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  • 8/6/2019 Nazarene Health News


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    On July 04, 2011, the WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME (WFP) through its ambassador

    ISIDINGO actress Hlubi Nandipha Mboya visited the hospital. The ISIDINGO star was

    accompanied by Michelle Da Silva and Martin Kabarld to lend support to the WORLD


    The FOOD PRESCRIPTION program offers food support to malnourished TB/HIV, Antenatal

    Care and Post Natal clients. These clients are given food rations after physical

    assessment determined by Body Mass Index (BMI) and Mid Upper Arm Circumference

    (MUAC). The food can also be given based on clinical discretion.

    Food ration given to a client include: 5kg of Corn Soya Blend (CSB); 5litres of oil; 5kg of Peas; and 36kg of maize.

    Speaking on behalf of WFP, Nandipha expressed her appreciation to the Ministry of Health, RFM management and hospital staff for a job well

    done on providing this essential service to the clients. The ISIDINGO star stated that together at grass root level we can beat starvation

    everyone is supposed to do a bit to make a difference in the lives of people living with HIV/TB as it most prevalent in Swaziland.

    The Ministry of Health and RFM hospital expressed their deepest thanks to WFP for the wonderful initiative to consolidate the fight against the

    scourge of HIV/TB.

    WFP delivered about 383 bags of maize, 383 bags of Peas, 187 units of vegetable oil, and 382 bags of CSB to the hospital.

    About 100 clients have been given the rations since mid June thus far. Most clients have welcomed the food rations and they are

    very grateful to WFP. The clients have professed that the food ration is easy to eat, particularly the CSB. The main

    challenge to them has been difficulty to carry the food ration home since they are weak.


    ambassador ISIDINGO star

    NANDIPHA VisitsRFM Step Further with

    Customer Care (pg 2)

    Drug Abuse Awareness(pg 3)

    Dissemination of coreelements in IPC (pg 4)

    CEO Visits CommuntyClinics (pg 6)

    Is Facebook Healthyfor Kids? (pg 9)

    Kholiwe Leaves RFM(pg 12)

    PHOTO: RFM management and staff members posing for a group photo with the WFP

    ambassador Hlubi Mboya (2nd from left) during her visit

    BELLOW PHOTO: The bags of Maize donated by WFP.

    By: Nobuhle Mthwala

  • 8/6/2019 Nazarene Health News


    CEOs MessageCustomer care training has been the focus of

    these past three months at our institution. Morethan 50% of our staff went through this importantcomponent of quality service delivery. On behalf ofthe management and staff of SNHI, I would like toextend our thanks and appreciation to One WorldHuman Capital Consultancy for providing this

    training at no cost to the institution. May God richlybless them.

    To sustain the progress made on Quality Assuranceto continue to improve service delivery, the qualityassurance steering committee in collaboration withmanagement decided to put an emphasis on qualityimprovement projects in all service elements. I

    would like to express appreciations to the committeeand doctor Lukoji for freely providing some refresher


    We are continuing our effort to move our servicecloser to the community we serve. The pilot projectimplemented at Ngculwini clinic where two outreachsites have been established for monthly visit hasbeen successful and should be replicated in othercommunities. We would like to thank Unicef for the

    donation in form of equipment at Ngculwini Clinic.I would like in concluding this message to saygoodbye to KholiweShongwe ourPharmacist and tothank her for the13 years ofdedication, strongleadership andhard work at ourinstitution.

    ONE STEP FURTHER WITH CUSTOMER CAREThe purpose of customercare is to establish andmaintaing goodrelationship amongstRFMH/SNHI employees,and its customers.Customer care is arelatively new programmein the health sector in

    Swaziland. The office saw itas a need to launch acampaign to sensitize allstaff on customer care,through visual aids in formof posters. The informationdissemination has beenreinforced with anexhaustive workshopwhich has been runningsince April and itsfacilitated by the highly

    reputable One WorldHuman Capitalconsultancy, a companythat specializes on publicrelations andcommunication. All SNHIstaff are expected to attendthe sessions.

    The SNHI employees are categorized into groups .i.e.front line group (security, secretaries, phlebotomists,clerks etc), nurses, doctors and paramedics and

    management. The attendance from all the differentgroups so far has been great.

