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Golden Acres R. O. Association, Inc. 2014-2015 President Ray Lamoureux Vice President Ron Tasior Treasurer Bob Mickle Secretary Joan Elder Director Judith Fitzpatrick Director Don Webb Director Joe Lemon Property Manager Loey Antonucci, LCAM Community Association Manager, PMI Golden Acres Recreation Committee 2014-2015 Chairperson Ron Short Vice Chairperson Georgina Lamoureux Sub Committee Theresa Quinn Sub Committee Nadine Templeton Sub Committee Sue Bailey Treasurer Ed Richtmyer Secretary Barb Cox Bingo Committee Nadine Templeton, Marilyn McKay, Paula Bunevith Fun Shuffle Joan Leslie, Bob and Ann Stewart Progressive Cards Eleanor and Gerald Saunders Golf Ron Tasior and Ed Richtmyer Bowling Norma Miller Health and Welfare Kathy Regnier and Jean Binette Indoor Exercise Belinda Sezbenski Newsletter Editor Sue Bailey Pool Exercise Marlene Scott and Nancy Baker Shuffleboard Norm Sanford Line Dance Dorothy Smith Art Classes Anita Wood

Golden Acres R. O. Association, Inc. 2014-2015

Apr 04, 2022



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Microsoft Word - GAROA_DEC2014 Newsletter.docxGolden Acres R. O. Association, Inc. 2014-2015 President Ray Lamoureux Vice President Ron Tasior Treasurer Bob Mickle Secretary Joan Elder Director Judith Fitzpatrick Director Don Webb Director Joe Lemon Property Manager Loey Antonucci, LCAM Community Association Manager, PMI
Golden Acres Recreation Committee 2014-2015 Chairperson Ron Short Vice Chairperson Georgina Lamoureux Sub Committee Theresa Quinn Sub Committee Nadine Templeton Sub Committee Sue Bailey Treasurer Ed Richtmyer Secretary Barb Cox Bingo Committee Nadine Templeton, Marilyn McKay, Paula Bunevith Fun Shuffle Joan Leslie, Bob and Ann Stewart Progressive Cards Eleanor and Gerald Saunders Golf Ron Tasior and Ed Richtmyer Bowling Norma Miller Health and Welfare Kathy Regnier and Jean Binette Indoor Exercise Belinda Sezbenski Newsletter Editor Sue Bailey Pool Exercise Marlene Scott and Nancy Baker Shuffleboard Norm Sanford Line Dance Dorothy Smith Art Classes Anita Wood
Special Events
Monday, December 1st Blood Pressure Check at the Clubhouse 9:30 - 11:30 am Wednesday, December 3rd Toy Drive Ends
Christmas Decorations outside and inside the Clubhouse Friday, December 12th Holiday Potluck with Entertainment / Sing-along 5:30 pm
Wednesday, December 24th Luminaries at dusk Thursday, December 25th Christmas Dinner at the Clubhouse, sign up on the bulletin board
Thursday, December 31st Luminaries at dusk New Years Eve Dance 8:15 pm - 12:15 am
President’s Report By Ray Lamoureux
It is hard to believe that this year is almost over it seemed to fly by so fast. The park is filling up fast and almost everyone is back for the winter. We have been doing construction in the office to help with a better layout so we won’t be bumping into each other to pass someone. We are also doing the conference room to make that larger also. Last spring we had three engineers from the city of Dunedin and three board members in the conference room at once and not enough room for the group to sit. The meeting was about the flooding on Third Avenue from the storm water runoff from the bank parking lot and our roads. We asked to have a retention pond built on the unused land where the water tower was removed. We did not get a favorable response from Dunedin for the retention pond. We are still trying to change their minds on the flooding issue we have with their storm water pipe at San Christopher. We are still working on the water system in the park. We have managed to reduce our water usage by hundreds of thousands of gallons and the sewer bill also drops due to less water being used by an average of $2500.00 per month. We still have another two hundred gallons an hour that we must find where it is going. We have found roughly five hundred gallons an hour in leaks so far. We will be coming around to each unit in the near future to check for leaks. We will not be entering any unit because we can check for leaks from each unit's water shut offs. In February we have two positions on the board up for election. If you have a desire to help with the park's operation see Jo Ellen in the office for the form to have your name entered in the election.
