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Ajit Final

Aug 16, 2015



final report

CIRTRU CLASSIFIED Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATION DEPARTMENT OF MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATION V. E. S. INSTITUTE O CIRTRU CLASSIFIED A PROJECT REPORT Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements Of the degree of MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONby Ajit T. Panada (Roll No. 39) Supervisor : Prof. Mr. Ramesh Solanki DEPARTMENT OF MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONV. E. S. INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYCHEMBUR -74 UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI 2014 - 2015 MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATION DEPARTMENT OF MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATION F TECHNOLOGY ii | P a g e VIVEKANAND EDUCATION SOCIETYSINSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYCollectorCERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL OF PROJECT WORKThisistocertifythatMcarriedoutthe projectwork tVIofMCAoftheUniversityofMumbai, 2014 2015. PRINCIPAL PROJECT GUIDE/INTERNAL VIVEKANAND EDUCATION SOCIETYSINSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYCollectors Colony, Chembur, Mumbai - 400 074 CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL OF PROJECT WORKThisistocertifythatMr.AjitTankiaPanada(RollNo.39)hassatisfactorilcarriedoutthe projectwork titledCirtru Classified in partial fulfilment of Sem. ofMCAoftheUniversityofMumbai,MaharashtraStateHEAD OF DEPTPROJECT GUIDE/INTERNAL EXAMINEREXTERNAL EXAMINERiii | P a g eVIVEKANAND EDUCATION SOCIETYS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 074 CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL OF PROJECT WORK hassatisfactorily in partial fulfilment of Sem. MaharashtraStateduringtheyear HEAD OF DEPT EXAMINER iv | P a g e Project Report Approval for M.C.A ThisthesisprojectreportentitledCirtruClassifiedbyAjitTankiaPanadais approved for the degree of Master of Computer Applications. Examiners 1.----------------------------------------- 2.----------------------------------------- Date: Place: v | P a g e DECLARATION I declare that the report of the project work entitled Cirtru Classified, represents my ideas in my own words and where others' ideas or words have been included, I have adequatelycitedandreferencedtheoriginalsources.IalsodeclarethatIhave adheredtoallprinciplesofacademichonestyandintegrityandhavenot misrepresentedorfabricatedorfalsifiedanyidea/data/fact/sourceinmy submission.Iunderstandthatanyviolationoftheabovewillbecausefor disciplinary action by the Institute and can also evoke penal action from the sources which have thus not been properly cited orfrom whom proper permission has not been taken when needed. ---------------------------------------------- (Signature) ----------------------------------------- (Name of student and Roll No.) Date: vi | P a g e ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Ioweagreatmanythankstoagreatmanypeoplewhohelpedandsupportedme during the writing of this book. MydeepestthankstoLecturer,Mr.RameshSolankitheGuideoftheprojectfor guiding and correcting various documents of mine with attention and care. He has takenpaintogothroughtheprojectandmakenecessarycorrectionasandwhen needed. I express my thanks to the Principal Dr.(Mrs.) J. M. Nair for her continued support andIwouldliketo expressmy sincere thanks toMrs. NishiTiku(H.O.D) forhis constant encouragement, which made this project a success. My deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Navish Jain, Founder, CIRTRU CLASSIFIEDS PVT LTD for support and guidance. Thanks and appreciation to the helpful people at CIRTRU CLASSIFIEDS PVT LTD, for their support. During this project work I have gained both practical as well as theoretical knowledge of great significance. IwouldalsothankmyInstitutionandmyfacultymemberswithoutwhomthis projectwouldhavebeenadistantreality.Ialsoextendmyheartfeltthankstomy family and well wishers. Ajit Panada vii | P a g e ABSTRACT CurrentlyClassifiedwebserviceproviderlikeSulekha.comandOLXproviding servicestoallsocialclasseswheretrustfactorisbeingcompromised.Today classifiedsserviceproviderwebsitesverifytheirusersbasedonemailaddress andmobilenumber.Howeveranypersoncancreateanyfakeemailaddresses andgetverifyonrespectiveclassifiedwebsiteandcanpostfakeadvertiseon such web sites and make user frustrated. CirtruClassifiedsverifiessellersandbuyersbasedontheirworkemailwithout revealingtheirworkidentitytooutsiders.Insimplewords,itisLinkedInfor classifieds with identity hidden. It is very essential for a user to find elite seller or sellshisstufftotheworkingprofessionalsintheirownornearbycircles (companies). ThisentireprojectbuildsusingNode.js,Angular.js,HTML5&CSS3.Major componentsofthisprojectareresponsive,userfriendlyandhavegoodUXthat helps elite user to buy/sell items. It also helps to provide value to its contributors by making available to them its vast global audience reach. viii | P a g e LIST OF FIGURES Figure No.NamePage No. Figure 