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Transition Town Community Discussion Exploring ideas together. General

Transition Town Community Discussion Exploring ideas together. General.

Dec 27, 2015



Marcus Hicks
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Community DiscussionExploring ideas together.General

Transition TownPurposeTo use information from micro-farm project to learn about home and community vegetable sustainability.GeneralTransition TownConclusions for Family(AS COMPARED TO CSA) AdvantagesDisadvantagesHealth of natural food and knowing where comes from and subbing for meats and processed foods.With less time, can buy from CSA or farmers market.Health from being outdoorsRequires physical work that some might not be physically capable of.Building community with other farmers and sharingCost-benefit of small scale is low. Lowers food costGetting good land may be difficult and not close by.Farm rows easier to maintain and can provide higher yield than garden.When things go wrong may lack experience to correct it.Incentive for learning to cook seasonally and storeFor best results, deep plowing is best, which is not available for most.Even small scale can provide outreach to communityTime commitmentProvides for personal food security.Seasonality spikes harvest and requires storage and not eating fresh later.Satisfaction and pride Family GrowingTransition TownMaking Micro Farms Work Through CommunityCommunity GrowingCommunity micro farms and gardens leverage capital expenses and can save time.Benefit of CommunityExplanationLeverage costsSharing of capital equipment costsLower Labor CostPlow all fields at same timeProvide flexibility of scheduleHelp each other when neighbors are away. Take turns for activities such as weeding.Veggie TradingFarmers trade with other for what they need.Additional Community ProgramsProgram BenefitCommunity GreenhouseShare capital expense of growing seedlings and extending growing season.Community Root CellarEvens out harvest for later consumptionCommunity FreezerEvens out harvest for later consumptionCommunity KitchenEvens out harvest for later consumptionTransition Town