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What's Next In Marketing & Advertising
Business What's Next In Marketing & Advertising

A presentation I gave internally at our agency last week (3/21/08) for our monthly "What's Next" lunches. Quick background on these lunch sessions: Each month,…

Pizza Friday 106
Business Pizza Friday 106

Bob Garfield is freaking out, Levis takes you searching, and a foley artist works socks it to the veggies. And so much more.

Pizza friday 129
Business Pizza friday 129

Race cars, doggies, Sharpies, KFC's Double D, and a tribute to Lost.

Pizza Friday 112
Business Pizza Friday 112

Shiny suds, lady data, and creepy advertising. Welcome to Pizza Friday.

Pizza Friday 88
Business Pizza Friday 88

UPS delivers packages where no package has been delivered before, pizza wars, and twitter interns top the list this Friday.

Pizza Friday 114
Business Pizza Friday 114

Turtles in customs, Dominos reinvents pizza, Taco Bell helps you lose weight, and other signs of the apocalypse? No. Merely signs that it's Pizza Friday once again.…

Pizza Friday 101
Business Pizza Friday 101

A Queen in a Mustang, an Android in a mobile phone, and a doorway to pizza on a beach. Where else but Pizza Friday.

Pizza Friday 82
Business Pizza Friday 82

This week's Pizza Friday follows Frito Lay's matchmaking website, Kraft Foods new smile, and the 64 calorie collection.

Pizza Friday 103
Business Pizza Friday 103

The best job in the world, the best t-shirt ever, and frugalistas gone wild! It must be Pizza Friday.