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Mahadev desert presentation1

Jun 14, 2015



  • 1. Name - Mahadev Walmik Shewale Class - S Y B.comDivision - A Roll No.- 131525Project - Desert Ecosystem

2. Desert 3. 1.1 Classification Deserts are part of a wide classification of regionsthat, on an average annual basis, have a moisturedeficit (for example, they lose more moisture thanthey receive) 4. 2 Desert features Mountain and basin deserts Hamada deserts, which consist of plateau landforms Regs, which consist of rock pavements Ergs, which are formed by sand seas Intermontane Basins 5. 2.1 Flora Deserts have a reputation for supporting very little life, but in reality desertsoften have high biodiversity. Some desert flora include shrubs, PricklyPears,Desert Holly, and the Brittlebush 6. Fauna Desert fauna include animals that remain hidden during daylighthours to control body temperature or to limit moisture needs. Somefauna includes the kangaroo rat, coyote, jack rabbit, and many lizards 7. Waterdangerous. Water can quickly fill after heavy rains, and flash floodsmake these channelsThe formation of the subtropical high-pressure cell.The rain shadow effect in the belt of easterly trade winds.The effect of the cold currents off the west coast of the continents at theselatitudes.The depositing sands of a desert along its border into the fertile land 8.