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Steganography Part 1

Apr 12, 2017



  • Steganography Part-1 H E E T H E S H V H A V L E B M S C O L L E G E O F E N G I N E E R I N G

  • Steganography

    Hiding messages within other files Like images, audios, videos, webpages

  • Cryptography Hiding the meaning of messages

    Plain Text: Welcome to Steganography Part 1

    Cipher Text: jrypbzr gb fgrtnabtencul cneg 1

  • Steganography Hiding the existence of messages

  • Original Image Stego Image

  • How it all began

  • Hidden messages within wax tablet Hidden messages on messenger's body Invisible Ink Hiding messages using two (or more)

    different typefaces, such as normal or italic.

    Microdots Use Morse Code by POWs during WW2

  • Microdot,d.c2I&psig=AFQjCNGu-CSrN5xFTMms7BQhaUe_XrHtCw&ust=1475392838311078

  • Digital Steganography

  • Concealing messages within the lowest bits Pictures embedded in video material Including data in ignored sections of a file, such

    as after the logical end of the carrier file Misspelling names or words that are popular in

    the media in a given week, to suggest an alternate meaning

    Using non-printing Unicode characters Making text the same color as the background

  • Printer Steganography,d.c2I&psig=AFQjCNHiABcL--QPYQx3XuEqay192Z0ZIA&ust=1475393061710125

  • Printer Steganography,d.c2I&psig=AFQjCNHiABcL--QPYQx3XuEqay192Z0ZIA&ust=1475393061710125

  • Image Steganography

  • What are Images?,d.c2I&psig=AFQjCNEbBE1QiFLuvPTNHBpPy-PoEpKnAQ&ust=1475394077305689

  • Grayscale Images,d.c2I&psig=AFQjCNGUuTtt0fNeX3Kl2L28NMn_VCx9XA&ust=1475394336852779

  • Grayscale Images,d.c2I&psig=AFQjCNH9P6nN27jmrWHlOxHbcR0ZMazFxg&ust=1475394191787243

  • Hex Values,d.c2I&psig=AFQjCNEVOaebhdszGC0w40lnWh2p0SzhZQ&ust=1475394512005800

  • RGB Images

  • LSB Steganography

  • Least Significant Bit,d.c2I&psig=AFQjCNG9gJwPOUEl3gj_aJPCKu9wLnvDGg&ust=1475394863954660

  • Why the LSB method?

    Human eye cannot differentiate slight changes in color

    Does not change the size of the file

    Harder to detect than other steganography techniques

  • Why the LSB method?

  • Why the LSB method? Image: 100x50

    Total: 5000 pixels

    1 pixel -> 3 Bytes (R: 1 byte, G: 1 byte, B: 1 byte)

    R: 1000 0010 G: 1010 0111 B: 0110 1001

    Total of 5000 bits for hiding Or 625 bytes (5000/8)

    And this is just using 1 bit from each channel

  • Original Images

  • Using 1 Bit

  • Using 2 Bits

  • Using 4 Bits

  • Using 6 Bits

  • Using 7 Bits

  • Demonstration

  • Questions?

  • Thank You!

    Steganography Part-1SteganographyCryptographySteganographySlide Number 5How it all beganSlide Number 7MicrodotDigital SteganographySlide Number 10Printer SteganographyPrinter SteganographyImage SteganographyWhat are Images?Grayscale ImagesGrayscale ImagesHex ValuesRGB ImagesLSB SteganographyLeast Significant BitWhy the LSB method?Why the LSB method?Why the LSB method?Original ImagesUsing 1 BitUsing 2 BitsUsing 4 BitsUsing 6 BitsUsing 7 BitsDemonstrationQuestions?Thank You!