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Dru 10 Day Guardians Challenge

Learn about the symbolism and how Hindu gods reflect our own nature. Each day includes Dru sequences, mudras and chants for you to practise at home.

DAY 1 Ganesh: ears = listen to our deepest yearnings , small eyes = focus and not to see faults, big belly = digest good and bad to take everything into ourselves and absorb. Carries bowl of laddoos and picks up laddoo to the left = material wealth, Clears obstacles, sometimes places obstacles to keep you on the correct path so its important to trust GaneshAssociated with the root chakraMudra: Left palm to heart level, palm outwards. Hook right hand into it, face inwards. Pull outwards, engaging muscles and release. Open up heart centre and feel into Ganesh. Release on out breath and soften. Tighten again, feel strength in the arms and the body, mind and emotions. Repeat five or six times per day.

Mantra: Om gam ganapateai namaha x 27

Yoga sequence 40 mins. Ganesh Namaskara:

One of the most well-known deities in the yogictradition is Ganesh, the elephant-headed god. Ganesh is said to be the 'Lord of Beginnings' and the 'Remover of Obstacles'. In the yogictradition, people call on Ganesh to help them with starting a new project, taking exams, travelling or before any other big event. Working with Ganesh can help you clear and let go of the past and embrace a new path or project. Ganesh is said to reside within the muladhara the root chakra- as he brings a sense of stability and support. This feeling of grounding and stability helps remove stress and anxiety. Working with Ganesh on a regular basis can help you feel supported and connected, not only to others, but also to the universe. By letting go of fear, insecurities and attachments, you can pave the way for you or your new project to be on the right path.

Every part of Ganeshs body has its own value and significance:

Elephant Head - broad thinking and wisdom

Small Eyes - focused Vision

Wide ears - wisdom, ability to listen to people who seek help and to reflect on spiritual truths.

Trunk - careful and alert

Big belly said to contain the universe. It signifies the bounty of nature and equanimity, the ability of Ganesha to swallow the sorrows of the Universe and protect the world

Position of his legs (one resting on the ground and one raised) - the importance of living and participating in the material world as well as in the spiritual world, the ability to live in the world without being of the world

Broken Tusk - ability to overcome or "break-through"

This class will include the following:

1. A short introduction

2. Activations

3. The Ganesh Namaskara in two stagesStage 1 Letting go of the pastStage 2 bringing joy and a feeling of stability into your heart

4. Full flow of sequence

5. Meditation

During Stage 1 we will usethe prana mudra to help bring energy into the body as well asusing the bija mantra for the muladhara chakra LAM to stabilise and balance to root centre. During Stage 2 wework with the Ganesh mantra: Om gam ganashaya namaha.Gamis the sound that representsthe energy of Ganesh himself. It is hisbija(seed syllable) mantra.

Day 2: Saraswati

Today is day 2 of the Discovering the Guardians Challenge where we explore the energy of Saraswati, the flowing one.

This goddess is all about clarity and focus of our mind as well as expressing our creativity.

Day 3 - Introducing Laxmi

Laxmi is the goddess of abundance and prosperity. Today invite that sense of fullness into your life at every level - health, wisdom,prosperity and spiritual as well as abundant finances.

Check out Laxmi Namaskara 47 mins: on the online studio to explore more about this universal goddess of abundance:

In this class we explorethe archetype ofthe goddess of abundance - Lakshmi (also spelt Laxmi).Thousands of years agothis goddesswas described in ancient scriptures of India as representingthe energy of abundance.

We are all familiar with abundance in the form of financial stability and money, but the Lakshmi energyis also evident in other aspects of our lives. For instance if you have a Lakshmi mental attitude then you are someone who sees life with the glass half full not half empty. If you have a 'Lakshmi' like emotional constitution, then you are someone who is generous andimmensely kind.

Someone who has developed an abundance of'Lakshmi' like appreciation of life is one who tackles challenges with the attitude that you have the tools and ability to get the best out of it. In short, a person who has an attitude of abundance make the best of life enjoys success in his/her relationships, family life, career and health.

This class will include the following:

1. A short introduction

2. Activations

3. The Lakshmi Namaskara in four stages

Stage 1 - Cycle of Cosmic Expansion

Stage 2 - Offering Respect to the Universe

Stage 3 - Aligning with a perfect universe - which includes> part 1 - the conch mudra and>part 2 - chanting the mantra "Om Sri Lakshmaya"

Stage 4 - The Immortality sequence

Lakshmi affirmations:

I am heaven, I am earth. I am love I am truth. I am abundant

I am the creator of my destiny. I amthe dissolver of all my challenges.

'I am part of everything and everyone. I am connected.

