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WGISS/CEOS in Support of GEOSS Pakorn Apaphant Sep 28, 2009 WGISS 28 Pretoria, South Africa

Dec 14, 2015



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WGISS/CEOS in Support of GEOSS Pakorn Apaphant Sep 28, 2009 WGISS 28 Pretoria, South Africa Slide 2 WGISS Contribution WGISS participates in 7 CEOS/GEO actions Leading 4 actions Support WGCV 1 action Support Health SBA 2 actions Regularly update at Monthly Telecons Plan for GEO IV Demo Slide 3 Topics Current status of WGISS/CEOS actions in support of GEO Tasks Anticipated WGISS involvement CEOS Demo at GEO IV and CEOS plenary Plan for 2010 WGISS/CEOS in support of GEO Guidance to subgroups Slide 4 4 AR-09-02a_30: Virtual Constellations Identify requirements and implement a prototype ACC portal for evaluation and eventual use by the ACC, GEOSS and other AC user communities POC:Stefan Falke/NASA Planned Deliverables 15 Sep 09: ACC portal prototype. 18 Nov 09: GEO-6 demo of prototype 31 Dec 09: Plans for portal governance / maintenance Current Status (1) COMPLETE: The AC portal provides access, tools and guidance to both the atmospheric scientists, and the value-added organizations in using remote EO in Atmospheric Composition data, information and services. Presented the AC Portal concept at the ACC Workshop on Air Quality in Frascati, Italy on 15 June, 2009. (2) On schedule for Initial Capability Demo at WGISS 28 to demonstrate interoperability of data and services among DLR, Giovanni, and DataFed (3) On schedule for Demonstration and Presentation at GEO-VI and an air quality side meeting Slide 5 5 DA-09-01b_2: Data, Metadata, and Products Harmonization Establish a WGISS project to focus its contributions to the subject task and to generate those contributions. The first deliverable of the GEO task is an Assessment of Current Capabilities POC:Ken Mc Donald/NOAA Planned Deliverables: June, 2009: Develop assignments for assessments Sept. 2009: Complete draft inputs to Assessment Report Current Status:- A WGISS Project was formed at WGISS-27 in May (WGISS Architecture and Data Contributions) to generate the WGISS input to DA-09-01b and other related GEO tasks. - Reviewed the GCI functionality and contents and developing recommendations on data discovery and data search requirements and criteria. - In developing the concept, design and implementation options for a GCI clearinghouse of remotely-sensed data collections that would include the distributed search of the large inventories of satellite data products. Slide 6 6 DA-09-03d_3: Global DEM Update ICEDS information server to provide OGC-compliant access to ASTER 30m DEM data (when it becomes available), together with localized validation DEM data and associated quality information (e.g. gap locations; number of ASTER observations per pixel, etc.) POC: JP Muller (Wyn Culip for WGISS) Planned Deliverables: Update ICEDS information server to provide OGC-compliant access to ASTER 30m DEM data (when it becomes available), together with localized validation DEM data and associated quality information Current Status (from WGCV/NASA/METI) -METI and NASA have formally agreed to release the ASTER GDEM that may be downloaded from June 29, 2009 onwards. -The "ASTER GDEM Validation Summary Report." is available. -Space agencies also be requested to provide DEM data that will fill in gaps or areas that are identified as being of poor resolution Issues BNSC funding fiscal year 2009/10 has not yet been determined. Commitments are dependant on the securing of appropriate funding. Slide 7 7 DI-06-09_7: Use of Satellite for Risk Management Analyze the response by WGISS members to supply near real-time data to the response agency. Develop a working process model to integrate and make use of existing technologies within WGISS/CEOS. Implement a prototype to demonstrate use of these integrated technologies for the process model for the earthquake scenario. POC:Lorant Czaran/Pakorn Apaphant Planned Deliverables: June 30, 2009 Testing the model September 30, 2009 Working Process defined at WGISS 28 November 2009 Document and include in WGISS Report at the CEOS plenary Current Status:-Not much Progress -Coordinated to get support for Indonesia Earthquake in September. Issue-This activity is recommended to be restructured after the GEO Caribbean Flood Pilot project -Comment s on overlap activities with International Charter -Recommended to revise its activities Slide 8 8 DA-09-01a_10: GEOSS Quality Assurance Quality Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observation (QA4EO) Implementation POC: Pascal Lecomte/Gregory Stensaas (?? WGISS) Planned Deliverables: May 09: Work with CEOS WGISS on Cal/Val data access Jun 09: Develop and initiate an implementation plan for QA4EO Sep 09: Organize a community workshop to address implementation of QA4EO Nov 09: Establish outreach activities to promote QA4EO within the user community Current Status: WGISS will support QA4EO for Data Access tool, Further Coordination with WGCV is required Slide 9 9 HE-09-01_1: Information System for