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A presentation on technical seminar entitled “steganography” BY SHAIK SHARAF PARVEZ 09081A0474 Under the guidance of Miss. Geetha(Asst. Proff.)

PPT steganography

Nov 28, 2014




  • 1. steganographyBYSHAIK SHARAF PARVEZ 09081A0474Under the guidance of Miss. Geetha(Asst. Proff.)

2. STEGAN-O-GRAPHY 3. The goal of steganography is to hide messages in such away that no one apart from the intended recipient evenknows that a message has been sent. This can be achieve by concealing the existence ofinformation within seemingly harmless carriers or cover It can be understand by the following figure. 4. Steganography in TEXT Steganography in IMAGES Steganography in AUDIO 5. It involves three types of coding:Line-ShiftCoding : Here, text lines are vertically shifted toencode the document uniquely. Word-Shift Coding : The codewords are coded into adocument by shifting the horizontal locations of words withintext lines, while maintaining a natural spacing appearance. Feature Coding : In feature coding, certain text features are altered, or not altered, depending on the codeword. 6. Image Compression: Image compression offers a solution to large image files. Two kinds of image compression are lossless and lossy compression. Both methods save storage space but have differing effects on any uncompressed hidden data in theimage. LossyJPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) format files, offers highcompression, but may not maintain the original images integrity. Hence it is calledlossy. Lossless compression maintains the original image data exactly, It is thus more favored by steganographic techniques. Eg: (BMP ),(GIF) Formats. 7. Image Encoding TechniquesThe most common approaches to information hiding in images : Least Significant bit insertion : Masking and Filtering : Algorithms and transformations : 8. Audio Environments Digital representation Sample quantization method : Temporal sampling rate : Another digital representation : 9. Transmission medium :Benders transmission environments Digital end-to-end environment. Increased/decreased resampling environment. Analog transmission and resampling. Over the air environment. 10. Methods of Audio Data Hiding Low-bit encoding : Phase coding : Echo data hiding : 11. Steganalysis is the art and science of detecting asecret communication. Hiding a message will most likelyleavedetectable traces in the cover medium. The information hiding process changes thestatistical properties of the cover, which is asteganalyst attempts to detect. The process of attempting to detect statisticaltraces is called statistical steganalysis. 12. IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF STEGANALYSIS DETECTING HIDDEN INFORMATION DISABLING STEGANOGRAPHY

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