theextremities toachieve whathe desiredHitler wasextroverted inthe sense ofexpressing ishatred towardsJews, hisleadershipabilities andsocial andcommunicationskillsHe was cruelleader whonever showedsympathytowards ailingJews and eventowards theNazi soldierswho werekilled andinjured inbattlesHitler was theperson whooftenexperiencedemotionalinstability, andmuch of themare negativeemotions, likesad, anxiety,irritability andanger 10. Dominance InfluenceCompliance SteadinessADOLF HITLER 11. BILL GATESBill Gates is an American businessmagnate, philanthropist, investor,computer programmer, andinventor. Gates is the former chiefexecutive and chairman ofMicrosoft. In the later stages of hiscareer, Gates has pursued anumber of philanthropicendeavours, donating largeamounts of money to charitableorganizations and scientificresearch programs . 12. OPENNESS TOEXPERIENCECONSCIENTIOUSNESS EXTRAVERSION AGREEABLE NEUROTICISMHe was willing totry new ideas anda new moreinnovated way oflooking at the PCworld, whichattributed to hissuccessWith leadershipof Bill Gates,Microsoft wasable to surpassIBM whichproves hisachievementover the time ingrowing thebusinessstronger andsolidBill gates is quietand bookish butapparentlyunfazed byothers opinionof himHe understoodthe value ofpartnerships andworkingtogether withoutside entitiesto obtain his goalGates isnotorious for notbeing reachableby phone and fornot returningphone calls. Healso interruptspresentations ofemployees andmade harshcomments. 13. BILL GATESDominance InfluenceCompliance Steadiness 14. THANK YOU