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Mahadev sustanaible project 11

Nov 03, 2014



This presentation give you much information about sustainable development.


2. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT 3. 1 DEFINITION "Sustainable development is developmentthat meets the needs of the present withoutcompromising the ability of futuregenerations to meet their own needs." 4. 2 DOMAINS 5. ECONOMICSProduction & ResourcingExchange & TransferAccounting & RegulationLabor & WelfareTechnology & WelfareWealth & Distribution 6. Materials & EnergyWater & AirFlora & FaunaHabitat & FoodPlace & SpaceConstructions & SettlementsEmission & Waste 7. CULTUREEngagement & IdentityRecreation & CreativityMemory & ProjectionBelief & MeaningGender & GenerationEnquiry & LearningHealth & wellbeing 8. POLITICS Organization & Governance Law & Justice Communication & Movement Representation & Negotiation Security & Accord Dialogue & Reconciliation Ethics & Accountability 9. HISTORY OF THE CONCEPT The concept of sustainability in the sense ofa balance between resource consumptionand reproduction was however applied toforestry already in the 12th to 16th century. 10. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY environmental sustainability demands thatsociety designs activities to meet humanneeds while indefinitely preserving the lifesupport systems of the planet. This, forexample, entails using water sustainably,only utilizing renewable energy, andsustainable material supplies (e.g. harvestingwood from forests at a rate that maintains thebiomass and biodiversity). 11. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY 12. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY Consumption of renewable State of environment Sustainability resourcesMore than natures ability to Environmental degradationNot sustainablereplenishEqual to natures ability to replenish Environmental equilibriumSteady state economyLess than natures ability to Environmental renewalEnvironmentally sustainablereplenish 13. ECONOMIC SUSTAINABILITY Economic sustainable development is wealthof a society, including human capital,knowledge capital and natural capital 14. TYPES OF CAPITAL The sustainable development debate isbased on the assumption that societies needto manage three types of capital (economic,social, and natural) 15. TYPES OF CAPITAL 16. MARKET FAILURE The most broadly accepted criterion forcorporate sustainability constitutes a firmsefficient use of natural capital 17. SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE Elements 1 Agroforestry 2 Mixed Farming 3 Multiple Cropping 4 Crop Rotation 18. Thank You