We still have a number of title issues to be cleared up. The lawyer has been working on them over the summer and has cleared up over half of them so far. We still have about six or seven left to clear up. We would like to complete these and get all the title issues resolved. The board hopes everyone had a safe trip back to Golden Acres. From the Editor’s Desk By Sue Bailey Season's Greetings: It is hard to believe that the last month of 2014 is upon us and that another year is ending. Wow, time goes by so quickly. As the year draws to a close, let's take a moment to reflect on the friends we’ve made and the friends that we have lost. Those who have left us will always be remembered fondly. For those who have joined the G.A. family this year, I hope that you have felt welcomed and are enjoying your time, not only in our park, but also in Delightful Dunedin. You will notice that the calendar is filling up with lots of things to do at Golden Acres for the month of December. Check it out and enjoy. As December progresses, here are some important days to remember: On Tuesday, December 16th Chanukah, the Festival of Lights (also called Hanukkah) begins and lasts 8 days. It is a happy and joyous festivity where small gifts are given to family and friends each of the eight days. Sunday, December 21st is the Winter Solstice, marking the beginning of winter and the shortest day of the year. At the North Pole, the sun never rises on this day. By the way, while the Northern Hemisphere is experiencing its shortest day, the Southern Hemisphere is basking in sunshine and enjoying the first day of summer. Thursday, December 25th is Christmas, the biggest holiday of the year. May all of you have a very peaceful and prosperous holiday season. Friday, December 26th is Boxing Day. It is celebrated in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and other former British commonwealth countries. The giving of boxes includes filling them with food and clothing for the needy and performing volunteer work. Monetary gifts to charity are also common.
Kwanzaa is an African-American holiday celebrating history, culture, family, and community. It is always on December 26th and lasts seven days until January 1st. December 31st, New Year's Eve, is when all of the fun and festivities start. We ring out the old year and ring in the new. So enjoy everything about New Year's Eve. It is also a time to make New Year's resolutions although it's much harder to accomplish them. Luckily there is a Ditch Your New Year's Resolution Day on January 17th! I would like to thank all of you for your contributions to the Newsletter this year. It is your input that continues to make the Newsletter a success. I wish everyone a very happy holiday season with family and friends or however you may celebrate it. And may the New Year bring all of you good health, happiness and prosperity. Until next time, May God bless and keep you well and safe… Notes from the Office By Jo Ellen Bryant
Welcome back everyone; it’s a pleasure to see returning residents still looking happy and healthy. You are all to be commended for signing in yourselves and your guests. Those of you who intend to rent during the winter season please send your form to the office. (These are available in the office and on our web site.) If it is a previous renter let me know and we can change their old form with current details. I believe in easy. Since our office foyer has shrunk in size giving space to our offices, please use our porch seating area to wait your turn when visiting the office. Be considerate of your time spent in the office.
If 15 residents visit the office a day and each is in for 5 minutes, figure the math. Your visits do not include the visitors we receive in the winter who want to add their name to the “seasonal rent“ list and those folks who are looking to purchase in the park. The forms for suggestions, complaints, and approval requests are also in the clubhouse by the phone. Happy Holidays to all of you who have returned home to be with families. Those of you still in the park, enjoy your Thanksgiving as well. It’s so hard to believe that time of the year is once again upon us. Welcome Wayne and Moya Bettridge - Lot 147
By Jo Ellen Bryant
Laid-back demeanors, calm, and friendly smiles make this couple a pleasure to know. Choosing Golden Acres did not happen overnight, as these folks have been searching for the perfect retirement community for several years. They are currently tucked back in their new unit on I court, but their presence is far more widespread. Old friends, Al and Connie Woodlock (Lot 71), helped to influence their decision to move into Golden Acres. It’s that repeated classic story of visiting friends in the park. They liked it so much, they decided to rent not for one, but for two years. The search had started much earlier for a nice retirement home in Panama City Beach, FL. It was an option for several years, but they found it a bit “too cool”. Other communities south of here also did not quite fit the bill. No wonder they are happy, after all their research they KNOW they have made a great decision.