    Some of the topics that are covered include: the

    definitionofcustomerserviceandcustomercare, theelementsof

    customerservice,things toknowaboutcustomercare, benefits ofcustomercare,identification of our

    customers,communicating with customers, types of behaviorsand dealing with difficult people. The specificstandards which were formulated by the customercare office are also introduced to the staff during theseongoing workshops.

    There is more ground to be covered but the program isasserting quite well, and the progress has beensatisfactory thus far.

    round RFM

    2a celebration of where we have come from and where we are going

    LEFT PHOTO: The One World Human Capital Consultancy

    Facilitator Duduzile Nhlengetfwa Presenting during the Training.

    TOP RIGHT PHOTOS: Management including the CEO and

    Employees listening to the presenter during the training.

    BELLOW PHOTO: Mrs Duduzile Nhlengetfwa expressing a point

    during the presentation

    By: Zinhle Msibandze

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    The Wellness Programme team in collaboration with COSAD hosted a one day training

    section on June 22, 2011. The aim of the training was alerting RFM member of staff on

    drug abuse and drug addiction. During this training hope was given that no matter how

    bad the substance abuse problem and powerless you feel, learning about the nature of

    addiction , how it develops, why it has a powerful hold will give you a better understanding

    of the problem and how to deal with it. We aslo discussed common signs and symptoms of

    drug abuse and addiction.


    In an effort to improve and sustain

    the implementation of quality service

    delivery in the Institution, the QA

    committee with support from

    management is engaged on

    implementing a strategy to stimulate

    and streamline quality service


    The strategy was drafted by QA

    steering committee and was

    unanimously adopted by all

    supervisors in the hospital. The

    major aim of the strategy is to

    promote accountability and help

    departments to own up their

    responsibility to work as a team to

    implement QA programs to improve

    on better service provision.

    The strategy entails monthly

    presentations and reports by

    departments to the general assembly

    meetings convened by the office of

    quality enhancing processes

    undertaken by the departments


    During the presentation sessions it is

    believed that the presenting

    department would stand to benefit

    during the interactive sessions with

    the general assembly members and

    harvest ideas to contend with the

    challenges faced in the department.

    Over and above, the interface

    between quality assurance and

    departments is believed to become

    more improved. On June 07, 2011

    the first session of the presentation

    commenced. Childrens ward was

    chosen to start the presentation.

    Presentations shall continue in order

    to promote team work, responsibility

    accountability and ownership.


    Around RFM

    a celebration of where we have come from and where we are going


    The IPC office embarked on the project of eradication and

    control of cockroaches, rodents and ants in the institution.

    IPC is one office which needs more muscle financially in

    making sure that their projects are done in the expected

    quality manner, thus making it to progress in a snail pace as

    the country is in financial crisis which is also a hit hard to

    the institution.

    Never the less the office would like to pass their sincere

    gratitudes to the Ministry of Health through the Manzini

    Public Health for opening their hands and come to the

    rescue of RFMH in ensuring that this project is a success.

    The service has been the first in as many years. This has

    remained one of those critical points for the institution in

    meeting the expected quality standards in controlling of


    On the May 12 2011 the Manzini public health senior health

    inspector Mr. Mndzebele was called for possible assistance

    his office can offer regarding this challenge. His office did

    respond promptly, inspection was done and a team of

    health inspectors came to our rescue making the project to

    even run smoothly until the last day.

    The IPC office would also like to pass their sincere thanks to

    the ministry of health again for rendering this service at no

    charge and involving RFMH when providing for such

    projects, the health inspectors team for taking their time

    and respond to our request, the management for the

    support they rendered in caring for the team, the

    department supervisors for raising the option during the

    Friday meetings and welcoming the team into their

    departments and finally the RFMH maintenance

    departments for rendering help in the smooth running of

    the project in various departments.

    Eradication and control of cockroaches, rodents and ants in the Hospital.

    LEFT PHOTO: RFM staff members listening

    during the training

    TOP PHOTO: The COSAD presenter during

    the training

    By: Sthembile Msibi

    By: Zandile Tsabedze

    By: Fikile Magongo

  • 8/6/2019 Nazarene Health News


    Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) is widely considered as the bedrock for quality

    patient care today. The ministry of Health TB program and partners (PATH and UIPC University of Stellenbosch) is facilitating the roll out of TB and HIV Infection Prevention

    and Control program to all health facilities in the country.

