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Social CRM: Turning the buzz word into an integrated part of your strategy

Aug 11, 2014



Social CRM is a big challenge for 'traditional' CRM professionals and the automotive industry is one of those which can benefit from it the most. Social CRM has already become an empty buzz word too, and the goal of the presentation is to give an idea of what can be achieved and which departments can benefit from investing in it.

  • Social CRM: Turning the buzz word into an integrated part of your strategyFabio De BernardiSenior Account ManagerSynthesio [email protected]+44 (0) 7545 065495Twitter: @fabiodebe
  • Social CRM: Turning the buzz word into an integrated part of your strategyFabio De BernardiSenior Account ManagerSynthesio [email protected]+44 (0) 7545 065495Twitter: @fabiodebe
  • Global, multi-lingual, end-to-end service providers Social media experts 80 people strategically located all over the world End-to-end social media platform Analysts, consultants and technical teams to help you build the Consumer Insights right response for your project Engagement platform 160 projects in 2010 Campaign measurement Business Intelligence Crisis Monitoring Synthesio: social media monitoring & engagement London Paris New York Shanghai (Q1 2012) Customised solutions Strong international coverage Our core ethos is one of customisation, Monitoring and analysis in 30+ languages Easy and powerful end-to-end service and support. You will Customised sourcing for each client to cover Award for excellence and receive what you need, when you need it, local markets innovation by the French Ministry of without having to wait for a faceless 80% of projects is deployed on more than 3 Research development team to put something on countries Best international listening the roadmap platform - Forrester Groundswell Awards 2010 and 2011
  • Full services provider We audit and monitor your brand reputation and image online by Online Reputation assessing sentiment, opinion, and word-of-mouth conversations Monitoring surrounding your brands and products When you need to put the brakes on your next crisis, we can deploy specific crisis monitoring for you in about an hour. Crisis Crisis Monitoring monitoring will keep you informed, in real time, about whats being said online Our researchers use award-winning technology combined with Consumer Insight and thorough human analysis to help you identify consumer opinions, Market Research habits, and expectations to drive innovation and product development Our Unity engagement platform is an enterprise-scalable solution Engagement enabling your teams to directly respond to consumers comments on both your own and third party sites be they forums, blogs, Twitter or Facebook ROI Well measure the impact and reach of your efforts and give you Measurement the data youll need to assess the all-important ROI Want to perform your web monitoring in-house? You team can take DIY Tool advantage of our innovating platform and do-it-yourself
  • Social CRM is amorphous, allencompassing, and a totallydifferent beast from traditionarecords-centric CRM
  • Social CRM A companys response to the customers ownership of the conversationWe are now at a point that the customers expectations are so great and their demands so empowered that our Social CRM business strategy needs to be built around collaboration and customer engagement, not traditional operational customer management. - Paul Greenberg
  • The New Fashioned Brand and its DNA Its not (all) about marketing, all departments need to be involved
  • Social Media KPIs Competitors Campaign social Volume of mentions Lead generation Customer satisfaction benchmarking score Social vs Number of coupon Response rate Audience Impact on SEO and mainstream media offers redeemed website traffic through social Response time Demographics of registrations by Media value media communities third-party logins # of cases resolved Share of voice Sales triggered Market share of # of and growth Savings compared to voice rate of fans and Influence level of traditional customer followers community service channels Social Net members reached (reduction in call Promoter Score Loyalty Number of volumes) interactions and growth rate
  • Time is of the essence... this stuff is perishable
  • 1. Listening to drive innovation
  • Automotive industry: investment in innovation pays Outcome Efficient Innovators Inter-industry average High Intensity Innovators 70% 60% products launched in the last 5 years (%) Automotive OEMs 50% and Suppliers Share of sales generated by Electrical Telecommunication, engineering and IT and Media Electronics 40% Aerospace Engineering and Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals Consumer goods Inter-industry average 30% and food Construction Public and Professional Services and Equipment Financial Institutions 20% Chemicals and Resources Logistics and Services 10% Utilities Low intensity innovators Low Leverage Innovators 0% 0% 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10% 11% Share of R&D budget in total sales (%) Investment Chart courtesy of Michael Nautsch at Cumulus Analytics
  • The role of customer intelligence in innovation Learning Customers Idea Management Product/Service Development Post Portfolio Business & & Launch Launch Customer & ManagementBusiness Vision Technology Business & Strategy Intelligence Technology Portfolio Results Management Management Resource & Competence Management Partners Learning
  • Balancing Push vs. Pull Push Pull Leading customers: Responding to customers: offering the future A refined art &am