The Bettridges' have lived in New Castle, Ontario for 8 years. Wayne was originally from Richmond Hill, and Moya was from Bangor County Down in N. Ireland. They met when Wayne returned from his three year military service in Germany. It was an instant attraction in 1964 when Moya worked at the same Trust Company office as Wayne’s sister and his sister did a planned “dinner”. A year later they were married. Wayne’s career for General Motors involved traveling all over Canada, Mexico, and the US visiting assembly plants and “putting out fires” for quality control issues. Keeping clients happy was his role. Moya, after 14 years of taking care of their only daughter, returned to work at a travel agency handling the payroll and invoicing for clients. Both have been retired for twenty years, and have made very good use of their time traveling to Europe and many other destinations, the Mediterranean being one of their favorites. Moya is a busy lady enjoying line dancing, darts, cards, golfing and reading when she is not walking. Wayne as well enjoys golf and plays three times a week up north during the summer months. Cycling is also a favorite of theirs. This February will be their 1st anniversary of living in our park. For those of you who have not had the pleasure yet, please welcome them. They both are easy to spot since they know the meaning of relaxation and have those big Florida smiles that come with a satisfying life style. ONCE A WEEK GARBAGE COLLECTION starting January 5th City of Dunedin
Dunedin, FL-at the August 21st City Commission meeting the Dunedin Commission unanimously voted to support a plan to begin once per week trash collections for single family customers, starting January 5th. The decision comes after 2 years of analysis by the Solid Waste Division of its operations, since 2012, when the city successfully implemented a curbside recycling program. After introduction of single-stream recycling, residents overall began to produce less waste with data supporting that a second weekly collection day is no longer required. By eliminating the underutilized second collection day, the city will save approximately $700,000 annually by having fewer trucks and manpower on the road. Removing the second collection day will lessen wear and tear on Dunedin Streets, reducing the frequency of associated asphalt restoration and repaving activities caused by heavy garbage trucks. This service change is also consistent with the City's strategic plan to be an environmentally green community, and to lower its carbon footprint in the delivery of services to the public. To assist with this transition, most resident's collection day will not change, but simply occur on the same day as their current once per week recycling and yard waste collection day. The City's goal is to have all three (3) collections performed on the same day. Residents will receive more specific information over the next 3 months, inclusive of a flyer inside their monthly utility billing statement. For more information about the City's once a week collection, call the Solid Waste Division at (727) 298-3215. Bowling has Started By Norma Miller Fun Bowling has started. It occurs on Wednesday at 3 pm at Dunedin Lanes on Patricia Avenue. It is not a league, anyone is welcome to come. The cost is $7.00 and the ball and the shoes are free. Hope to see you there. Shuffleboard By Ann Stewart
Hi fellow shufflers... Our first league shuffle was Monday, November 24th. Golden Acres vs. Highlander at Golden Acres. League practices are on Fridays at noon. Fun Shuffle is on Tuesday at 1 pm. There is also an optional shuffle on Sundays at 1 pm for fun and practice. Shuffle under the lights will be held on Wednesdays at 7:30 pm. All shuffle is weather permitting. We will be scouting for extra players as well. Don't be shy, just give it a try. We can help you in learning to play the game. Once you get the hang of it, you'll probably like it. Christmas Potluck By Paula and Joe Bunevith and Al and Connie Woodlock Our annual Christmas Potluck Supper will be held on Friday Dec 12th at 5:30 pm. A signup sheet will go up right after Thanksgiving. You sign up for a dish to bring to the supper. Remember to bring your own place settings this is for all dinners and potlucks held at the clubhouse. So get out those great recipes, put on your holiday outfits, and let's bring in the Christmas Spirit with a clubhouse full of laughter and cheer, and some surprises. Hope to see all of you there. Christmas Dinner By Joe & Paula Bunevith Our Annual Christmas Dinner will be held on Thursday, December 25th. A signup sheet for tables and Host and Hostess will go up after December 1st. The time will be announced. The host and hostess will cook the main dish, and set up the menu and the guests at the tables will bring the side dishes . Hope to see all of you there to come and enjoy Christmas Dinner with your Golden Acres family. Remember to bring your own place settings. Let's make this day special with fun and laughter. New Years Eve The New Years Eve tickets will go on sale Wed. Dec 10th, price is $15.00 pp. no meal, snacks will be served at 10pm. Our music will be provided by the Bittersweet Duo, starting at 8:15 pm to 12:15 am. Hope to see all of you there. WANTED! By Marsha Baylor
These pictures are of Golden Acres residents in their younger years. Can you guess who these young woman are?