4.1Agile Methodology16 Figure 4.2 Figure 4.3 Figure 4.4 Figure 4.5 Figure 4.6 Figure 4.7 Figure 4.8 Agile Methodology Overview Agile Design Phase Use Case Diagram Cirtru Classified Use Case Diagram of Cirtru Classified Use Case Diagram for System Roles Sequence Diagram for Login through System Account Sequence Diagram for Login through Facebook Account 20 22 23 24 26 28 29 Figure 4.9Sequence Diagram for Login through Google Account30 Figure 4.10Sequence Diagram System Signup & Account Validation31 Figure 4.11Sequence Diagram Posting Ad32 Figure 4.12 Figure 4.13 Figure 4.14 Activity Diagram System Login Activity Diagram System Operation Activity Diagram System Operation for Seller 34 35 36 Figure 4.15Activity Diagram System Operation for Buyer37 ix | P a g e LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS PVT LTD Private Limited ITInformation Technology QAQuality Assurance RAD Rapid Application Development UAT User Acceptance Testing GUI Graphical User Interface UI User Interface UXUser Experience JS Java Script HTMLHypertext Markup Language CSSCascading Style SheetDBDataBase ADAdvertisement SOW Scope of Work x | P a g e TABLE OF CONTENT Sr. No. Title Page No. 1.CERTIFICATE ----------------------------------------------------------------------ii 2.DECLARATION -------------------------------------------------------------------- v 3.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ---------------------------------------------------------vi 4.ABSTRACT --------------------------------------------------------------------------vii 5.LIST OF FIGURES -----------------------------------------------------------------viii 6.LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS -----------------------------------------------------ix Chapter1. Introduction-------------------------------------------------------------------1 1.1 Abstract--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 1.1.1About Organization -------------------------------------------------------31.2 System overview ----------------------------------------------------------------4 1.3 Objective ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 1.4 Scope ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 1.5 Project Profile ------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 2. System Analysis ---------------------------------------------------------------7 2.1 System Study and Problem Formulation -----------------------------------8 2.1.1Bottlenecks Identified in Existing System ------------------------------ 8 2.1.2Need of the Current System -----------------------------------------------92.2Feasibility Study ---------------------------------------------------------------- 10 2.2.1 Technical Feasibility ------------------------------------------------------- 10 2.2.2 Resource Availability ------------------------------------------------------ 10 2.2.3 Operational Feasibility ----------------------------------------------------- 10 2.2.4 Economical Feasibility -----------------------------------------------------11 3. Process Description ----------------------------------------------------------12 3.1Project Overview --------------------------------------------------------------13 4. Development Life Cycle ----------------------------------------------------15 4.1Requirement Analysis --------------------------------------------------------- 19 4.2 Design Document and Prototype --------------------------------------------21 4.2.1 Use Case Diagram ---------------------------------------------------------- 22 Building Blocks ------------------------------------------------22 Case Diagram for Cirtru Classified -------------------------------23 Case Diagram for System Roles -----------------------------------25 4.2.2Sequence Diagram --------------------------------------------------------- 26 Building Blocks ------------------------------------------------26 Diagram for Login through System Account --------------27 xi | P a g e Diagram for Login through Facebook Account ------------ 28 Diagram for Login through Google Account --------------- 29 Diagram for System Signup and Account Activation ----- 30 for Posting Ad ----------------------------------------------------31 4.2.3Activity Diagram ----------------------------------------------------------32 Building Blocks --------------------------------------------------32 Diagram for Simple System Login ---------------------------- 33 Diagram for System Operation -----------------------------------34 Diagram of System Operation for Seller ------------------------35 Diagram of System Operation for Buyer ------------------------36 4.3Iteration, Demo and Feedback ------------------------------------------------37 4.4Identify Defects and Resolve Bugs -------------------------------------------38 4.5Production and Technical Support ------------------------------------------39 5. System Requirement Study ------------------------------------------------- 40 5.1Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------41 5.2Requirement Specification ------------------------------------------