    The local IPC department embarked on information dissemination on IPC to staff as

    prescribed by the TB program and partners. A three day in service education session was

    carried out to transfer core elements of infection control to members of staff. A total of

    eleven staff members were trained on the elements. The core elements include amongst

    others: basic microbiology; standard precautions; transmission based precautions;

    hierarchy of controls fro prevention of TB transmission; and risk assessment and


    The overarching goal of the in service was to strengthen infection control practices in thehospital by increasing the number of staff with knowledge and skills on IPC. The aim was

    to prepare participants to train at least 5 others on the same content of basic IPC practices

    in their various spheres of influence thus ruling out the information. The information

    offered will assist staff to confront and contend with challenges of quality patient care.

    On June 23, 2011, the TB program and partners visited the hospital to carry out a

    summative assessment on progress made by the hospital. The assessors were generally

    impressed with the progress made by the hospital. However, thorough scrutiny on the job

    done is still subject for further examination. The final results of the assessment on

    progressed made will be formally communicated to the hospital through the country TB

    program coordinator in due course.

    Dissemination of core elements ofinfection Prevention and Control

    Baylor College of Medicine Texas Childrens Foundation

    Swaziland has been committed in providing HIV care and

    treatment to the children in RFM hospital since 2007. With more

    than 1,142 children currently under care, The provition of a

    strong psychosocial support for them and their families.The vision is that children that are on chronic HIV treatment are

    empowered and committed to have healthy and happy lives and

    grow to become productive members in their communities.

    In 2009 a support group for children from 9 years and older

    called Teen club was invite to join the Teen club, the children

    should be fully aware of their status regardless of which clinic

    they attend. These children meet at the Baylor Clinic premises every second Saturday of the month. The

    members of the clinical staff and a large group of volunteers participate as well, but this time THEY

    HAD FUN!!. That is a day when the teen leaders take a lead in conducting games and health education

    related to life skills and their social challenges.As a member of the RFM Hospital staff, feel most welcome to join in impacting the lives of Swazi

    children. Staffs co operation is greatly appreciated in reserving the parking space next to the Baylor

    clinic to create playing ground for the children.

    By Sikhululiwe Sibanda

    Teen club for children and adolescents living with HIV inRFM Hospital.

    round RFM

    4a celebration of where we have come from and where we are going

    PHOTO: Teens and volunteers in one of the educational


    By: Mr Sandile Malaza

  • 8/6/2019 Nazarene Health News


    This quarter numerous

    scientific seminars were

    conducted for doctors, family

    nurse practitioners, nursesand paramedical staff at the

    hospitals Nurses Lounge.

    Presentations are

    shown below:

    Forty nine personnel

    were, on 15th May201, concurrently

    informed on the

    following topics: (a)

    Disclosure of HIV status to

    children, by Sister S. Sibanda

    of Baylor Childrens clinic (b)

    Nutrition in diabetic clients

    by Phindile Makhanya;

    dietician from FEDICS, the

    catering company servicing

    RFMH (c) Update on new

    blood guidelines by Mr.

    Sukati from the National

    Referral Laboratory.

    On the 27th May 2011, Dr.

    Daniel delivered a

    session on VIA and

    Treatment of

    precancerous cervix

    conditions to forty one

    participants. He is an

    obstetrician and the

    head of department ofthe Obstetric and

    Gynecology. Screening

    and treatment of cervical

    cancer is now offered at the

    Maternal & Child Health

    Clinic of the hospital.

    Multidisciplinary approach in

    diabetes management and

    care: A topic imparted by Dr.

    Jean T. Lukoji, on 17th June

    2011, to forty participants.

    He is a medical specialistand director of a new

    consultancy organization;

    Integrated Diabetes

    Prevention & Care

    Program. He furtherelaborated on the role

    of this organization in

    the prevention and

    management of diabetes, a

    condition that is on the rise

    in the country. IDIAP will

    operate in liaison with the

    Ministry of Health and the

    rest of its structures.

