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Brand Equity @ Tarang 2012

Oct 30, 2014



Bussiness Quiz Preliminary Round


RULES..! 20 questions in this round. Prompting hints is not encouraged.

Coordinators decision will be final. Rules are meant to be followed.

1. Which companies taglines?

The power to be your best Think outside the box Think different

2. Which brand !!!



4.Princess Diana was offered, but declined, 1,000,000 to appear on the catwalk in X to celebrate her divorce from Prince Charles. Identify X?

5. Who is depicted in the cartoon?



7. Identify the personality?


Which airline ?

9. ______________ a painting created in 1899 by Francis

Barraud of the dog Nipper listening to a cylinder phonograph. For advertising purposes this was changed to a wind-up gramophone, and eventually used simply as a silhouette.

10. Identify ? He was deeply saddened by the disappearance of

fellow adventurer Steve Fossett in September 2007; and, the following month, he wrote an article for Time magazine , titled "My Friend, Steve Fossett"

11. What does this company manufacture ?

12. Name of the brand being advertised !!

13. What is the sign on the shoe known as ?



15. Zoo Zoo was advertisement idea concieved

by X and the ads were created by Y.

16.BlackBerry is a line of mobile e-mail and smartphones devices developed and designed by Canadian company ____________________.

17. Give the mascots name ?

18. The London Rubber Company began manufacturing

latex condoms in 1932, under the ________ brand ?

19. X Foundation "Aims at making a tangible impact on

identified social issues by working in active partnership with the Government and other related sectors of society ?

20. A Danish king Harald Blatand had a great desire for

blueberries due to which his teeth would always remain blue. This was a story of how a great technology got its name. Name the company which introduced this technology.



ROUND 1 Rapid Fire..!

Shahrukh Khan & Sushmita Sen are brand

ambassadors of which brand? Expand WIPRO? If you dont want to answer to anyone what will you be riding? Eureka Forbes is a subsidiary of which Group of Company? Which low cost airline is floated by AIR INDIA? TONY THE TIGER is the mascot of which brand? BEYOND THE LAST BLUE MOUNTAIN is the autobiography OF WHICH INDIAN INDUSTRIALIST ?

We bring good things in life is tagline of which

company? Niel Nitin Mukesh is the brand ambassador of which footwear company ? Expand LG? Which company is Indias largest synthetic textile producer? What was the name of Mahindra and Mahindra before independence ? Fortune group of hotels in owned by which company? What is the Korean steel major that plans to set up a steel plant in Orissa, the biggest proposed FDI in India till date?

Expand TIPS? Which home appliance brand does Kajol & Ajay

Devgan endorse? Let the fingers do the talking . Tagline of which company? Who was called the Henry ford of eastern Europe ? Which company brings CNBC Channel to india? From whom Hindustan Lever took over Lakme? Who started Air Deccan?

Expand YAHOO? Which tea brand does Sania Mirza endorses? The Power Of Dreams is tagline of? Hero Groups founder? Which company painted the whole of concord blue for

an ad campaign ? Which company owns CADBURY ? Who was the founder of PUMA ?

Which airways is smooth as silk ? Which clinched a deal with McDowells recently ? Expand INTEL ?

CEO of Bajaj Auto ? AIM matches is brand of ? Indias online marketplace ? Which company got into a controversy fro using Adolf

Hitlers photo?

Expand AMUL? Which confectionery brand is involved in a legal tussle

over the use of the bunny logo ? CEO of Godrej? Holiday of a lifetime is tagline of? Dravid endorses which insurance company? Which companys commercial is Indias first win a cannes? A major ad blitz with the Hungry Kya campaign?

ROUND 2 Connect.!!










85.1 85.1







ADVISOR to ___________________. Is a common NRIs statement to describe the mundane life in USA The king of all beers

2.The Difference lies In Our DNA. Indias 1st and No.1 biotech company founded in 1978 by a leading Indian business tycoon (has been listed in TIME magazines 100 most influential people in the world).

3.Its first outlet was opened in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1952.


4. He started "Majin" in partnership with

Champaklal Damani. "The Polyester Prince" is his autobiography .

5. It operates in Mexico as Walmex, in the United

Kingdom as Asda, in Japan as Seiyu, and in India as Best Price In 2010 it was the world's largest public corporation by revenue according to Forbes Global 2000


In 2008, an ad by this brand, placed in Mexican publications and on

Mexican billboards, featured a map of the U.S. and Mexico with the boundaries between the two as they were prior to the 1836 Texas Revolution and the Mexican-American War. Media outlets reported on the reaction amongst some American consumers who claimed offense at what they saw as an ad insensitive to immigration issues. It was one of the first consumer brands to openly embrace the gay community and view its members as important and desirable consumers of its product. Its ads have appeared in gay media since 1981, and the company has long sponsored major gay events. It has commissioned not only over 300 painters, but leading artists in all fields, including sculptors, glass designers, musicians and fashion designers.









ROUND 4. Videos

1. Video 1.

2. Video 2

3. Video 3.

4. Video 4

5. Video 5

6. Video 6

7. Video 7

8. Video 8

9. Video 9

10. Video 10

11. Video 11

12. Video 12

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