Complete this class with a meditation on the sun; absorbing light into the 7 major energy centres (chakras) of the body.

Day 4 - Introducing Dhruvam

Today we talk about Dhruvam, a small boy in a story from the ancient Indian scriptures who, through mantra and the tree pose, findshis connection to god and the universe. After many years he was then given the position in the sky as the North star. The still point from which we navigate through our lives.

We then practise the Dru Salutation, a beautiful flowing sequence to help you find your inner stillness.

Day 5 - Introducing Garuda

Today Garuda comes into focus as we explore some of the powerful qualities of the eagle. Precision, focus, clarity and direction areall important features as well as a profound sense of freedom and expansion.

Enjoy a flowing Garuda followed by exploring the Garuda mudra.

Discovering the Guardians Challenge - Day 6

Today we discuss Shiva - the "Lord of Yoga". Yoga comes from the root word yog meaning to unite. As the guardian ofthis process, Shiva can really help us connect deeply to our inner self.

Shiva's energy also helps us to let go of anything that we no longer need in our lives; to dissolve, dissipate or release. Shiva helps us to tune into the rhythm of nature and the cycles of the seasons.

Use his mantra "om namah shivaya" regularly to attune to these qualities.

Discovering the Guardians Challenge - Day 7

Today we discuss Krishna - a very loving and compassionate god. He is one of the most well-known Guardians, as one of the main characters in the Bhagavata Gita. If you haven't read the Gita, today is a great day to start!Krishna resides in the body at the heart center, and is linked to the mantra "om namoh bhagavate vasudevaya".We also discuss the symbolism of the flute, which is one of Krishna's main accessories.

Make sure to check out this class on the Gita: Video: 11 mins.

This sessionis dedicated to helping youre-discover your inner light.

This verse from chapter 15 of the Bhagavad Gitarepresents a light that exists within us that can never be extinguished. As you become familiar with these ancient Sanskrit sounds, imagine that within your heart, is a tiny flame. Yet, as tiny as this little light may seem, it has the power to dispel darkness.

Look around you, if the night seems long, and the darkness of uncertainly prevails, then close your eyes and begin the search for that one light that can never be blown out by lifes challenges and circumstances.

English translation of chapter15, verse12:'That light which residing in the sun, illumines the whole world, that which is in the moon and in the fireknow that light to be Mine'.

Yadaad-it yagatam tejo -repeatjagad bhaasayatekhilam -repeatYacchandramasi yacchaagnau -repeattattejo viddhi maamakam -repeat

After singing this verse enjoya shortvisualisationand meditation on inner light. This is your opportunity to re-connect to a source of silent flickering light that glows inside us, waiting to be acknowledged and honoured.

English affirmation: I am a Light that can never be extinguished. I am a light that forever glows.

Complete this session with the three sounds ofOM, followed bythe three most potent words of the Gita:Om Tat Satwhich denotes our aspiration to uphold the truth (sat) and the divinity within each of us.

Discovering the Guardians Challenge - Day 8

Today we discuss Agni - fire in the personified form. In Ayurveda, fire is said to helps us digest food but also emotions.

Have you heard the saying its better to light a candle than to curse the darkness? Lighting a candle is a very powerful way to invite lightness back in our lives. We can use a candle in the morning and in the evening, and youll learn the different benefits of both.

We can also use a candle to send light to others. Learn how to make your own butterlamp at home and use it for that or to do a beautiful calming meditation.

Make sure the check out the video on Tratak or meditating with a candle on the studio:

Video 20 mins.

Trataka (or candle gazing) is a powerful and potent technique that can bring both joy and simultaneously calm and focus your mind. In sanskrit, the word is tratak literally means to gaze, or to look.

Physical benefits

improves your eyesight and vision

provides stress relief and deep relaxation

deepens your sleep and helps improve insomnia and nightmares

reduces headaches

Other benefits of this technique include:

improving concentration, intelligence and memory

enhances self-confidence, patience and willpower

brings greater clarity and improves decision-making ability

This technique is also an excellent method to prepare for meditation - especially mantra meditation as it calms the mind and provides inner peace and silence. Perfect for the next stage of your meditation practice. It is especially useful to develop your sense of focus and concentration which are essential to progress in your yogic practices.

Discovering the Guardians Challenge - Day 9

Today we discuss Chandra the moon god or goddess. As we know, the moon influences the earths waters and Chandra represents the element of water.

Chandras energy helps us to connect to our emotions and intuition, our ability to be sensitive and soft and our imagination.

Make sure the check out one of these videos of the moon sequence on the studio. (We know that they look a bit old but the sequence is so lovely we wanted to share it with you today!)