    Continuing medical education sessions

    Around RFM

    5a celebration of where we have come from and where we are going

    As a member of National health laboratory service (NHLS), the LaboratoryTB mycobacteriology section participated in External Quality Assessment(EQA) in South Africa. The standard of the quality assessment looks for theaccuracy of the test results. The laboratory held its own against the best

    and performed quite exceptionally. The laboratory scored an incredible100% in its performance, surpassing all expectations.Based on the results, it can be boldly concluded that the quality of the AcidFast Bacilli (AFB) Test is very reliable. The laboratory has set itself veryhigh standard and the results bear testimony.

    Laboratory performed excellently in EQA

    PHOTO: Phindile Makhanya Fedics

    Dietician presenting during the


    TOP PHOTO: RFM members of staff

    during the trainig sessions

    LEFT PHOTO: Dr Lukotji Presenting

    during a diabetes prevention and

    care Program session

    By: Skhumbuzo Ngcamphalala

    By: Khawulile Magagula

  • 8/6/2019 Nazarene Health News


    Under the 2010 2011 agreement, UNICEF has

    supported Ngculwini clinic with furniture

    including office desks, examination beds, filling

    cabinets and benches. The furniture will assist in

    providing a conducive environment for the service

    providers to offer quality the same token,

    it will benefit the clients to receive efficient quality


    Over the past four years SNHI and UNICEF have

    worked together through a joint cooperative

    agreement where UNICEF has been providing

    technical and financial support to implement

    PMTCT services in the seventeen clinics. Areas of

    the project that need to be strengthened in order to

    realize maximum possible results include among

    other things HIV testing.

    Another special area of focus for this project is

    quality improvement. Nurses have been trained in

    analysis and use of service data at facility level in

    order to improve quality of service delivery. Clinics

    are regulary monitoring performance indicators to

    ascertain the effectiveness of PMTCT. The project

    also gives special attention to community

    participation and involvement activities in order to

    improve uptake of prevention interventions such as

    HIV testing and safe sexual practices.

    SNHI is forever grateful to UNICEF for the support

    which has come at the right.


    Accessibility to health services remains an

    enormous challenge to most communities due to long

    distances and lack of transport to health facilities. A

    pilot project conducted at Ngculwini and Shewula

    clinics where HIV testing was provided in hard to reach

    areas, revealed that many people do not access services

    due to being far from health care facilities. In a bid to

    improve accessibility to services, two outreach sites

    have been established under Ngculwini clinic. These are

    hard to reach areas where people have to travel long

    distances to the nearest health care facility. Each

    outreach site is visited once a month to offer

    comprehensive health care which includes, Family

    Planning, HTC, Child Welfare Services and curative Care

    services. The response from these communities is

    overwhelming as reflected by the catchment

    firures.People come in their numbers to access care. It is

    envisaged that the outreach program will contribute

    significantly to the reduction of clients review default.

    The initiative to bring services closer to the people is

    definately paying off.


    round the Clinics

    a celebration of where we have come from and where we are going


    In an effort to improve health care delivery, SNHI in collaboration

    with the Manyeveni community has embarked on building a new

    clinic structure since the present one is too small and severely

    dilapidated. The new structure will be much bigger and will provide

    a favourable environment for better service delivery. Dvokodvweni

    Inkhundla donated material to kick start the project and SNHI has

    also been funding the project. Construction of walls is complete and

    more support is needed to complete the structure.

    On the 27.04.2011 the CEO, Financial Controller and the

    mantainance supervisor visited the clinic to assess progress. The

    CEO was impressed with progress made and praised the construction

    team for a job well done.

    The clinic staff was grateful and encouraged by the CEO visit and the

    team pledged to continue to work tirelessly to see the project finish

    in time.

    SNHI is committed to improve quality health care to the community.


    TOP PHOTO: The Furniture

    donated by UNICEF to Ngculwini


    LEFT PHOTO: A Nurse attending

    a Patient at Ngculwini ClinicFAR LEFT PHOTO: A Nurse

    attending to patients during the


    By: Agatha MambaBy: Goodwill Dlamini

    By: Agatha Mamba

  • 8/6/2019 Nazarene Health News


    The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare through the Non Communicable Diseases Program

    conducted week long training on Diabetes Mellitus (DM).