Health Develop a long-term plan to support critical space-based imagery to support modeling, forecasting and monitoring of health issues. POC:Stephan Falke/NASA Planned Deliverables: Jul 7-9, 2009: Workshop at WMO in Geneva, Prepare a plan of implementation Nov 2010: Earth Observation Handbook for health Current Status Both a "Health Data" and a "Health Data Services" portal have been designed and populated by NASA. Additions to these portals will continue to be made as new health data sets and services are identified and information is made available to enter these into the directory. Note This action is offered to support by NASA/AC team Slide 10 10 HE-09-01_2: Information System for Health Demonstrate a global smoke plume and dust forecasting product (IDEA) using multiple satellites and trajectory models for air quality health hazards POC:Jack Fishman (??? For WGISS) Deliverables: IN PROGRESS - 48hr automated aerosol forecasts have been archived for statistical analysis. Aeronet aerosol optical depth measurements have been acquired for forecast verification. Current Status: ??? Note Continue ??? Slide 11 Anticipated WGISS involvement in CEOS Demo at GEO IV and CEOS plenary Slide 12 GEO-VI plenary EVENT DATEDEMONSTRATION/ ACTIVITIESCEOS Representation GEO-VI Plenary The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Washington DC 17 th -18 th Nov 2009 Demonstration LSI Portal Climate Diagnostics Portal ACC portal Forest Carbon Portal Disaster Response Management Demo CEOS VDO Plenary Statement from CEOS Chair Materials 2008 CEOS Brochure 2008 EO Handbook CEOS Flyer CEOS Chair, SIT Chair, CEO, GISTDA, 2007-9 SIT(NOAA), SEO, NASA, ESA, FCT Slide 13 Exhibition: Information A 10ft x 10ft CEOS booth is arranged in front of the entrance of exhibition room NOAA and NASA provide financial support for equipment rental and etc. Internet Access/two plasma screens CEOS Exhibition: 3 Portals/3 Demos/CEOS VDOs/Materials One screen for Portals and Demo, the other for CEOS VDOs Slide 14 Slide 15 Exhibition: Demonstration on the 1 st plasma LSI Portal: FCT Application Demonstration Leader: LSI Co Lead (USGS, ISRO) Presenter: FCT team AC Portal Demonstration Leader: ACC Co Lead (NASA/ESA) Presenter: NASA/DLR Climate Diagnostics Portal Demonstration Leader: Climate SBA Lead (NOAA) Presenter: NOAA/WGISS/NASA Sensor Web for Disaster Response Demonstration Leader: WGISS Presenter: NASA Slide 16 Exhibition: Demonstration on the 2 nd plasma CEOS Database Demonstration Leader: ESA/SEO Presenter: SEO COVE Demonstration Leader: WGCV/SEO Presenter: SEO Slide 17 Exhibition: VDO on the 2 nd plasma CEOS Dataset, Workshops, etc. slide Leader: SIT Team Data Democracy slides Prepared by: 2009 Troika CEOS FCT VDO Clip Prepared by CEO CEOS VDO Stephen Ward Note: All slides and VDO will be compiled by SEO Slide 18 Copenhagen 23 rd CEOS Plenary EVENT DATEDEMONSTRATION/ ACTIVITYCEOS Representation 23rd CEOS Plenary, Phuket, Thailand 3 rd 5 th Nov 2009Demonstration/ExhibitionCEOS Members Slide 19 Exhibition Portal Demos are welcome, please confirm ASAP Possible Demonstrations LSI Portal: FCT Application Demonstration AC Portal Demonstration Climate Diagnostics Portal Demonstration Sensor Web for Disaster Response Demonstration CEOS Database Demonstration COVE Demonstration Slide 20 Plan for 2010 WGISS/CEOS in support of GEO Slide 21 2010 Working Groups Anticipated Goal Session, 23 rd CEOS Plenary WGs Anticipated Goals Discussion Preparation telecon next week Subgroups to identify the GEO Tasks which WGISS plan to support GEO Ministerial is in 2010 Any Demos from WGISS??? Slide 22 CEOS Leadership Transition CEOS Chair: GISTDA INPE SIT Chair: NOAA JAXA CEOS still continues strongly support GEO but the working process may be different no. of actions and monthly telecons can be reduced WGISS will need to follow CEOS policy and direction Slide 23 Meeting Schedule of Key events CEO Plenary/GEO Plenary Nov 09 CEOS-GEO Remapping Dec 09, if still any SIT 25 Apr 10 WGISS 29 May 10 May 2010 is too late to start planning, we need to start planning now Slide 24 GEO Tasks/Demo we will support in 2010 Description/Deliverables/Leading Agencies or IG will be therefore expected from this WGISS meeting VC (ACC, LSI, etc.), Health, Disaster, Data Harmonization, Data Democracy, GCI, etc WGISS Exec will start our monthly telecon in Jan so that we will be ready to report to SIT in April and start working in May Subgroup telecons/email exchange during Jan-Mar is therefore encouraged to discuss on our support GEO Slide 25 Example of new Anticipated task Given the current relative low number of GEOSS registered resources, the number of records returned, as results of a query from a GEO Web Portal user, is quite low. On the contrary the IDN contains a fantastic database of EO information that would be so useful to the GEO Community. Ivan suggested that it is a unique opportunity for WGISS to play a major role in GEO through IDN. There is still some work to do to properly interface the IDN with the main GCI elements and wou

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