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T H E P H O E N I X P R E S S JULY 2012 | ISSUE 1

July Division Newsletter

Mar 22, 2016



Division 28 North's July division newsletter!
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    JULY 2012 | ISSUE 1

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    July 2012 Edition

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  • Division 28 North

    Shirt Design Contest

    Do YOU want to have your

    design represent our division?

    Requirements: Key Club logo

    a Phoenix mascot

    the words "Division 28 North"

    all 14 school club names (e-mail Ailina for all 14 schools)

    Navy blue or orange shirt

    Limit of 4 colors

    Due August 18th

  • Executive Assistant Christopher Bui


    My name is Ailina Heng, and I am honored to be serving YOU as the Division 28 North Lieutenant Governor! I am so excited for this year, as if I haven't said that enough already. I'm so excited to see the friendships that we will make, the adventures we will have, and the accomplishments we will achieve together! It's still so unBEElievable that I get this chance to serve YOU! Well to give you a little snippet of myself, I'm an upcoming senior at Legacy High School, and I have been in Key Club for three years so far and going onto four. I have had the chance to serve as a Vice President my sophomore year and Secretary my junior year for my home club. Since the first day of Key Club, I fell in love with the organization! The service that we do is just amazing, and the spirit you all have for service is so inspiring. Also the inclusiveness is one of my favorite things about Key Club as well, such as how you can randomly go up to a Key Club member that you do not know and yet you are practically already friends! Anyhow, outside of Key Club, you can find me singing or performing on stage as a completely different character. You may see me obsessing over Harry Potter or the

    Hello Phoenixes! I am so glad to be serving you guys as your 2012-2013 Executive Assistant. This year I want to serve my burning heart out to all of the members in anyways possible I can. Just a little bit about myself I have been in Key Club for 2 years now and I have loved EVERY second of it. I attend Advanced Technologies Academy and I am currently a sophomore. I am not the perfect student , but I do try my best when work is giving to me. My hobbies are hanging out with friends, play League of Legends, and play Yu-Gi-Oh. More importantly I served as Vice President for my home school's Key Club last year and managed to receive the district outstanding award and division VP of the year award. Using the experiences I have received I hope to help the members and our Lieutenant Governor Ailina Heng in any way possible. As Executive Assistant I want to make our division the best it has ever been, I want members to be inspired by the service we do, I want members to feel welcome to talk to us and make new friends, and I want our division to be family. That is pretty much it about me. If you guys have any questions or just want to come up and talk to me feel free to! I am surely a really friendly guy.

    Lieutenant Governor Ailina Heng

    Hunger Games as well. I also have a great focus on school, and truly whenever I set my mind and dedicate myself to something, I always give my best because I hope to achieve nothing but the best. Im thrilled to be getting to know all of you, and I really hope by the end of this year we can call each other best friends because we're all one family, one TEAM. If we work together, Together Everyone Achieves More, so lets be a TEAM this year you lovely, Phoenixes! Note, as you can see, I can be a very sappy and cheesy person, but it's all out of love. Well anyways, never stop the service, Phoenixes, and stay spirited. Always. Keep that fire burning strong and burning through the whole year, because as Phoenixes, we burn up the skies because service never dies!

  • Hey guys! Im your new Division Tech Editor for the year 2012-2013! A little thing about me is that Im actively involved in Key Club and try to make it to as much events as possible. I am currently a Junior in Advanced Technologies Academy and my hobbies are playing League of Legends, eating food, and sleeping. I am an overachiever and always try my hardest at everything I do. I also enjoy talking to people and being sociable and if I appear to be socially awkward, I am (sometimes). My goal is to create as many newsletter for you guys, starting with this one, and making sure that all members, whether they are officers or not, be recognized by the whole of Key Club! I think that is all there is to me so I hope we can start off this year with a blast!

    P.S. I like my food.


    Hello Key Club! My name is Alexa Carreon and I am currently a sophomore at Legacy High School. I am 16 years old and my ethnicity is Filipino. I was born on March 11, 1996, in the United States. I lived on the East coast in Laurel, Maryland for about 10 years and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada sometime in October with my family. At home, I tend to relax, watch movies, or go on my computer. On weekends, my family and I usually go out to eat, run errands, or clean the house. I try my best to be with friends, but with my house too far, it is difficult. I love meeting new people because I believe it is a blessing and there was a purpose God made me meet whoever that person is. My passion is to sing and play guitar; I am not the best at guitar, but I am learning and enjoying it. In the future, I plan to attend college in the Naval Academy. Speaking of the future, I am very excited for this upcoming year to meet many new people! I cannot express how blessed and grateful I am to be given this opportunity, so thank you all again! God bless.