    The main objective of the training was to roll out the management of DM to the clinics. during

    the training, it revealed that current research states that one in every three people hasundiagnosed DM. studies points to HIV/ AIDS to have a role to the factors contributing to DM.

    Particularly, Infection to the pancreas has been identified to alter its function of producing

    insulin thus leading to DM.

    the revision of DM was refreshing to say the least. The most common signs of DM were

    summarized and classified as 3Ps: Polydypsia, Polyphagia, Polyurea and weight loss.

    Treatment of DM includes oral hypoglycemic drugs (Glibenclimide and Metformin) and insulin

    injection. Acute complications include diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperosmola nonketotic coma and


    To prevent or to slow the rate of development of chronic complications of DM it is crucial to

    modify physical activity. Controlling body weight is reducing risk related to DM. Last but notleast, be empowered and test your glucose levels frequently.

    The worshop was relevent to our practise because as primary healthcare providers, it is


    Around The Clinics

    a celebration of where we have come from and where we are going


    TOP PHOTO: Dr Getahum receiving donated Items

    from Amy Mc Adam and AIM Team during their

    visit in Children's ward.

    PHOTO: The new formed triage Team posing for a

    group photo in the Emergency Room

    By: Zodwa Shongwe

    By: Noel Hlomula

  • 8/6/2019 Nazarene Health News


    A Dietician is a trained person who directs

    the people to take the healthy food and

    nutrients. He/She helps to promote good

    health through the proper intakes of food

    and proper eating habits. He/She acts as

    the specialist and a researcher and

    consultant in the field of nutrition. He/She

    supervises the preparation and service of

    foods and also educates the individuals on

    the good nutritional habits. RFM Hospital

    has one dietician who will be working

    closely with Doctors and Nurses in the

    hospital. Nondumiso Vilane is the new

    dietician working in the hospital. Zakhele

    Thwala visited her and had an interview

    with her. Below is how their chat went on.

    Q. Define yourself.

    Q1. I am a twenty something God fearing

    single lady. I have two sisters and one

    brother and I am the 2nd born in the family.

    I hold a Bachelor of Consumer Science in

    Human Nutrition from the University of

    Zululand in South Africa. I have worked for

    Shoprite as a trainee manager. I joined

    Fedics Food Services June 2010 as a

    dietician, all along I was fully based at the

    Mbabane Government hospital where I was

    their dietician however, the government

    tender with the company ceased then my

    bosses transferred me to RFM Hospital

    because we are also operating a Unit there

    and defiantly I am here to bring some


    I enjoy RnB music.

    Q. What are your Strengths?

    A. I am able to convince the hard cored

    people to some change.

    Can bring some changes in hard and

    difficult situations through hard work and


    Q. Without lying, what's your favorite junk


    A. My favorite junk food is Black Forest


    Q. What is the best way to go about


    A. The best way to go about eating is to

    relax and eat your balanced meal with no

    disturbances like watching T.V or reading

    novels and Magazine. When your eating

    you should be all eyes on the food and

    forget about the rest so to enjoy and

    benefit from the meal.

    Q. Even though you're a dietician, I bet

    you've tried a fad diet.

    A. Exactly I have tried a Fad diet more

    especially while still at the campus, but

    after I have studied more on advanced

    nutrition my bad eating habits totally

    changed from there. I must say that the

    course I studied really changed my eating

    habits; I am what am eating as I talk.

    Q. As a nutritionist, do you get tired of

    having to portray the healthy eating


    A. Not at all, infant I have a passion with

    the kind of job I am doing, and I bet I can do

    it till my last breath. Its just in my nerves I

    can feel it.

    Q. But that doesn't keep you from eating

    fast food, does it?

    A. Well I seldom take fast food only when

    in a pinch, otherwise I totally hate it for I

    know that fast food is not good at all and it

    will never, it is wise to only have it when

    having no choice and avoid visiting

    restaurants because you are destroying

    yourself. Cook if you still can. Home

    cooked food will remain the best.

    Q.As a clinical dietitian at the Hospital,

    have you noted daily the consequences of

    a poor diet. Moreover, what can you say

    about weight management program.