Remember to dig out that photo of you when you were in your 20's and bring it back with you when you return to Golden Acres. After I collect the photos, I will display them and you can guess who they are. Please give your photos to Marsha Baylor (lot 196). Thank you. I will be displaying the pictures at the Clubhouse in January and will be having a contest to determine who can identify the most residents. More details will be forthcoming. Veterans' Day / Remembrance Day Memorial Service
By Sue Bailey The year 2014 marks the centenary of the beginning of the First World War and the 75th anniversary of the start of the Second World War. The Memorial Service in our clubhouse was attended by residents of both Golden Acres and Golden Crest. Joe Lemon, in his Navy Dress Blues, led the service. The bell tolled eleven times at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month to begin the service honoring all those courageous men and women who have served, fought, and those who have paid the supreme sacrifice for our countries. Prayers were given by Bob Sheire, followed by the reading of an article by Bob Eckland of a hero and also to remember the POWs / MIAs. Several poems were read by Ann Stewart,
Linda Shale (Golden Crest), Marlene Scott, and Kent Wood. Bob Eckland explained the meaning of the lone table set for one. Recognition and a show of appreciation from all was given to our veteran residents who were present at the service (Joe Corbeil, Henry Boursier, Gary Duff, Kevin Rainsforth, Joe Lemon, Bob Eckland, Frank Van Alebeek, and Kent Wood, plus two residents from Golden Crest but I didn't catch their names). Two past veterans whom are no longer with us (Louis Trocola and John Hagar) were mentioned along with two WWII veteran residents Edna Hearns (Honored at a dinner in Ontario), and Frasier Muir who was honored to lay a wreath at the National War Memorial in Canada. Mel Hearns and Jim Thompson were unable to attend due to illness but were mentioned as well.
The service concluded with the singing of both National Anthems accompanied by Belinda Sezbenski on the piano, followed by the playing of taps.