    Division Tech Editor Ronald Pai

    I am currently a freshman at Veteran's Tribute Career and Technical Academy. I am 14 years old. I was born and raised in Saipan, Northern Marianas Island. I'm Chamorro. I love watching American Idol , Keeping Up with the Kardashian , Khloe and Lamar. I'm really close with my classmates. When I graduate high school I want to go to the University of Washington and major in Computer Science. I want to become a computer forensics specialist. I love traveling. My goal is trying to travel everywhere around the world before i die. My favorite place to visit so far is San Diego, California. I'm really close to all my siblings: an older brother and younger sister. I play volleyball and softball. My favorite NBA team is the Los Angeles Clippers. I'm a big sports fan. That's all. Thank you,

    Division Specialist Alexa Carreon

    Division Leadership Team Introductions

    Division Secretary Desiree Guerrero

  • This year's DCON has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions. From the blissful moment of seeing friends I rarely get to see, to walking up on stage accepting an award for Most Improved club, to watching the heartbreaking scene of the 2011-2012's District Board retirement, I nearly passed out from all the excitement. In all honesty, those three days seem to be a blur for they passed by far too quickly. DCON was a mind-blowing experience. I met so many amazing new people and learned lots of new things that I can use to benefit my club to make it even better than it ever has been before. DCON was absolutely amazing and I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to go. I can't wait till next year where I'll hopefully get to walk across the stage accepting an award for Distinguished President. See you all, then!

    -Silvia Lee, Rancho President


  • This year, I attended my first DCON! It was truly an amazing experience. I met a lot of great people, learned essential information that will benefit my club next year, and of course, had a lot of fun. The general sessions were great. The hype leading up to the sessions was so intense! I was proud to be a part of the group of Las Vegas Key Clubs, that shown Cali-Nev-Ha that we say UNGA!, while they say ABOOGA! I appreciated the guest speaker, Patrick Maurer, because he inspired me to do better with myself and contribute more to the community. What Key Clubber doesnt like to do service? Also, I loved the workshops! My favorite workshop was from out IP LTG, Jarren Santos, and Philip Nguyen. Their workshop was upbeat and exciting, while it was informative and beneficial. I also went to our past District Tech Editor, Elijah, workshop where all the new Bulletin Editors, Webmasters, and Tech Editors went more in depth with the graphic standard and visual procedures. The spirit battles were another aspect of DCON that was memorable. Im pretty sure my voice was gone when I returned home. Lastly, the dance was really fun. The DJ played great music and I wanted to dance the whole night. I was sad when it ended, but my energy did not die. Even though I was exhausted at DCON, I truly had an amazing weekend. DCON taught me a lot of new things that I will contribute to my Key Club that will benefit A-Tech to continue to thrive in service and spirit. Burning up the skies, the spirit never dies!

    -Chris Nowlin, A-Tech Bulletin Editor


  • Key Club has presented so many opportunities to help the well-being of the community. This year, I got to experience for the first time, K-1 Day. From 8AM to about 12:30PM Key Clubs from different divisions gathered together to help clean up Lake Mead. K-1 Day was such a fun packed day. I got to see old friends that I hadn't seen since freshman year, and I got to meet many new people. Volunteering together really made everyone feel like a family, especially since we all endured through our magnificent Las Vegas heat :) I can't even explain how shocked I was at half the stuff my group and I found during the cleanup session. From old nails, to fish hooks, padlocks, pipes, even an ENGINE! It's phenomenal what kinds of things end up in our water. Good thing we have organizations like Key Club around, huh? :D Chorlinda Chheng, Legacy High School Key Club Member

    Kiwanis One Day

  • This year was my first experience in Kiwanis One Day and I cannot begin to describe how thankful I am for the opportunity. I was so happy that my club from Shadow Ridge High School was able to bring eight other members to participate in the event as well as we are a relatively small club. Hundreds of Key Clubbers from all over the valley gathered at Lake Mead to contribute a pair of hands to cleaning up the area. It was so wonderful to see all of the clubs from different schools in the area working together to help the community! I have been a member of Key Club for the past three years now and each time I take part in an event such as K1 Day it reaffirms that this is absolutely the kind of organization I want to be a part of. Most people assume that only one person has no ability to make a difference and each day Key Club serves as proof of the exact opposite. I know that I must have been able to gather at least 10 pounds of waste as I was collecting scraps of class, trash, and rusted metals. The things that are out there are just baffling! The other members of my club and I collected dozens of rusted nails from the dirt and each time we found one I thought that we just saved some small child from stepping on that while he or she was playing at the beach.