    A. Yes I have and the consequences of poor

    diet are being attendant to, as said earlier

    that I am here to bring some vast change

    Q. What steps you will like to take to

    establish a rapport with patients?

    A. I think the conducting of ward rounds

    where I get to communicate with the

    patient one on one on the wards is best

    because in that way ill get to know their

    side of the story concerning the kind of

    food they eat and they will in that way get

    my counseling relevant to the kind of food

    and nutrients they need for quick healing

    and recovery.

    Q. How are you going to handle the

    patients who are panicking because they

    cannot get their breath?

    A. Providing the right kind of diet together

    with medication for a panicking patient is

    the only therapy that can allow that

    person to breath again.

    Q. Does it going to affect you mentally?

    A. Poor nutrition does affect your

    mentality that is why we preach to the

    public to practice proper eating habits to

    avoid such, good health is all we want to


    Q. Have you ever lost your temperament

    regarding to your work.

    A. Yes I have lost my temper on the line of

    duty but maintained my cool. Well working

    and supervising a group of people more

    especially those who are far older than

    you is very challenging.

    Q. Finally, please specify, what are the

    several types of Dieticians you know?

    A. 1. Clinical dietician/Nutritionist

    2. Sport dieticians

    3. Consultant dieticians

    4. Home-care dieticians

    5. Food service dieticians

    6. Community dieticians.

    Nondumiso Vilane Fedics dietician

    round RFM

    a celebration of where we have come from and where we are going


  • 8/6/2019 Nazarene Health News


    Kids learn that the Internet is a place

    where they can have all their questions

    answered, stay in touch with friends and

    entertain themselves. But there are

    dangers on the Internet from which teens

    (and sometimes the Society) need

    protection. While social networking sites

    are taking steps to keep their users safe,

    there is no way to guarantee the safety of

    anyone else for that matter. So here's

    what you need to know:Facebooks Target MarketIs Facebook safe for kids? Facebooks

    terms of use, it isnt at least not for

    children under the age of 13. Parents

    should bear in mind that the site was

    originally designed for a college students.

    The service was so popular among its

    users that access and membership was

    soon opened up to college students and

    faculty from other colleges.

    Then 2006, the site was opened up to

    anyone with an email account over the

    age of 13, but the site was never designed

    with younger kids in mind.

    A Safer Facebook ExperienceFacebook has since taken steps to protect

    the privacy of its users. The site has

    privacy features that can limit strangers to

    see your info There are also abuse

    reporting links on the site to make it easy

    for users to report inappropriate content.

    However, it is left to the user to correctly

    use these features, as well as to use

    Facebook in a responsible manner.

    It doesnt matter how safe Facebook

    claims the site is; there is no foolproof

    way of policing everyone who uses the

    site. It is up to parents to help their

    children understand the importance of

    staying safe on the Internet and exactly

    what that involves.

    Facebook Safety IssuesLots of people like to gloat about how

    many friends they have online.

    Unfortunately, this drives some people to

    add everyone who sends request. There

    are many examples of children who have

    been hurt by criminals they met online.

    Educate your children on the dangers of

    friending complete strangers on Facebook

    or any social site. Assure them that you

    can be trusted do not get mad at them for

    telling you about what they are learning

    online and take some time to ask about

    who they're meeting online and what

    they're doing. And remember, the Internet

    is everywhere, which means your kids

    may be logging on in places other than

    home and school, too.

    Everything in ModerationThere's a lot to do on Facebook. From

    viewing photos of friends to group chat,

    or "planning an uprising :) " there's no

    end to the number of ways you can waste

    time online. Keep an eye on the time

    your kids are spending online. Some

    parents choose to restrict Facebook to an

    hour or two per day, depending on what

    it is being used for.

    If your kids are using Facebook to stay in

    touch with family and friends you know,

    or to collaborate with classmates on a

    project, you may want to be more lenient

    with how much time you allow them to

    spend on the site. But whatever the

    amount of time, you should know how

    much time they're spending online and

    what they're doing and set some ground

    rules for what's appropriate.

    In the end, it doesnt matter how safe

    Facebook claims its site is, there are still

    some bad things in the Internet. Ensure

    that your kids are sufficiently educated on

    how to be safe when using online

    resources such as Facebook and what to

    do if someone or something makes them

    uncomfortable. Keeping them abreast of

    Facebook safety issues will serve them


    Is Social Networking healthy or unhealthy for the

    Society and for Kids?

