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Presentation On -- Performance Management & Counseling BY 1. Pratik K S Negi 2. Ratan singh 3. Pulkit Acharaya 4. Ravi Dhakad

Ob Hrd Performance Mgment And Councling Pratik Negi

Jan 18, 2015




  • 1. PresentationOn --Performance Management & Counseling
    BY 1. Pratik KS Negi
    2. Ratan singh
    3. Pulkit Acharaya
    4. Ravi Dhakad

2. Performance management
What is performance management Performance management refers to the ongoing process of setting goals, self-assessment, manager assessment, peer-assessment (also called 360 assessment), coaching, development planning, and evaluation.
Why performance Management --- If your organization is to sustain its competitive advantage, it needs employees who are productive and willing to continually learn and adapt as their roles change along with the organization, Then managing there performance becomes a integral part.
How performance Management ---It includes taking frequent measures as work occurs and responding to small steps forward (many mini-measures (goals) with as much dedication as to final goals achieved). PM is a leading indicator of performance because it drives a system or organization toward desired future goals and provide solid management and performer steps along the way through daily behavior patterns of every employee.
3. Counseling In relation to
performance management
What is CounselingCounseling is a one on one, many to one. Conversation procedure by which a issue which majorly deals with the performance of a employee in the organization is discussed.
Why Counseling required --- If a performer is constantly giving good results and suddenly gives a performance that is not expected. Or an employee that has been a low profile performance has to be given such feedback sessions become integral part for there improvements.
How Counseling can be incorporated ---Its the basic form of feedback and performance managementthat is useful for many organization. its considered as one of the basic tools for the performance management guidelines. But this technique cant work singlehandedly.
4. Preview about performance management

  • Performance Management (PM) are derived from the science of behavior analysis

(also known as the psychology of learning).

  • The tools of performance management are Compensation, appraisal, selection,

retention, competencies, and so on). Those are important elements of a
well-designed workplace, but most often they are systems, processes, and
procedures designed without knowledge of behavior.

  • PM approach is used most often in the workplace but applies wherever people

interactschools, churches, community meetings, sports teams, health setting,
governmental agencies, and even political settings

  • PM processes will teach managers and supervisorsall leadershow to bring

out the best in people, including themselves, through a set of clear steps that
appear easy on the surface, but do require a grounding in the principles of learning.

  • A key aspect of performance management is performance measurement.
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