    This was an absolutely amazing experience because I had an opportunity to bond with not only the members from my school, but also the members from other schools also. We were all there for one common purpose, to help make a tiny difference in our community. There is no question that we succeeded. The most undeniably fantastic part was that every single person there had a smile on their face! Through nearly 100 degree heat and blinding sunshine, we Key Clubbers persevered, and did it happily. It shows the kindness in the hearts these kids and adults who gave up a Saturday graced with gorgeous weather to clean an area that is so often overlooked or mistreated. We, as members of Key Club, Kiwanis International, and, most importantly, the community, share a greater sense of family. There is no better way to spend a day with ones family all working happily towards a common goal. I, personally, cannot wait to participate in Kiwanis One Day next year so I can do my part in helping our community and see all the friends I made this year. I cannot wait to see all of you there! Arianna Rossetti Shadow Ridge High School Vice President

  • Kite Day

    This year I also had my first experience with Kite Day. I was actually a bit skeptical about my abilities to help the kids from the "Boys and Girls Club," only because I had never flown a kite before. But, staying positive and trying my best should suffice right? I participated in Kite Day with Legacy High School's Key Club, representing part of D28N! We mainly ran the food stands where we served hot dogs, popcorn, water, and snow cones. Snow cone syrup is so tricky. Note to self, "Gloves don't make the mess any less." I bet the kids I served snow cones to get a little laugh out of my battles with the syrup dispensers. It's surprising how high some people actually got the kites to fly up to. There wasn't that much of a breeze that day, but from what I've seen, a little goes a long way. Everyone had such a great time decorating their kites, the amount of imagination and creativity was endless. It was the greatest feeling seeing all kids smiling so bright from flying our "environmental friendly" kites. Although they were literally plastic bags and tape, everyone still managed to make the best of it without complaint. Key Club has once again been proven to be one big Ohana. Chorlinda Chheng Legacy High School Senior Key Club Member

    On Saturday, May 12th it was a beautiful day. At Aliante Discovery Park the Kiwanis affair, Kiwanis Kite day, was quite successful. Many Key Clubbers apart of different divisions came together to help out with the event. The skies were clear and crisp, an excellent day to fly kites in deed. It was a day that would bring some nostalgia of the whimsical movie, Mary Poppins and the song Lets Go Fly a Kite.

    Kiwanis Kite day was a memorable service experience. Members of Key Club had the opportunity to interact with each other and help accomplish tasks such as setting up fantastic booths. We had various booths from food, to making a kite, and coloring a kite. You could see how delighted everyone was.

    Kiwanis Kite day was not only a day where us key clubbers united, accomplished tasks, and made new friends; but, it was a great opportunity to help fulfill everything that the Kiwanis group envisioned for Kite Day. There were smiles to be seen everywhere throughout the park. That day was proof that out of many we are one and how our service really does touch the community.

    Halley Darwin A-Tech Secretary

  • Featured Articles

    We had a meeting this month where we created and distributed thank you cards and candy for our staff here at Mojave as a part of the teacher appreciating week. We attached candy, such as skittles and starburst, to a card that said thanks for being so sweet. We had a conveyer belt made up of most of our members doing different jobs; cutting cards, hole punching, tying the candy to the cards with ribbon and distributing them into the school teacher mailboxes.

    Mojave: teacher Appreciation Week

    Jacob Powell, Mojave President, supervising his club service event.

    On May 11, 2012, Relay for Life of North Las Vegas was held at Mojave High School. This overnight relay-style event lasted until the next day. Boy was it a great time for these Rancho Key Clubbers! From walking the Luminary Ceremony to camping out with entertainment, this experience was once in a life time.

    -Rosalyn Ngo, Rancho Key Club

    Rancho: Relay for Life North


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    Then submit yours now!


    - Your name and position in Key Club (if anything, just put member) - Name of the event -Articles: What did you do? Was it fun? Tell me everything about it! -Visuals: Send us pictures of the service you do! Try not to pose though!

    Send in an article and visual after every service or Key Club event! If it looks promising, then it might appear in the next division newsletter! If you would like to have it submitted towards the District Newsletter, please submit it by the 18th of each month. Raise your voices, Phoenixes!

    Send all articles to the either Ailinas or Ronalds email, found at the end of the newsletter!



    Key Leader at Camp Lee Canyon was absolutely fantastic. There were so many beautiful faces from all over Vegas and Cali. Honestly, I consider myself pretty lucky for being able to spend three amazing days with them. Key Leader made me realize what it takes to be a leader and what I need to do to get there. The impact Key Leader has had on me is quite astonishing because it made me realize that I can be doing so much more for my friends, family, and community. The amazing thing about Key Leader is that it gave everyone the opportunities to lead and speak in front of others. Something that really touched my heart that weekend was when a new friend said to me, "You look and act like a leader. You inspire me and I want to be like you!" The fact that I could inspire others made me realize why I love Key Club and Kiwanis so much. I hope others get the chance to attend this life changing event. I would love to see more phoenixes at Key Leader next year!

    -Silvia Lee, Rancho Key Club

    Rancho: Key leader

    Featured Articles

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