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Team Cool Design Brief

Jul 07, 2015




Testing out this lark.

  • 1. Team CoolsDesign Brief Louise Finn Claire HartnettAmanda Kavanagh Claire OKeeffe Jesse Pinster Louise Finn Claire Hartnett Amanda Kavanagh Claire OKeeffe Jesse Pinster Team Cools Design Brief

2. Background

  • Main theme :: Escapism latent throughout publication, but not spelled out.
  • Organic subject presented in an abstract manner subtle links to varied content
  • 64 pages
  • Monthly magazine
  • Printed by the Irish Times on same format as Weekender magazine

3. Colours

  • Escapism conjures up green and blue soothing colours
  • But we wish to project escape in an abstract manner, thus we wish to avoid gaudy colours that can be poor quality
  • No Pink
  • Consistency of Colour
  • White Space

4. Objective

  • Aimed at 20-35 year old Professionals
  • Not aimed to be read in a particular place not a commuter paper

5. Who will not read it? 6. Competition

  • Totally Dublin
  • Sunday Supplements
  • State
  • Connected
  • Analogue
  • The Ticket

7. How we will be different

  • It is not specifically music, film, fashion or lifestyle
  • Blend
  • Mainstream but a little to the left
  • Not too self consciously overly-quirky

8. Where will people find this publication?

  • Free within a weekend paper
  • Free Sheet

9. Content

  • The content will largely comprise of feature articles of varying length centred on the overarching theme of escapism.
  • Components of varying lengths
  • Photography will be of a high quality, in-house or by commission.
  • Highly visual quality to the magazine
  • Layout embodies the theme of escapism in the form of stylised realism

10. Design considerations

  • Create a mark or logo which reflects the overall theme of the magazine
  • Explore the appropriate use of typography and photographic style which will embody the theme of escapism
  • Layered text boxes and images to create texture

11. 12. Production considerations

  • The design team will have to abide by the production parameters set out byprinting facilities .
  • This will include printing on stock quality newspaper, adhering to The Irish Times Magazine measurements (271 x 349mm) and consulting them on photograph quality.

13. Deliverables

  • The design team will engage in research to ensure that the decisions made about layout meet international best practice considerations.
  • Additionally we will attempt to ensure that the final concepts reflect the objectives laid out in the design brief.

14. Time Scale