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Top 10 Places to Visit in Hyderabad

May 15, 2015




Find the Top 10 Places to Visit in Hyderabad. Visit Ramoji Film city, Hussein sagar lake, charminar, golkunda fort, Mecca Masjid, Qutub Sahi Tomb, falaknama palace and other attractions in Hyderabad.

  • 1.Hyderabad - The City of Pearls Boasts of a Number of Beautiful Places

2. Ramoji Film City: Traveling to Ramoji Film City gives the marvelous experience to travel the lavish green gardens, splendid movie sets, amazing attractions, mesmerizing entertainment shows, delicious food, wonderful shopping, warm hospitality and glamor and glitz of the silver screen. 3. Birla Mandir: The temple is as famous for its exquisite artwork featuring the Hindu pantheon as it is for its illumined beauty during the night-time, which transforms it into a shining beacon on the Hyderabad skyline. 4. Qutub Shahi Tombs: The tombs erected in memory of the departed kings of Golconda are magnificent monuments that have stood the test of time and the vagaries of nature. 5. CharMinar: A lavish and magnificent landmark that harks back to the glory days when India was ruled by Kings, Charminar is the most famous monument and mosque in all of Hyderabad. 6. Golconda Fort: Golkonda fort, one of the most famous and the biggest fortress in the Deccan plateau, was built on a 400 ft. high hill. It has three lines of massive fortification walls one within the other and rise to a height of over 12 m. 7. Mecca Masjid: Mecca Masjid is one of the oldest masjids in the city and easily the biggest. It took 77 years to come up as the magnificent edifice we see today. 8. Hussain Sagar Lake: Hussain Sagar Lake is one of the largest man made lake situated at the confluence of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Begumpet. One of the World's tallest monolithic statues of the Buddha stands on the 'Rock of Gibraltar', in the middle of the lake. 9. Chowmahalla palace: Once regarded as the center of Hyderabad, the magnificent Chowmahalla Palace was the seat of the Asaf Jahi dynasty where the Nizams entertained their official guests and royal visitors. 10. Falaknuma Palace: One of the highlights of the palace is the state reception room, whose ceiling is decorated with frescoes and gilded reliefs. The ballroom contains a two-ton manually operated organ said to be the only one of its kind in the world. 11. Nehru Zoological Park: It is spread over an area of 380 acres and 600 acres Alam Tank lake and has a wide selection of animals - nearly 100 species of birds, animals and reptiles are housed here. The zoo runs different safari trips every day, such as Lion Safari, Tiger Safari, Bear Safari, and Butterfly Safari. 12. For Any Package Related Queries: [email protected] 011 45566651 For detailed inquiries click here: holiday packages

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