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Non-traditional use of Tumblr
Social Media Non-traditional use of Tumblr

Non-traditional use of Tumblr in marketing. 14 best case studies from various industries.

Media evaluation
Documents Media evaluation

1. TEASER POSTERS & FINAL FILM POSTER ANALYSISHere are the teaser posters for our short film, we thought they appealed to our target audience which was a young audience…

Design Evaluation

1. Evaluation.By Tafi Muchirahondo 2. Introduction The ultimate task was to produce a short film with a length of 5 minutes, a film poster related to the short film, and…

Social Media Class 2
Technology Social Media Class 2

1. Social Media 2010 Get Up To Speed! Shane D. Hudson 2. AGENDA Part One:Review and Overview Trends and Numbers Part Two:New and Improved Facebook & Twitter Updates Part…

Michael D Higgins
Education Michael D Higgins

1. Michael D. Higgins 9 thPRESIDENT OF IRELAND 2. On 11 November 2011, Michael D. Higgins was appointed as the ninth President of Ireland 3. Michael D. Higgins is married…