    Around RFM

    a celebration of where we have come from and where we are going


    Having identified a challenge in the implementation of Quality Improvement Projects (QIPs) in the

    departments the office with support from management felt a need to have staff trained. Of note is that QIPs

    play an important role in the Quality Management and Improvement Programme (QMIP). QIPs makes it

    easier for departments to have some of the challenges encountered to be solved.

    Trainings were held in two sessions: Doctors and nurses on the 18th May 2011 and second session being

    paramedics and support staff on the 25th May 2011. Training as conducted by former Quality Assurance

    chairperson for RFM, Dr. Lukoji. A total of 30 staff members attended the training.

    The main objective of the trainings was to discuss the QA programme as a whole but to put more emphasis

    on QIPs. Included in the content were the quality triangle which includes formulation of standards and

    guidelines, assessments, maintaining and improving quality. Steps in conducting QIPs were also part of the


    To assess the level of understanding from participants there were also group discussions done.

    Participants appreciated the trainings and made a promise to work hard on their QIPs now that they have the


    Quality assurance Training

    By: Sicelo Dlamini

    By: Fikile Shabangu

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    ocial Batterfly

    a celebration of where we have come from and where we are going


    ABOVE PHOTO: Newly weds Dr

    Shlongonyane and Dr Msane afterthe wedding.

    ABOVE PHOTO: Dr Mavundla, DrThwala, Dr Mkhize, Dr Kunene,Kholiwe Shongwe and a friendposing for a group photo

    BELLOW PHOTO: Newly weds Dr Shlongonyaneand Dr Msane listening to spearkers duringtheir colourful wedding.

    PHOTO: Mrs Futhi Mdluli RFM CEO andMr Leonard Dlamini RFM HR Managerwith their family members

    LEFT PHOTO: The newly weds Khetsiwe Maseko and Her Husband posing for a Photo after the weddingRIGHT PHOTO: Family members posing for a photo after the wedding.


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  • 8/6/2019 Nazarene Health News


    Nutrition refers to nourishment that

    sustains life. It caters for the food that

    people eat and how it nourishes their

    life, not only physically but also

    socially and personally. The scienceand art of nutrition focus on

    nourishing human life, and this is

    done in many ways, from the moment

    of conception until death. An

    appropriated diet supports optimum

    growth and maturation, mental and

    physical well being and resistance to


    Nutrition and diet play a role in

    promoting health and reducing the

    risk of adverse conditions, ranging

    from low birth weight to diabetic

    mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and

    cancer. We need energy to carry out

    vital functions such as breathing,

    adapting to changes in our

    environment, and engaging in physical

    activities. We must constantly

    replenish our energy stores with food

    to sustain physical life. Food also

    nourishes the human spirits.

    When people dont get enough energy

    or nutrients they becomemalnourished and become extremely

    thin because of losing tissues and

    muscles, in that way people became

    prone to a lot of health disorders. Take

    for instance people with deficiency of

    nutrients, they may experience skin

    rashes, depression, hair loss, bleeding

    gums, night blindness and a lot of

    symptoms. On the contrary excess of

    energy from over nutrition, people

    may become obese and vulnerable to

    diseases associated with over nutrition

    such as heart disease and diabetes.

    Diet has always played a vital role in

    supporting health. Proper eating

    habits should be followed early in

    order to enhance good health and

    prevent nutrients deficiencies.

    Overconsumption of food especially

    food high in fat is a major health

    concern for health more especially for

    people with diabetes mellitus.

    Overconsumption of food results tooverweight.

    People should mind their diet and

    therefore follow proper eating habits

    to avoid being overweight. It is very

    difficult to deal with overweight. An

    overweight person is prone to a

    number of sicknesses like

    cardiovascular diseases.

    Nutrition therefore is an integral part

    of our lives. It is very important to be

    mindful how we eat because it can

    make or break our health.

    NB: Nutrition and diet therapy marked

    the condition of medication and

    surgery successful. Precisely

    medication and surgery without

    proper nutrition is nil.


