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Open Space Technology Moodlemoot Final

Dec 16, 2014





  • 1. 3/30/2009

2. 3/31/2009 3. Toprovide the opportunity to havemeaningful dialogue regarding topics ofinterest to Moodlemoot Canada delegates Todemonstrate a unique way to facilitatesuch discussions (1, 2) 3/31/2009 4. Orientation to Open Space Technology Introduction-9:00-9:30 Questions & topics Moodle Canada- 9:30-10:00 Storyboard questions into topics-10:00- 10:30 Having the conversations 10:30-11:00 Wrap-up Action items11:00-11:30 Individual and group reflection & sense-making (1, 2)3/31/2009 5. Inthe 1980s, H.H. Owen started exploring how he could combine the synergy & excitement present in the meetings that happen within meetings During coffee breaksIn the hallwaysIn the parking lot after a meetingAt the social gathering after the meeting. Hisexploration was eclectic: West African villages, Native American traditions, the wisdom of the East (1, 2) 3/31/2009 6. Ifthe boss orders it, not much will get done. Thebest way to get something done is to give it to those who have a passion for it. (1, 2) 3/31/2009 7. Whomever comes are the right people 1.Whatever happens is the only thing that 2.could have Whenever the conversation starts is the 3.right time When it is over, it is overlet it go. (1) 4. 3/31/2009 8. Show up Be present Tell the truth Letit all go (1)3/31/2009 9. Nopredeterminedspeakers or topics Instead,there areinterest-basedconversationsAs a group, we generatethe topics for discussionAs an individual, youselect the topic for whichyou feel passion (1, 2)3/31/2009 10. In an ideal worldThe location for the discussions is open anddecided by the groupTime allotments are flexible, allowing forconversations to typically last approximately30-45 minutesIn the real world, logistics often demandPredetermined meeting spaces Finite amounts of discussion time (1, 2)3/31/2009 11. State the theme 1.Describe the process 2.Create the Bulletin 3.Board Open the Market Place 4.(1, 2)3/31/2009 12. USINGOPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY TOVISION OUR CANADIAN MOODLE FUTURE Why should I jump on the Moodle 1.wagon train only to see it fade intothe west like all other fad LMSs? 2. What is Moodles tipping point asits own life force in Canada?3/31/2009 13. For what topic or question do you have passion as it relates to the stated theme? Writethe topic or question on a post-it. Sign it. Placeyour post-its on the Bulletin Board. (In this case, hand it to the Facilitator) Post-itswill be read, and groups will be formed and titled by topic. (1, 2)3/31/2009 14. Use this room to start up and debrief then select portions of it to form groups. Or retire to coffee shop, lobby, gardens and re-group later (1, 2)3/31/2009 15. Findthe discussion that mostinterests you. Along with others, select a discussion location. Post this location so others can join the group. Havethe conversation. (1, 2) 3/31/2009 16. Be back together in our large group at 11:003/31/2009 17. How did the discussions go? How could you use Open Space Technology inyour face to face or online groups? (1, 2) 3/31/2009 18. Harrison, Owen. (2008). Open Space 1.Technology (2nd ed).Berrett-KoehlerPublishers Inc. San Francisco CA.deHart, Barbara. (2007) PowerPoint What is 2.Open Space Technology? Cited March 29th 09 at:, Chris. (2009) Planning an Open Space Technology Meeting at: 3/31/2009