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WGISS-22 Update of Grid TT

Jan 22, 2016




WGISS-22 Update of Grid TT. Guoqing Li Presented for WGISS-22 12, Sept, 2006 Annapolis, USA. Contents. TT Activities Technical Trends Focused Contribution to GEO Tasks Session Outlook. Task Team Activities. Independent Research and Activity within agency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • WGISS-22

    Update of Grid TTGuoqing LiPresented for WGISS-2212, Sept, 2006Annapolis, USA

  • ContentsTT Activities

    Technical Trends Focused

    Contribution to GEO Tasks

    Session Outlook

  • Task Team ActivitiesIndependent Research and Activity within agencyInterested research works are still runningNRSCC, CNES, ESA, NASU etc.Funded projects are less reported successfully won during the past half yearChinaIs just preparing to apply the funds from the next Five Years S&T PlanUkraineGot a next task: water resources ecological management, with the platform of GEMLCA (Grid like platform)Other AgenciesStatus unknown

  • NRSCC/RSGSESACNESNASUSAS (Slovak)RAN (Russia)Dragon ProjectINTAS-CNES-NSAU projectESA Category-1

  • Dragon Project: Target: to merge ESA Grid and SIG; to support the data delivery platform for other Dragon projectsStatus: Possible beginning from the stage II (2008)By Luigi and GuoqingESA Category-1 ProjectTarget: Wide Area Grid Testbed for Flood Monitoring using Spaceborne SAR and Optical DataStatus: under preparationBy NataliyaINTAS-CNES-NSAU ProjectTarget: Data Fusion Grid InfrastructureStatus: Good result of first stage evaluationBy Nataliya and Paul

  • Technical Trends FocusedCollaboration among Girds is important and urgentlyLess Problem on building Independent Grid System As the support technology for using Grid in some International Cooperation ProjectsResponse to GEO 2007-2009 (Topic 11, Architecture )New technology trend appearedConceptions much discussed in such field.WAG (Wide Area Grid)Inter-GridVolunteers : J.P.+Paul+Nataliya+Guoqing+Zhenchun+..

  • Contribution to GEOSome principles to understand the role of Grid in GEO taskService-based technologies are the main basement of spatial information system. Gird is one of technologies to develop services and manage services. Grid can bring merging technologies for different service-based information components and systems.Inter-Grid will be the suit tools to joint many independent grid-based spatial systems for one multidisciplinary application.

  • What does GEO need?The success of GEOSS will depend on data and information providers accepting and implementing a set of interoperability arrangements, including technical specifications for collecting, processing, storing, and disseminating shared data, metadata and products. GEOSS interoperability will be based on non-proprietary standards, with preference given to formal international standards. Interoperability will be focused on interfaces, defining only how system components interface with each other and thereby minimizing any impact on affected systems other than where such systems have interfaces to the shared architecture. ---GEOSS 10-Year Implementation Plan, Section 5.3

  • The new, grouped task would address the following objectives:Develop and promote practical implementations of the GEOSS architecture in relation to the Social Benefit Areas, thus enhancing GEOSS' visibility of and demonstrating its benefits. Emphasize the Global interoperability concept and consider in detail how various existing interoperability projects (e.g., GMES, INSPIRE) could be part of GEOSS.Define and develop the interoperability test-beds for specific Social Benefit Areas and demonstrate and evaluate the results with end-users. Continue to develop the Clearinghouse and Web Portal, and focus on practical applications for specific Social Benefit Areas. Consider how recent information technologies such like as Grid computing, SensorML, Ontology, Semantic Web, Web2.0 should be taken into account.

  • New Task listed:AR-07-P1: Virtual Constellation

    AR-07-P2: Linking Infrastructures

    AR-07-P3: Interactive Data Access and Analysis System

  • As a resultGrid TT should response the task of research the new information architecture.??

    Grid TT should work with other GEO task. Grid can afford the necessary and professional support elements for the platform.Grid can be used to build multi-source data service system.Grid can be used to merge distributed processing resource to support the on-demand data production.

  • Contribution to GEO tasksArchitectureAR-06-01Applications

  • Session OutlookTT Update by Guoqing (5)Ukraine ahency report om gird by Nataliya (5)CNES agency report on grid by Paul (10)Introduction to WAG concepts by J.P. (15)Implementation of Product Virtualization in a Geospatial Grid by Liping (20)Introduction to WAG and its definition by J.P. continually (20)Grid Infrastructure for Research and Education and its Challenges -by Carol (30)

    CNES: WAG Technical Requirements by Paul (15)Understanding to WAG and Inter-Grid by Zhenchun(15)A Concept of International Virtual Earth Observatory by Liping (20)

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