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Places you must visit

Sep 01, 2014



Juliet Lozovaya

Unusual places you must visit
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  • Outline 1. Introduction 2. Body - Leshan Giant Buddha - Aogashima - Sea Glass Beach - Northern Lights - Maya Civilization - Naica Mine 3. Conclusion 4. References 5. Questions
  • Introduction The Earth is a miraculous place and with the advent of technology, places that were remote and hidden have been finding their way into the eyes of the world. We selected 6 most unique areas around the world. And will make short presentation, which includes stories and legends about each of them.
  • Leshan Giant Buddha, China Leshan Giant Buddha is a World Heritage Site located in China, in the center of the Sichuan Province. The Giant Buddha of Leshan (aka Dafo) is the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world, carved out of a cliff face by a monk. The Giant Buddha overlooks the confluence of the Minjiang, Dadu and Qingyi rivers.
  • Construction on the Giant Buddha began in 713 AD. It was the idea of a Chinese monk, who hoped that the Buddha would calm the rough waters that prevented ships. When government funding for the project was threatened, the monk gouged out his own eyes to show his piety and sincerity. The construction project was continued by his disciples and finally completed in 803. The "Mount Emei Scenic Area with Leshan Giant Buddha" was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.
  • Sea Glass Beach
  • Located in Northern California among the rocky coastline is what can be considered the Mecca for sea glass collectors around the world. It is an area that once was the town dumping ground, but now littered with smooth shards of sea glass. From the early 20th century the area was used to dump the town's trash. Commonly known as "The Dumps" by the locals, fires were intermittently started to reduce the amount of refuse that collected there. This practice lasted until 1967, at which point the North Coast Water Quality Board wisely prevented any further dumping in this location. The effects of surf and time have now transformed this dump into what is now known locally as Glass Beach. In some areas the glass completely covers the beach. It seems like walking on rubies, sapphires and diamonds.
  • Aogashima
  • Aogashima is noted for its peace and quiet, as a place to escape the relentless bustle of urban life and commune again with nature. Aogashima is a active volcanic island in Japan, which has a unique feature. It is almost like a volcano within a volcano. During the last massive eruption in 1785, around 140 of 327 islanders are said to have perished. However, Aogashima Island has over 200 people living in the crater! Thats not all. There is a school, a local post office, local bars and couple of restaurants just like any other small town. There are only two ways to get on or off the outcrop: by helicopter or by boat. Unfortunately, transportation by boat is often rendered useless by bad weather.
  • Maya Civilization
  • The Maya are an indigenous people of Mexico and Central America who have continuously inhabited the lands comprising modern-day Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Tabasco, and Chiapas in Mexico and southward through Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. The history of Mesoamerica is usually divided into specific periods which, taken together, reveal the development of culture in the region and, for the purposes of this definition, the emergence and cultivation of the Maya Civilization. Contrary to popular beleif, the Mayan civilization was not one unified empire, but rather a multitude of separate entities with a common cultural background. Similar to the Greeks, they were religiously and artistically a nation, but politically sovereign states. As many as twenty such states existed on the Yucatan Peninsula, but although a woman has, on rare occasions, ascended to the ruling position, she has never acquired the title of 'mah kina'.
  • Northern Lights. Iceland
  • The Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis in Icelandic, are one of the most spectacular shows on this earth and can frequently be seen in Iceland from September through March on clear and crisp nights. The name Aurora Borealis (Dawn of the North) is derived from Aurora, the Roman goddess of Dawn, and Boreas, the Greek god of the North Wind, the name evokes some of the majestic, otherworldly splendor of an auroral display.
  • Naica Mine
  • The Naica Mine of the Mexican state of Chihuahua is a working mine that is best known for its extraordinary selenite crystals. The cave was discovered by two miners in 2000. The cave contains some of the largest natural crystals ever found: translucent gypsum beams measuring up to 11 meters long and weighing up to 55 tons. The crystals thrived because they were submerged in mineral-rich water with a very narrow, stable temperature rangearound 58 degrees Celsius. At this temperature the mineral anhydrite, which was abundant in the water, dissolved into gypsum, a soft mineral that can take the form of the crystals in the Naica cave.
  • What age is the most relevant for travel? 35% 40% 18-29 30-39 40-55 No matter 10% 15%
  • Conclusion Our planet is so beautiful. There are so many unique and usual places to visit. If you are ready to conquer the highest peaks and submerge into the deepest depths to steal the concealed secrets of the universe, we have presented you 6 places, which can be a possible route of your next risky adventure!
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  • Questions 1.Who began the construction of Leshan Giant Buddha?
  • 2. What is the second name of the of Glass Beach ?
  • 3. What is the population live in Aogashima?
  • 4. Where were found skeletons of the Maya civilization?
  • 5. What is the meaning of "Aurora Borealis"?
  • 6. Who discovered Naica Mine cave?
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