Video 14 mins:

This sequence is taken from the"Balancing the Water Element"class by Annie Jones. Itis perfect forcalming your mind and emotions - helping you to feel deeply peaceful and in perfect harmony with everything around you.

The moon sequence deeply affects the way you think and your capacity to change and adapt to life. It teaches you to recognise the immense power of silence and how to unlock your intuitive insight. Throughout this sequence, visualise you are beneath the soothing, restful rays of the moon.

Dru Yoga book: Stillness in Motion

It seems now well known and established that our mood swings, instincts and how we feel about things are all influenced by the moon, and, because we are so good at hiding how we really feel, the energy around the full moon can light up our hidden emotional world. If ever youre feeling overwhelmed at the intensity of the full moon, notice whether you are blaming something external rather than owning your natural emotional intensity.

The best way to understand your own your feelings is, first, to notice them. Try keeping a journal and record your good and more challenging days. This will help you correlate how the moon affects you. Then - practise the moon sequence to restore your balance when necessary!

Discovering the Guardians Challenge - Day 10

Today we discuss Surya - the lord of the sun. He can be called upon through the Gayatri mantra and by practising sun salutations.

Surya is said to be the dispeller of darkness, curing disease and heating and illuminating the world. He helps us to remove the darkness of ignorance and bestows wisdom.

Use the mudra to help you feel the sun energy in your body.

We teach you a beautiful mantra to go with your sun salutation practice. Make sure the check out the surya namaskar classes on the studio:

Video 1: 36 mins: Anouschka: to this class great class combining the wonderful SuryaNamaskara (Salutations to the Sun) with Drus beautiful Inner Fire sequence.

Surya means the sun in Sanskrit and through the Surya Namaskara, we activate our personal solar centre or the Manipura chakra. The Manipura is closely related to our energy levels, dynamism and passion for life. We then invite and draw that energy up to the heart centre through the movements from the Inner Fire Sequence and the Seat of Compassion.

Use the power of the Sun Sequence to enhance the qualities activated but the Inner Fire. This combination of the two sequences greatly enhances our feelings of inner security, motivation and confidence as well as inviting us to then share our enthusiasm and joy with the world.

By the end of this class we hope youll be feeling energised, healthy, vibrant and full of confidence and power! Dedicate this class to someone or a project in your life that might need an extra bit of energy or passion to get things going!

In this session will include:

Activationsand body preps - including thegastrocnemiusstretch and thepectoralis stretches

Demonstration of the full sequence of Surya flow - sit back and relax!

Join in as Helen and Anouschka guide you through this wonderful sequence

Ensure you take time after the sequence to relax and calm the body (there is no guided relaxation at the end of this class).

Or if you want a bit more of a workout:Video 2 71 mins: Radha:

This session is designed as a complete body workout. The Sun Sequence is renowned as the panacea for all aliments and is the King of Yoga Sequences. It has been practiced for thousands of years and is as beneficial today as it was then. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a regular practitioner of yoga, this session will take you deeper into your stretch, and deeper into your centre. Prepare to be challenged and break the boundaries of your physical body in order to crack open the abundance of sunshine that lies inside!

Sun SequenceThe Sun Sequence gradually and slowly deepens the stretch in the body with ease. As you hold each posture, you will feel any tension and tiredness in the body letting go, old emotions letting go, old unwanted patterns releasing.

> Beginning with activations and then onto Energy Block Release 1, Starting from themountain pose(tadasana), the spine is freed up and the cerebral-spinal fluid begins to moves easily.

> Thewarrior stretchesand tones the legs, opens and expands the chest and frees tension in the spine. You will feel yourself breaking through resistance, letting go of lethargy, fear and anger.

> Thedog posture(adho-mukha svanasana) awakens the inner energy flow along the length of your spine. This posture helps to move stuck energy from the calves and thighs and helps you to prepare you to move forward in life.

> The pinnacle of the sequence isthe cobra posture(bhujangasana). Each one raising you higher, strengthening the back, opening the chest, emotionally helping you to rise to the best in you.

> The second set ofwarrior stretchesnow build inner strength, determination, courage, fearlessness.

> As you rise and return tomountain posesegmentally un-rolling spine, you find your inner fire is awake, your whole being vibrant, moving yet still. Energy moves in the muscles, the nervous system, the circulation, the breath, the spinal fluid. On the more subtle levels, the nadis are freed. The inner fire has been ignited! Enjoy and let this take you on into your day full of energy, joy and celebration.

Complete this class with a line twist and spinal twist to loosen the lower back. Then onto a well deserved relaxation that allows this vibrancy to settle in a new place within, creating a new, even more radiant you!

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