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VirtuOz - chatbots - PIA - 2008

Apr 14, 2017



Unique technology: from keyword pattern matching to self-learning

Executive SummaryV2.0.0 2008.03.06 Confidential VirtuOz SA

Social networksCommunicatePlanManageBuyIMEmailVoiceWebMy day = 24h

The problem is, we are doing more and more things online, spread out on more services, and more channels.

But unfortunately until further notice, your day will always last 24 hours !

When you think about all you did online yesterday Im sure most of the small things could have been done by somebody else, if he or she knows you a little bit.2

Social networksCommunicatePlanManageBuyIMEmailVoiceWebMy day = 24hVirtuOz will enable people to save timewith a personal intelligent assistant (PIA)that manages their connected life

Our mission is to provide you with that somebody else who know you a little bit

But it will be a virtual person : your personal intelligent assistant3

My PIA understands/predicts my needs

Save time


Existing dataSocial networks profiles, emails, applicationsExperienceFeedback fromprevious interactionsDirect interactionswith meConversationMy ecosystemMy contextMy habits

First of all, its not everybodys assistant, its MY assistant. It cannot be efficient if it doesnt know my habits, my ecosystem, my current context (where I am).

So it progressively learns about me:I chat with itit may read my FB profile, my emailsAnd most importantly, it learns from experience.4

and executes online tasks on my behalf

Save time

IntelligenceMy ecosystemMy contextMy habits


IMing on my behalfBooking



Then when I need something, its ready to execute on my behalfI might organize my schedule, chat with my friends, shop using existing webservices and service providers5

One event > multiple tasks

Save time

IntelligenceBirthday invitationMy ecosystemMy contextMy habits


IMing on my behalfBooking


Planning books the ticket to get there check if Im available receive the invitation help me choose the gift

check who is going tell them which train I take update my schedule sync for the gift

Its important to understand its not just an aggregation of servicesMy Pia really uses the service on my behalfMy PIA cross-uses many services in a transversal mannerSince the comm channel between me and my PIA is chat (and later, voice), I can use it in the street

Lets take an example

While Im here with you, I logged off from MSN Messenger, but in fact I still appear online to my contacts because my PIA replaces me there.Maybe somebody just started to chat to me to invite me to her birthday next weekend in Manchester.My PIA already took care of this matter (steps)PIA prepares everything, explores every option. Then you spend one minute to validate. You just saved almost one hour.6

Value propositionReduce by 50% my stupid online time(i.e. when my personal presence is unnecessary)

For 20~35 year-olds, hyperconnected young actives: Save 10 minutes a day

Were not trying to do artificial intelligence. Were rather providing artificial stupidity.

20 minutes a day during 15 years, its one year. I can enjoy one more year, but not at 95 years old in my hospital bed, just now while Im young and I need it !7

Step 1 : Unique intelligent virtual agent technology

Technology FoundationVirtual Agent Platform

A expert team of engineers and scientists Linguistics (GUST Dependency grammar Dr Kahane)Machine learning (Genetic algorithms, Bayesian networks)Unique technology (6 years)Well-trained algorithmsHuge amount of linguistic, semantic and pragmatic data



Step 2 : A successful virtual agent for customer care

Technology FoundationVirtual Agent PlatformCustomer care virtual agent

Excellent product and ROI Virtual salesman increases sales +30% Virtual assistant decreases support costs -50%World-class customers

Top-3 websitesin France



Step 3 : Repeat business, virtual agents become personal

Technology FoundationVirtual Agent Platform

Key customers want personal assistants for their users

Pay-per-dialog business modelProfitable, strong revenue growth

200520062007US$ 0.2MUS$ 0.6MUS$ 1.9M

Repeat business2007~Customer care virtual agent

180,000+ members in 8 months without advertisingSkaaz Test


Technology FoundationVirtual Agent Platform

Customer care virtual agent

Next stepsRepeat businessSkaaz Test

The product


IM, widget, emailWeb console: settings, reportingMobile phone: IM, SMS, (voice)My contactsOn my IM accountsOn my profilesServices management tool

ServicesImplementedby VirtuOz3rd- partyServices(partners, users)

I need a velibAre you near Place Clichy?YesThe closest station is at Villiers.

My PIA is always with me (most important channel: mobile)My PIA interacts w/ my friends and contacts on standard channels like my IM accounts or my FB pageVirtuOz develops the basic set of most wanted services. We also open the opportunity for service providers or even power users to plug into the platform. Of course the more users well have, the more service providers will volunteer to do this!12

Market environmentExhaustive

Fullfills 360 needsVerticalEmpathicListing displayEach service in a silo

Vertical assistants



411 pages

NL Search

Social platforms

PersonalizedProactiveEasyUbiquitous (mobile)

We want to be the best in a new category that is being defined right now.

Differentiation w/ 411 and PHP : (or any agreggation service):We not only list or display the service: we use it on behalf ot the user (automation)We cross use many different services in a transversal wayThe channel (chat & dialog) is the most pervasive one could dream of13

Business model based on smart advertisingMy PIA knows what I need when so he provides itPriority = user interest

Me: whats up next week?

My PIA: dont forget youve Bobs birthday in LA next Saturdayhere are a few resources you might find useful in LA:

Me: please book my flight

My Skaaz: here are the best options I found:

Sponsored contentFlowers Shops in Los AngelesNight entertainment in Los AngelesSources: Travelocity, Expedia, AAAA203 9:00pm $140 Book nowTU200 9:30pm $155 Book nowSW999 9:30pm $153 Visit website

Phase 1: Contextual ads

Phase 2: Commissions


Fast user acquisition owing to biz dev deals

IM networks (MSN, Y!, AIM, QQ)- 300M+ active users- Ongoing talks with MSN

Homepages (Netvibes, MyYahoo, iGoogle)- 100M+ active users- Starting talks with NetvibesWho: Services with huge audience but low monetizationHow: They propose a PIA to their users. We share revenues.

Another HUGE opportunity: telecom careers like Vodafone (when we have voice)15

Future milestones

2009Customer care virtual agent

Repeat business

Launch PIA in US2008

Complete PIA devSetup US ops



6M (2008: 1.7M ; 2009: 4.3M)

Use of proceeds


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