Everyone enjoyed conversations over coffee and baked goods (provided by our guests from Golden Crest). Soldiers to Remember Please take a moment to offer a prayer of thanks and remembrance to all those who help to protect our way of life. Keep them in your prayers until they return safely to their loved ones. Jim Beulow (Navy Seal) friend of Ray and Mina Krumsieg, Lot #60 Adam Coburn, British army, serving in Afghanistan, nephew of Mildred and David Todd, Lot #2 Sgt. Justin T. Drescher (U.S.M.C.), serving in Afghanistan, grandson of Marie Looby, Lot #170 Sean Ebbeling, U.S. Marine, grandson of Bob McCluskey, Lot #220 Damien Fitzpatrick, USAF, grandson of Judith Fitzpatrick, Lot #87 Capt. Sean Fitzpatrick, Army, grandson of Judith Fitzpatrick, Lot #87 Michael Gerathy, USArmy, son-in-law of Debra and Steve Pollard, Lot #221 Master Sgt. John Grutzmacher (Air Force) nephew of Ray and Mina Krumsieg, Lot #60 Daniel Jones, US Navy, Grandson of Carol and Henry Diniz, Lot #25 Matthew Jones, US Navy, Grandson of Carol and Henry Diniz, Lot #25 Cpl. Justin Moore, Marines, Japan, Grandson of Jim and Barb Hatfield, Lot #84. “Scottie” – close friend of Mina and Ray Krumsieg, Lot #60 Brian J. Stanfa, USAF, grandson of Joe and Lois Stanfa. Capt. Mark Stevens (Army) nephew of Joe Corbeil, Lot #160 Stanley Sweeny (Army) nephew of Ruth Marino. Lot #225 PFC lst Class John Wilson – (USMC) Iraq – grandson of Jean Key, Lot #138 Nicholas Sivilich , U.S. Air Force - Dubai, S. Africa - relative of Chris Drury, Lot #116. So that we might get to know these courageous soldiers better, I would like to add their pictures to this section. Please forward any photos to Sue Bailey For changes to the list of soldiers, please contact Sue Bailey Birthdays and Anniversaries By Norma Moore
Golden Acres November Birthdays
We want to mention all those who are celebrating this month and send them our very best wishes.
John West ………………… December 2 Pat Picard ………………… December 7 Kathleen Gilliam ………………… December 11 Jo Ellen Bryant ………………… December 12 Daniel Devine ………………… December 15 James MacDonald ………………… December 15 Sheona Ayles ………………… December 17 Lynn Collett ………………… December 17 Joyce Rousseau ………………… December 18 Betty Glisson ………………… December 20 Janet Melia ………………… December 20 Joan Muir ………………… December 21 Richard Donnelly ………………… December 22 Patricia Ellis ………………… December 22 Carol Healey ………………… December 22 Sandra Tilley ………………… December 22 Stella Brown ………………… December 22 Lois Stanfa ………………… December 23 Christine Drury ………………… December 25 Glen Gross ………………… December 25 Bob Roberson ………………… December 25 Bonnie Sauve ………………… December 27 Brian Spooner ………………… December 27 Paul O’Farrell ………………… December 28 Donna Richtmyer ………………… December 29 JoAnne Zimmer ………………… December 29 Anthony Fittipoldi ………………… December 31 Golden Acres November Anniversaries Let’s wish these couples a very happy wedding anniversary. Ron and Marsha Baylor ………………. December 15 David and Mildred Todd ………………. December 18 NEWS FROM YOUNG’S POINT By Mel & Mel Hearns
Melvyn and MaryEllen Hearns thank you all for your continued support. The last CT Scan showed “minimal growth” in Mel’s cancer. Round three of chemo was Friday and Round Four will be Nov 27th, another CT Scan and then we see where we go from there. Thank you all again. Wellness By Jean Binette and Cathy Regnier Shirley Toohey's (unit 124) son-in-law, Nick, is asking for strong prayers for his father who is very ill. Nick and his wife live in New Mexico (5 hours by plane to get to help him). They are going to look for a comfortable assisted living facility for him closer to where they live so they can help him get his health back. Please continue to pray for Mel Hearns (unit 18). His last cat scan showed minimal growth in his cancer. He is still very tired and weak but he maintains a positive attitude. Please pray for a complete healing for Mel. Joan Sprouse (unit 102) is having a cat scan on November 14th. She needs our prayers as the cat scans have not been good. She won't get to Golden Acres until after the first of January. Keep the prayers going for Timmie Strader's (unit 129) eight year old grandson for he is very depressed over the loss of his grandfather who was like a father to him. Our prayers are needed for Dee Featherstone's (unit 151), son, Neil who is fighting cancer and now his twin brother's wife has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and will be getting the same treatment. Please pray for all of them. Dee says that when it rains it pours. Please continue praying for Eleanor Devine (unit 169) who is recuperating from a stroke she had in June while visiting her daughter and family in Cape Cod. She thanks everyone for their strong prayers.
Louis Trocola (unit 65) passed away on October 23rd. Our prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends.
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