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IEEAF Global Quilt Update: APAN Opportunities APAN 2003 January 22, 2003 Fukuoka, Japan

Mar 20, 2016




IEEAF Global Quilt Update: APAN Opportunities APAN 2003 January 22, 2003 Fukuoka, Japan. Dr. Donald R. Riley Chair, IEEAF Vice President and CIO University of Maryland, College Park. Tyco Telecomm Donation Summary. Colocation space in NYC for Expanded NY Int’l Exchange Pt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • IEEAF Global Quilt Update:APAN Opportunities

    APAN 2003January 22, 2003Fukuoka, JapanDr. Donald R. RileyChair, IEEAFVice President and CIOUniversity of Maryland, College Park

  • Tyco Telecomm Donation SummaryColocation space in NYC for Expanded NY Intl Exchange PtColocation space in Oregon and California on US West Coast

    Production R&E Bandwidth: 622 Mbps POSNY-London-Groningen (Netherlands)Connects to IEEAF fiber to Amsterdam and HamburgCA-OR-Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Singapore

    International Lambda: Research 10 Gbps optical wavelengthNY-London-Groningen (Netherlands)CA-OR-Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, and Singapore

    200sq.ft. Co-location space in each of global facilities

    Additional donations as global build-out continues

  • Tyco Global Network and IEEAF DonationsConnectivity Donations

  • IEEAF Atlantic LinkLive for iGrid 2002Amsterdam, Netherlands

    September 2002

  • IEEAF Atlantic Link: Partners and StewardsAsset StewardsSURFNetNetherlands access to STM-4 (OC-12) and 10G Wavelength (OC-192)Co-location space in Tyco Amsterdam facilitySoon: Fiber from Amsterdam thru Groningen to HamburgUCAID/Internet2NYC access to STM-4 (OC-12) and 10G Wavelength (OC-192)Co-location space in Tyco 32 Ave of Americas facilityUniversity of GroningenCo-location space in Groningen carrier hotel

    PartnersAbilene NOC/Indiana UniversityQwest

  • TransAtlantic Circuit Design

  • U.S. Side of TransAtlantic Circuit

  • Amsterdam Side of TransAtlantic Circuit

  • Next Generation Abilene Configuration for iGrid

  • iGrid2002 WAN connections

  • Pacific Rim APANOpportunities

  • Tyco-GEO Pacific Donation to IEEAFTyco connectivity (622 Mbps POS + 10 Gbps Wavelength) and co-location donationsWest Coast, USA access to connectivity and co-location Colocation rack space at Tyco Portland, OR, and Santa Clara, CA, facilitiesAccess to connectivity and co-location rack space in six citiesTokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, and SingaporeScheduleWest Coast to Tokyo available January 2003Other sites on different schedules through end of 2003StatusWorking with U.Washington/Pacific Northwest Gigapop and CENIC to connect donation into gigapops and U.S. infrastructureVarious stages of interaction at Asia-Pacific landing sites to identify IEEAF Asset Stewards

  • Tyco Transpacific DonationIEEAF: 622 Mbps POS +10 Gbps l

  • APAN Opportunities ?? !!!!!!IEEAF: 622 Mbps POS +10 Gbps l

  • Lambda Backbone in 2004 ?

  • IEEAF Tokyo Link: Partners and StewardsAsset StewardsWIDE in Tokyo (Jun Murai)Tokyo access to STM-4 (OC-12) and 10G Wavelength (OC-192)Co-location space in Tyco Tokyo Higashi-Shinagawa facilityPacific Northwest Gigapop - Pacific WaveNorthwest U.S. access to STM-4 (OC-12) and 10G Wavelength (OC-192)Co-location space in Tyco Portland, Oregon, facilityCENIC soon: Santa Clara access and co-lo spacePartnersNTTUCAID/Internet2Abilene NOC/Indiana UniversityLevel3

  • Logical Design: Pacific WavePWave MPLS-Routers provide L2VPN service just between the switches over the oc192c and oc12c. MPLS is not visible to the participant routers. Instead, MPLS encapsulates Ethernet frames and passes them between the two networks. No routing policy is in place other than to get between the two switches.

    WIDE and other partners use their routers to establish BGP sessions with any combination of Abilene, CA*net, PNWGP, etc. using their own routing policy preferences.RSTokyoSeattleSRWIDE??????AbileneCA*net4AARNetPNWGPTAnet2MPLSoverPOS1G Ethernetoc192 waves

  • Tokyo Implementation: WIDE

  • Whats New? In the works?GMRE - Global Medical Research Exchange campaign

    High Energy Physics Grid campaign(Harvey Newman et al)Physics community can be agent for change by leveraging their own energy needs to obtain fiberInformation and maps for US, Asia, EU, etc.

    Temporary donation from Seattle to Alaska

    Temporary donation from Amsterdam to Barcelona

  • Global Medical Research Exchange InitiativeA Global Quilt Project

  • Harvey Newman: Grids driving Info Society

  • Harvey: Building Petascale Global Grids

  • Harvey: Closing the Digital Divide

  • Sample of Key HEP Institutions in AsiaChinaIndiaIndonesiaJapanMalaysiaPakistanPhilippinesRussiaSingaporeSouth KoreaTaiwanThailand

  • Example HENP Map: China

  • Example HENP Map: India

  • Example HENP Map: Pakistan

  • Example HENP Map:Thailand

  • Global OpportunitiesFuture?

  • Singapore= CurrentLos Angeles, CASeattle, WAPortland, ORCollege Park, MDSanta Clara, CAOsloLondon-HtrwDusseldorfParisIrelandCopenhagenBarcelonaBangladeshMadridLisbonCypressTokyoHong KongTaipeiSeoulBeijingShanghaiPhilippinesChennaiMumbaiBangaloreTHE GLOBAL QUILT INITIATIVE SITESCSU-HaywardRussiaMilanMiamiGenevaLondon-StfdFrankfurtBerlinHamburgGuamTel AvivNY-6th AveNY-Broadway= FutureNJ-Wall TownshipAmsterdamGroningenRomeViennaMarseilleHelsinkiStockholm

  • Http:// Global Quilt

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