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Sony Bravia LCD components and partners

Jun 25, 2015




  • 1. Presented by Timoth Bourgeois Benoit Brunet Thomas Chouan Gregory Kouyoumdjian Clment Miquel


  • -Created in 1946
  • -The company started to be famous thanks to the transistor radio in 1954
  • -Theactual name Sony was born in 1958
  • -The first color tv Trinitron in 1968
  • -The first VHS tape in 1978
  • -The first LCD Bravia in 2005
  • -The blu-ray at the end of 2006
  • -The Bravia B4000 first flat screen portable 2008

Company Presentation / History 3.

  • B estR esolutionA udioV isualI ntegratedA rchitecture
  • High-definition product : Tv full-hd and Home-theater
  • The TV line goes from 32 to 52, all full HD (1080p) by HDMI
  • Technology DMeX, internet connection
  • The Eco Thinking

The Bravia range Colors like no other 4. Market Estimation 5. The LCD Matrix 6. Scheme of a TFT/LCD 7.

  • It is a sandwich like structure
  • The liquid crystal filled between two glass substrates namely TFT Array Glass and Color Filter
  • Liquid crystals move according to the difference in voltage between the Color Filter and the TFT Glass
  • The main suppliers of Sony are AU Optronics (AUO) and Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO)
  • The micro-processor in the bravia range come from the sonys factories.
  • A partnership with Intel is coming soon for the mps.

The TFT/LCD structure and suppliers 8.

  • With Samsung:
  • Creation of a join venture to build a factory in 2004
  • A cost join venture of 2 bilions dollars
  • The factory is located in Tangjeong (south Korea)
  • 60000 manufacture units by month
  • With Sharp:
  • Creation of a co-company
  • 34% by sony
  • Located in Sakai (Japan)
  • Finish in march 2010
  • Cost of building = 2,8 bilion dollars
  • Forcast on 36000 and 72000 manufacture units by month

Partnerships 9.

  • With IBM and Toshiba:
  • Factories Specialized in nano-burning
  • Semi-conductors
  • Electronic Chips

Partnerships 10.

  • AU Optronics : A U Optronics Corp. (AUO) is Taiwan's largest and a worldwide top 3 manufacturer of thin film transistor liquid crystal display panels (TFT-LCD).
  • Chi Mei:Optoelectronics :the 4 th largest supplier of TFT-LCD panels in the world
  • Intel : futur partnership for the mp in the TV

Partnerships 11. Conclusion

  • Sony has chosen to do a lot of partnerships
  • Because Partnership can reduce the costs
  • BecausePartnership can guarantee a better quality
  • Partnershipmake the work of an Industrial marketer harder but is very efficient for the company
  • Recommendations

12. Sources

  • Employee from Praxair Electronics

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