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Surf Communication Solutions - Surf Rider Amc

Jul 19, 2015



  • SurfRider/AMCModular AMC Form Factor DSP Resource Board for Carrier Grade Applications

    Product OverviewAdvancedMC form-factor DSP farm

    Up to 8 TI C64xx DSPs on board

    Flexible and scalable modular design with SurfDocker

    Pre-integrated with leading ATCA boards and MicroTCA chassis

    Can be provided as hardware-only solution for DSP-intensive applications

    Target ApplicationsTelecom ApplicationsIMS MRFPAudio and Video GatewaysMedia ServersPacket-to-Packet ApplicationsSession Border ControllersRemote Access ServersMilitary ApplicationsCryptographyLawful InterceptionOther DSP-intensive applications Image processingVideo processingetc.

    Typical Network Topology

    Hardware FeaturesHalf-height, single-size AMCUp to eight DSPs per board (e.g., C6412/C6455), running at up to 1GHzUp to eight AMC boards per ATCAMemory64MB SDRAM per 6412DSP128MB DDR2 DRAM per 6455 DSPSupported InterfacesAll AMC interfaces as defined in AMC.0; AMC.1; AMC.2; AMC.3; AMC.4I-TDMPowerPC 405 for board management

    Software FeaturesComplete telecom multimedia processing software

    Simple, high-level API provides access and control over DSP interfaces

    Quick integration of user firmware value-add code

    Supports Linux, VxWorks, Windows Host OS

    Play/Record FeaturesEnables playing/recording of audio and video streams from Host file system to IP, TDM, or 3G networksSupports real-time video streaming of proprietary optimized SRF file formatStandard and proprietary file formats:MPEG-43GPSRFReliable Host-DSP communication over UDPSupports .WAV audio file format with G.711 A-law/ -law encoding

    Voice FeaturesAudio codecsG.711G.726G.723.1AG.729ABG. 722.2 (WB-AMR)GSM FRGSM HR*GSM EFRGSM NB-AMREVRCConferencingN-way: 15603-way: 720 bridgesPacket Size5-60ms (5ms resolution)Echo cancellationG.168 2002 Echo tail up to 128msVAD, CNG, Packet Loss ConcealmentRTP/RTCPRFC 3550, 3551, 3389Fixed/Adaptive Jitter BufferUp to 500 msCaller ID Detection and GenerationTone and EventsMonitoringRelayDetection/GenerationUser-defined tones* Roadmap feature

    Video FeaturesVideo CodecsMPEG-4H.263H.264*ResolutionCIFQCIFFrame Rate1-30FPSBit RateConstant and variable

    Advanced Video ToolboxConfigurable frame rateBit rate changeAny resolution resize Video codec changeLogo insertion RTP EncapsulationMultiple destination supportConfigurable deblocking levelsJitter BufferPacket rearrangementPacket loss handling

    * Roadmap feature

    Mobile Video Features3G-324M supportH.324 Annex CH.223 Annex A & BH.223 running on the DSP for enhanced performanceH.245 running on the hostPassive 3G-324M for Lawful InterceptionHigh-level 3G-324M APIsH.324 interface to modem channel to support H.324 over V.34** Roadmap feature

    Video Conferencing FeaturesN-Way conferencing on a single DSPDynamic dominant speaker recognition and participants display layoutAddition/removal of participants during video conferenceUser-defined / pre-defined screen layout defining size and location for each picture componentBackground and foreground setting in run-timePicture overlap support (picture-in-picture)

    Data FeaturesFaxData PumpsV.17, V.29, V.27ter, V.21V.34HD High Speed Fax*Fax over IPT.38 ProtocolsFEC/RedundancyMax Jitter 1 secSupported roundtrip delay up to 6 sec IP-Aware FaxT.32 to T.38Modem over IPV.8 modem relay as per ITU V.150.1 (contributed by Surf)Connection scenariosVoice Band DataMR1* Roadmap feature

    Unique Flexible DesignFrom Prototype through Production: same board can be used for all stages of the development cycleInnovative, modular approach, allows hardware design decisions in parallel to application development:the specific serial interfaces (such as AMC.1,2,3,4) to be used in the final AMC solution the specific type of DSPs to be used in the final system the number of DSPs per board needed to achieve the required channel density the types of DSPs to be integrated on the same board simultaneously

    Customer BenefitsFlexible and scalable hardware design results in:Cost-Effective solutionSaves Money due to reduced R&D effortsOne Stop Shop for all your needs in multimedia processingField-proven: Surf products are used by many Tier-1 TEMsBuiltin diagnostics, providing easier troubleshooting and better application controlComplete SDK and high level API ensures fastest Time-to-MarketDedicated customer service team ensures smooth development cycle

    Hardware Architecture* Roadmap feature

    Software Architecture

    SpecificationsPower Requirements Up to 35W per fully-populated board (up to 22W for fully-populated C6412)Operating Conditions Temperature: 0C - 55C (32F - 131F)Humidity: 20% to 80% (non-condensing)Storage Conditions Temperature: -25C - 85C (-13F - 185F)Dimensions & Conformity According to AMC.0 specJTAGDSP JTAG connector for DSP emulationFPGA JTAG connector for FPGA booting and programmingBoundary-Scan JTAGComplianceECN 002RoHS


    RFC3389-Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Payload for Comfort Noise (CN) RFC3389-Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) Payload for Comfort Noise (CN) FEC-Forward Error Correction

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