    Around RFM

    A man that cares for others, a man that is so concerned about others that Heeven laid Down His life for them.

    This is the begotten son of the Father. He so much loved the world/nations of

    the world that he left his throne, lived amoung us and died for us (John

    15:13). He has the mind of his father for the bible tells us in the book of

    Romans chapter 5 verse 8 that, ''God demonstrates His own love towards us in

    that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (NKJV)". He also died for

    you reconcilling you back to your creator.

    Allow me to tell you that His love surpasses all understanding, His love isunconditional. He loved you before you came into existence. Before you were

    born He knew you, He sanctified you and ordained you for a special purpose

    (Jer 1:5). He knows the plans He has for you, plans to propsper you not to

    harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope. He's much concerned about

    your wellbeing, that is why He has allowed you an opportunity to live up to

    this far. There is absolutely nothing that you did, but His unfailing love, his

    longsuffering towards you has permitted you to live; for He doesn't want

    anyone to perish but that all come to repentance (2Peter3:9).

    I beseech you therefore, reader of todays article, by the mercies of God, thatyou re consider your position in Christ. Just return His love, love Him back.

    He is deeply in love with you. Amen







    a celebration of where we have come from and where we are going

    11By: Wendy Gule

    By: Vilane Nondumiso

  • 8/6/2019 Nazarene Health News


    Staff orientationA two day orientation session was conducted for thirteen new staff members who were engaged to SNHI

    within the first quarter of the year.

    Employees are:

    Augusto Perreria Maintenance department

    Bongani Mavuso Maintenance departmentMpumelelo Nhleko Intern student Personnel department

    Bongiwe Mhlanga Statistics/ Monitoring & evaluation

    Thuli Mayisela Maternal & Child Health Clinic

    Nomsa Ngwenya Male Surgical Ward

    William Manana Security

    Soul Mnguni Bhekinkhosi clinic

    Gabsile Lukhele Bhalekane clinic

    Godwin Mtetwa Baylor childrens clinic

    Cebsile Masondo Anteretroviral clinic

    Valencia Mdluli Anteretroviral clinic

    Nozipho Dlamini Anteretroviral clinic



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    Proof Readers

    Mrs Futhi Mdluli

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    Sicelo Dlamini

    Dr T Thwala

    Sr N Mavimbela

    Sr P Sibandze

    Mr T Simelane

    Mrs S Sibandze

    RFM HOSPITAL honored one of their long serving staff member on Thursday 30 June 2011, who recently resigned after 13 years of

    working in the pharmacy department. Kholiwe Shongwe joined the institution in 1998 as a pharmacy technician and later pursued her

    Degree in pharmacy, completing in 2004. She was then confirmed as the pharmacist in the unit and has been holding the same position

    to date. Whilst with the institution she served as member in the drug and therapeutic committee, policy formulation committee and the

    Umcenge savings and co operation as a treasurer. Many speakers during the occasion describes her as a hard worker, dedicated and

    compassionate about her work. The master of ceremonies Dr. Thwala likened her to an eagle which when it sees a storm coming flies

    towards it knowing that the storm will lift it up. Mrs. Nkonyane who represented the pharmacy department said they have learnt a lot

    from Kholiwe and will be always be remembered by the department.You were a real blessing to us and we will miss you, said Mrs.

    Nkonyane. The humans resource manager Mr. Dlamini in his remarks praised her for serving the institution with diligence and dignity.

    You are still young, energetic and enthusiastic to explore new opportunities, said Mr. Dlamini. He also mentioned that as the

    institution they will continue to consult her and she must not be scared to consult with them, and further

    wish her well in her career. Other speakers included Dr Gertahun, Dr Bitchong, Matron Zwane and Sthemba

    Dlamini.Kholiwe in her remarks acknowledged the institution for affording her the opportunity to grow and

    develop to be what she is today. It's been a singular honor to serve in this hospital," Kholiwe said, thanking

    management. She expressed her gratitude to all staff members who made her work a success whilst still with

    the hospital in particular pharmacy staff. "I do appreciate the support and collegiality you've shown me." Her

    voice cracked as she wrapped up her remarks: "What has been the wonderful part about it is the affections

    and respect you have showered upon me".

    Kholiwe Leaves RFM


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