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OBJECTIVES Enable pupils to master and memorize science facts and concepts easily. Helps pupils to organize notes and detect missing key relationship between ideas. Helps…

Visual Notetaking  with English Learners
Education Visual Notetaking with English Learners

Using Visual Note taking with my middle school students to enhance understanding of video content

Read With Success Power Point  Spg09 For The Attendees
Education Read With Success Power Point Spg09 For The Attendees

A power point presentation of strategies to increase critical reading skills while in college.

Health & Medicine Communication

COMMUNICATION WHAT IS COMMUNICATION? By C Spain. Aims and objectives of the session. Aim is to understand the mechanics behind the process of effective communication Objectives…

Business writing
Business Business writing

Business writing Effective writing does not come by chance. It does not just happen. It requires a set of skills to write SIMPLY, CLEARLY, ACCURATELY, AND BRIEFLY. You have…

English (Improving Listening Efficency)
Business English (Improving Listening Efficency)

Listening means thinking and acting in ways that connect you with the speaker. Listening is an art and a gift.  It is a  tool that is essential to your success as a…