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Aug 15, 2015




  1. 1. Presented by: Anum Aziz 16721 Zohaib Abbas
  2. 2. Engro Foods Limited was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Engro Corporation in 2005 . Using dairy as a stepping stone to enter into the food business, Engro has launched multiple products, becoming a major player in the food market of Pakistan. Now, focusing our attention toTarang in particular, we look at the bases on which it has segmented its target market, its brand personality, the marketing mix that the company has employed to gain the maximum returns and the 4Cs from the consumers point of view.
  3. 3. Olper's Olper's Lite Omore Dairy Omung Olfrute Olper's Lassi Ollwell Tarang
  4. 4. Tarang has carefully chosen its target market after conducting extensive market research and applying the following bases for segmentation to maximize the return on its efforts. Tarang is targeted towards the labour class of Pakistan that works hard during the day and needs to keep their nicotine levels high. They consume a lot of tea and as they do not earn much, Tarang offers them a low priced alternative to milk. Tarang positions itself for this market and the ideal tea whitener. The target market is not a very loyal lot and cannot be relied upon for continued use; they will go after whatever is cheap. But in other way, the rural class would prefer to have a tea of fresh milk.
  5. 5. Tarang has a very joyous and festive personality that is repeatedly portrayed in itsTVCs. It shows an archetypal, filmy lifestyle to the distressed target market that is looking for an escape from the hard realities of life. Initially whenTarang was launched it classified as a Star but presently it is facing problems such as with its distribution and a tough competition from new entrants in the industry. As a result it is facing difficulties in maintaining its market share and has a tendency to move towards being a Question Mark.
  6. 6. Direct Competitors: Nestle Everyday Tea Max-Haleeb Chaika - Shakargang Indirect competitors: Olpers Nestle Milkpack Fresh Milk PowderedTea whiteners
  7. 7. Tarang communicate with its target market with Bursting colors and full of Lollywood stars dancing on catchy tunes- that is howTarang aims to attract viewers attention to its TVCs. But unfortunately their ads looks more fashion oriented e.g jewellery/clothing more than tea whitener. Tarang advertisements seem to emphasize more on the jorr rather than the chai part. As tea is what which we like to have it to get fresh and relax. Tarang has always wanted its consumers to relate to the glitz and glamour of the film industry (which is a tricky part considering the health of our own film industry).
  8. 8. With overly festive and celebratory mood of commercials, it takes a few moments before a new viewer can recognize the product being advertised owing to the dominance of music and dance with least visuals of tea or the stars sipping the tea. Tarang ads fail to strike a chord from an emotional point of view. The viewers cannot relate the scenes from the ads with their own life situations where they might feel a want to drink/ prepare tea. While Everyday comes as a smooth and urbane brand with its ads more relatable to real life situations, one cannot say the same forTarang.
  9. 9. In Pakistan, tea is more of a family drink, popular among masses and associated with refreshing ones mood and mind alike. This does not reflect well inTarangs ads. It is usually the mothers and wives who select and purchase tea, tea whitener brands, milk etc. The ads need to incorporate the mother/wife element to some extent, without sounding clichd.
  10. 10. Tarang, for instance, launched its advertising with the Yeh koi jor nahi a filmi dialougue based on highly a dramatic scene between a hero, heroine and the heroines father! Tarang initially built on a great advertising idea. However, over time they moved away from that critical success factor and now find relief in only good advertising execution (minus the idea).
  11. 11. As, before watching any movie of any star, you realize what sort of film it will be, same is the situation withTarang, you can foresee what sort of an advertisement it will be. Beginning with this "Mughal-e-Azam" feeling which they attempted to show, however, but failed because actors arent synchronized with the background. They tried to rhyme words, but failed because, Tarang Ka Raaj, Har KoiYaha Ishq-Baaz, I hope you can also spot the difference here as well because Raaj and Baaz doesnt not rhyme with one another.
  12. 12. After taking a sip, Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish Hayat started dancing for no reason as tea whitener cant give you this sort of energy. Apart from that, those cartoons you see behind Mehwish and Fahad dancing, doesnt know why they are there and doing their own Hakuna Matata dance. The look of palace is confusing, either its Mughal Emperor or Aladdin Palace.
  13. 13. Saima was dressed by her "Kaneez" and the minute she got dressed, came out and started dancing. She was so excited to dance that she forgot to take a sip, because that was the criteria which Fahad and Mehwish followed; take a sip, and perform dance which doesn't show any connection with product. ("Aik Baar Jo Hum Se Jor Jaye,Wo Hum Se Duur Na Ho Paye)
  14. 14. Then, came the Anarkali (ImaanAli) performance. They showed her necklace, dress and her shoes. It gives a feeling that ad is of any designer brand related to fashion & apparel) Yahi Hai Des Ki Awaz they got the idea from Gala, where Noor said Des Ka Biscuit Gala.
  15. 15. Previously it was: Tarang HeTarang Hai, Chae KiYe Omung Hai Now it is: Tarang HeTarang Hai, Chae KiYe Lagan Hai and Khushboo, Maza DABANGG Hai
  16. 16. The product has functional as well as informational packaging with combination of both the pleasant and emotional appeals. Slogans/Taglines 1. Tum Mai Hai Kuch Khaas 2. Banay Hain Ek Dosray Ke Liye 3. Special Milk forTea 4. Good Food, Good Life Message Strategy By examining the slogans and message strategies associated with Everyday, we can point out a highly differentiated message, with the objectives: 1. Strengthen the bond between families 2. Nurture relationships 3. Sharing Love 4. Understanding the values of friendship and affection 5. Handling conflicts 6. Healthy lifestyle
  17. 17. The brand also has many strengths and weaknesses in terms of formula, packaging and distribution which are particular to it. The promotional campaigns are one of the main factors that set it vastly apart from other tea whiteners. Its extensive advertising largely embodies the Lollywood culture of festivity and fantasy, which is indirect contrast with the family-based themes of other tea whitener brands. From our brand analysis we conclude thatTarang, while a lucrative Strategic Business Unit for Engro Foods Ltd, faces a number of internal weaknesses and external threats to its market share, customer base and consequent revenues. Tarang still has a long way to go. It is currently going through a difficult phase where the product has reached its maturity and a lot has been invested in it but the returns in terms of profits do not represent its correct potential.
  18. 18. The thought of any story based advertisement is to connect it with the brand's slogan or brand esteem at the end, so that consumer can remember it or relate it to the brand. But here Dance andTarang (TeaWhitner product?) Tarang should consider the realities of its target market and present the story in positive manner rather than showing the high profile set up, designer dress & jewelry. This can cause the inferiority complex in its target market. This is one of the major flaw in their promotional strategy and because of this somehow,TARANG is losing its market share.
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